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March 11 Trial by Jury follow-up Review of midterm Overview of second half of course Cheaters presentation Concepts: prisoner’s dilemma, cognitive dissonance.

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1 March 11 Trial by Jury follow-up Review of midterm Overview of second half of course Cheaters presentation Concepts: prisoner’s dilemma, cognitive dissonance Where dominant fables (Stand and Deliver, Freedom Writers) mislead New educational narratives

2 Midterm Grade distribution (out of 60) >50: 2 45-49: 5 40-44: 12 35-39: 5 <35: 2 Average of 42 (70%) TA’s grades generally revised upwards

3 Three Questions about Choice (1,2,4) Question 1: Gekko framed all or nothing choice: $50M = a player, but $400K (Fox’s goal) = just a working stiff Or nothing: Gekko’s dad, bum on the street Ride in limo (chosen setting) or out on the street “a little bit pregnant”: Gekko hits on Bud’s hypocrisy about Bud’s use of inside information Building Gekko flipped: verifiable? Big money better than sex Participate in vengeance against Wildman

4 Using a Clip for a Question Excludes context: Bud gave Gekko inside information from airline where his dad was union leader; for Bud, $400K is a player; Gekko recently sent Bud a prostitute => possibly deduce context Play it twice with subtitles Clip or transcript? Gekko and Fox body language

5 Judge Stern’s Choice (q. 2) Regret over killing of boy and immediate resignation (pressure on Pappas = payback?) Situational variables: disbarred or not? Must work or can retire? At a choice point: can he redeem himself and his reputation or does he slip into despair, ill health, decline? Public interest work, advocacy as generative choices (not enthusiastic about law practice) Real-world cases: Conrad Black, John Robarts

6 Can Leaders Compensate for their Weaknesses? (q.4) Mike Wallace (who?) Unduly cautious because of concern for his reputation at end of his career, egotistical, self- centred Needs someone to emphasize humility, stronger editorial review, maybe semi-retirement package with lots of prestige and money but less responsibility Massive ego likely to cause him to resist

7 Q 4 continued Mayor John Pappas Ethical lapse: menschkeit, too willing to cut illegal deals More rigorous accountability structure or monitoring (judges required to report any conversation with politicians to an ethics counselor), stiffer penalties Will he oppose restriction on his freedom to make deals or welcome a structure that makes it easier to say no to the Mafia?

8 Q 4 continued Kaleil Tuzman Weak in strategy, implementation, design, choice of senior staff Needs management consultants, vigilant board, choice of strong internal managers (not Tom Herman) Arrogance of youth (meeting Bill, money flowing in) or awareness of weaknesses of

9 Two Questions on Narrative (3,5) Question 3: bildungsroman: coming-of-age, about outset of a career, “shit happened” Narrative: flexibility to change protagonist and p-o-v within a context Enron: young accountant (e.g. Sherron Watkins), marketer, energy trader Impact of incentive system on them Finding a mentor Watching the ship sink Cash or stock? Lessons learned and moving on

10 Question 3 continued The Insider: Young researcher, writer, intern Watching a clash of titans: Wallace, Bergman, corporate legal What happens when Bergman leaves? Lessons learned Moving on in career

11 Question 5, part 1 Narrative (use of stories) in organizational (political) communication How we got here (subprime, CDS’s, regulatory failure) Why we are doing this (best alternative, only temporary) Significance of Citi and BoA in US banking system (x % of loans) Past American experience (savings and loan crisis in 80s, takeovers of failing small banks) Traditional American value of pragmatism in adversity (FDR) Reference to overseas experience (insularity problem) Inspirational conclusion

12 Question 5, part 2 Why nationalization isn’t necessary in Canada, referring to our regulatory framework and the history of our banking sector Commitment to our own efforts to fight the recession Commitment to closely monitoring situation Statement of support for Americans and commitment to work closely with them (eg on issues arising for Cdn lenders to, borrowers from, counterparties to Citi and BoA) Press release should be short, low-key, in inverted pyramid style (start with most important point)

13 Overview of Second Half Narratives in three contexts: -- Cheaters: transformational teacher -- GNGL: investigative journalism -- North Country: citizen mobilization Thirteen Days: key narrative of nuclear age, leadership study The Fog of War, The Remains of the Day: complex narratives that summarize course

14 Cheaters – March 11 As a classic counter-fable, explain how Cheaters is similar to movies in the high school success genre (e.g. Stand and Deliver, Freedom Writers, Dangerous Minds) as well a critique of that genre.

15 Cheaters Prisoner’s dilemma Cognitive dissonance (Festinger, 1957) Psychological tension resulting from engaging in behavior that conflicts with your beliefs

16 Where Dominant Fables Mislead Escalante (Stand and Deliver): time required longer, preparatory system for AP calculus, support of principal, second teacher, support from corporate grants Gruwell (Freedom Writers): ability to use LA contacts (Keneally, Spielberg, Marriott hotels)

17 Need for New Stories Diverse educational reform initiatives and philosophies KIP: Black and Latino students, rigorous preparation for standardized test Theme and project-centred schools (Coalition for Essential Schools) Recruit younger, energetic, idealistic teachers (Teach for America) Student support teams (Posse Foundation) Public policy changes: reduction in class size, system-wide goals (student performance on standardized tests) Ontario approach

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