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Great Expectations Agent Standards and Accountability.

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2 Great Expectations Agent Standards and Accountability

3 OUR GREAT EXPECTATIONS OF YOU  Treat Corporations staff with respect.  Don’t overstep the line between giving friendly input (welcome) and telling us our business (not welcome).  Make special requests through supervisors only.  Strive for accuracy / timeliness the first time.  Don’t have multiple Corps staff working on the same problem.

4 OUR GREAT EXPECTATIONS OF YOU  Meet requirements of DCIS/UCC/DCIIS Agreement to maintain on-line access.  Comply with “listing standards” to be listed on State’s website.

5 REGISTERED AGENT LISTING STANDARDS Issue Upon request, a registered agent may be listed on the Division’s website as a convenience to potential and actual customers. The list currently includes more than 125 names and has become difficult to maintain. The list may mislead users with multiple listings of agents that share offices, phones and websites and listings of agents with no proven track record. The Division wants to provide a list while eliminating misleading information. Our Expectation Meet following standards to maintain listing:

6 REGISTERED AGENT LISTING STANDARDS 1.Listed agents must be in full compliance with Title 8, Sections 102 and 132:  Individual resident in Delaware  Domestic or foreign corporation, LP, LLC or ST  Authorized to transact business in this state (active and in good standing)  Have a Street Address (no P.O. Boxes)  Generally open during normal business hours to accept service and process and otherwise perform the functions of a registered agent. 2.Listed agents must provide a name and street address and maintain representation of at least 100 business entities to qualify for listing. The listing order will soon be “randomized”.

7 REGISTERED AGENT LISTING STANDARDS 3.Agents sharing the same address, phone number and/or websites will not be allowed more than 2 listings on the State’s website. (Does not effect affiliated entities that maintain separate offices, phone centers and websites. ) 4.Hyperlinked websites must meet minimum standards as set by the Division of Corporations  Clients must be able to use the “Back” button on web browser to return to Division of Corporations  Website content must be accurate as to the laws and regulations of Delaware  Website content must not be designed in such a way as to confuse customers that the agent is affiliated with or licensed by the State of Delaware. (e.g., we would not list any affiliate of “”, nor an agent that illegally displayed State seals or insignia in violation of Del.C. Title 29, Section 2306)

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