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The Best possible education And time at the university.

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1 The Best possible education And time at the university

2 Welcome to - Kristianstad Student Union

3 The Student Union Working to make your education better We offer you a number of discounts – both local and national For example, a home and accident insurance at sparbanken with 30% discount as a member Inform students about their rights Support individual students who needs help We give guidance to all students and we represent our members in disagreaments with the university

4 The Student Union Student Union House Our committes For example, the International Committe that works for a better working enviroment for the international students The Education Committe Gathers students and their opinions about their education and work towards the teachers of your program. Inspark! The welcoming games for the University!

5 Want to get in touch? The Student Union house Campus Facebook – KSK- Kristianstad Studentkår

6 Student Rights Every course must have a course syllabus Syllabi shall be made available at least one months before the course starts Timetable shall be made available at least three weeks before the course starts The students must be concerned in all changes in the timetable An examination is a test of the degree to which individual students have achieved the learning outcomes of a copurse Students must be informed of their examination grade no later than 15 working days after the examinationdate

7 Cheating… It is never allowed to cheat or in some way mislead the examiner when you are writing an assay or an exam in any form. It is very important to follow the rules which apply to examinations at Kristianstad University. Before every examination the invigilator will show the rules for the examinees. The rules are available at

8 …Cheeting The examinee should follow the invigilators instructions and take the seat the invigilator has instructed Outer garments, bags, mobile phones, pencil boxes etc. must not be taken to the examination seat but be kept at the place shown by the invigilator Only permitted aids by the examiner can be used Every type of time limit must be kept The examinee are not allowed to talk to anybody except the invigilator or examiner during the examination

9 Plagiarism Plagirism is a way of cheating and may get you suspended You plagiarice by using a text somebody ealse wrote in your easy without giving a referens.

10 Plagirism For example, A reasercher has written that she belives that sweden is created by a meator. If you want to use this in your essay you need to reffer to that reasercher (Lastname, date of publishing:page number).

11 Membership If you want to support our work for the best possible education and get all of our membership advantages you need to become a member of the student union 200 SEK/semester or 350SEK/school year

12 Questions? Amanda LindborgThimmy Jakobsson PresidentVice-preisdent 07342575750734257580

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