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I C P B moving ahead Road Map Action Plan.

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1 I C P B moving ahead Road Map Action Plan

2 Agenda Points Marketing Plan Research & Development
Training & Development Role of ICPB Formation of Various Committees – Core Group

3 M D A SCHEME.... Re-look to attract more bidding and subsequent business
MDA Scheme – Bidding It is not  possible for any Indian Organization with the existing Financial assistance to bid independently in comparison to what our other competitive Countries put in their resources. Not many Organizations are aware of the existing MDA Scheme and those who have applied for assistance have not received the same may be because of Documentation. Additionally it requires i) Hosting of Reception or Cocktail Dinner ii) Gifts to the Organizing Committee Members iii) Re-visit of the key Members. Suggestions : a) Minimum Financial assistance equal to US$ – US$                           b) Local Tourist office to be involved in PR Exercise . In case there is no Tourist office, Indian Embassy services should be sourced.     c) Recommendation from the Ministry of Tourism to their offices abroad for assistance to the Organizer. d) Widely publicise the scheme.

4 MOT Support…. MOT Support – International Conferences
To encourage Foreign Organizations to hold their Meetings & Conferences in India, a new scheme be launched on a similar pattern to most of our competitive Countries like if any Organization brings in more than 200 Foreign Delegates , they will be entitled for a special Incentive in the form of :- Complementary Cultural Program Cocktail Reception or Dinner Gifts to all Delegates Cultural Evening at one of the Monuments Some Countries even offer financial assistance. Both schemes will help encourage Conference organizers to bring more conferences to India

5 International Trade Shows:
All MICE related Trade Show i.e. IMEX, EIBTM, IT & CM and AIME should be focussed on MICE related service and should be jointly under the banner of ICPB and Tourist Offices. We as a destination need to enhance our presence with better and focussed stands, better collateral interacting with media and more focussed planning. To coordinate and assist India Tourist Offices with space design, pre & post marketing and on site management. Follow up on data collected during the event - Future Marketing. Suggestion Next Participation - IMEX Frankfurt in May EIBTM - IT & CM. Proposed guidelines to be sent to MOT.

6 Road Shows Abroad Suggestion Discussion Points
Minimum 3 Road shows Europe, UK & USA in a year to be organised under the banner of ICPB and MOT. Tourist offices to be requested to compile the list of all potential Conferences organised through their own resources and also approach local PR Agency to assist them in getting the buyer participation in Road Shows. This will be in addition to the MICE segment presence on Tourist Road Show. Proposal submitted to MOT Suggestion 1st Road Show Paris – Brussels – Munich May 2013 Discussion Points Appointment of PR Agency Sharing of cost of PR Agency by Participating Members Media Coverage Format will be an Evening or Day long Sales KIT – Gift Role of Tourist office abroad

7 Road Shows - Domestic Action Plan 2013... Discussion Points
Road Show in Important places / Cities which has more number of Institutions and Associations like Delhi – Mumbai – Bangalore – Chennai – Kolkata – Chandigarh – Hyderabad. The aim will be to target the potential Conference Organizer in educating them about the benefits of organising an International Conference financially as well as gaining on knowledge economy . Also the Road Show will have the participation of State Governments and local stake holders. PR Agency to be appointed CANDID INDIA Proposed Action Plan Chennai 1st Road Show – Hotel Chole Sheraton - 29th March 2013 Kolkata 2nd Road Show. Mumbai 3rd Road Show. Bangalore 4th Road Show. Chandigarh 5th Road Show. Ahmadabad 6th Road Show. Discussion Points Appointment of Marketing Agency Media Coverage Format – Full day – Every day – Training Participation of State Govt.

8 MARKETING ABROAD: By organizing India Evenings in Trade Road Shows abroad. By organizing MICE FAM Trips to India for Foreign Conference Planners and Buyers. By having a PR Agency, exclusively on MICE, who could do all related media – publicity activities for all types of Events abroad. ICPB to be part of Annual Overseas MICE Marketing Meet – MOT fix up the date. To designate a Sr. Officer from Ministry of Tourism to coordinate with all MICE related activities.

9 Action Plan... ADVERTISING – MEDIA
Through advertisements in general and professional journals-scientific, medical, law, engineering to educate and bring in awareness to the domestic buyer fraternity, both in India and abroad. Substantial amount of the Incredible India global advertising budget to be allocated to MICE . Action Plan... Advertisement already in place and forwarded to MOT follow up action required.

10 Suggestion journals MEDICAL SCIENCE CORPORATE
Cardiology Today – Bi Monthly Pediatrics Today – Monthly International journal of Gynae – Bi Monthly The journal of General Medicine - Bi Monthly SCIENCE IT + + + CORPORATE Business world – Bi Monthly JOURNALS OF TRADE ASSOCIATION FICCI – CII - ASSOCIATION To begin with MOT to be requested for AD may be placed in the Incredible India Monthly magazine








18 Periodical Research And Development...
IN AREAS RELATED TO Economic impact of holding international conferences in the City – this will help States to create MICE related infrastructure. To evolve a system of collection and compilation of statistics on MICE in India; we stand a fair chance of going up in international outlook and rating . To Study for creation of comprehensive database for Marketing INDIA a MICE Destination – Suggestion on Next Level Procedural Related Issues Taxation VISA Benefits on line of Export Promotion Convention

19 Marketing Plan …. Observation Action Plan... DATABASE:
By utilizing effectively the Database with the Bureau and also as acquired from different sources, including from Ministry of Tourism. Ministry of Tourism had a database exercise done based on Indian Associations & Institutions, NGO’s Hospitals. We need to extend to globally - Foreign Buyers PCO. Observation Feedback Advise suggestion on next level Action Plan... In addition to the above, ICPB should now propose that the Date Base Research be taken to the next level, by covering: International Buyers, Conference Organizers from abroad, all Association irrespective of whether they have Indian Chapter or not. Industry, MNC, PSUs in India who often organize Conferences. Government Bodies, NGOs and such other organizations who often do international conferences.

To enhance professional capabilities and creating confidence in organizer in organizing conferences more effectively. Through training update the knowledge and expertise of Members so that they could share, educate and execute successfully. Hunar se Rozgar Yojna – In partnership with ICPB on the line of Future Young Forum organised recently, should have a Panel of Trained Professionals. Suggestion Training Program for Middle Level Management. Future Leader Forum. Guest Lecture for entire Membership of ICPB. Training program in other cities during the Road Show.

21 ICPB General Manager Marketing. Manager Admin & Finance.
Assistant Manager. Office Executive. Additional Functions: To assist members regarding MDA Scheme. To assist organizer in Bidding Document. Membership Drive. ICCA Database. Aggressive marketing during overseas Trade Shows. SUGGESTIONS – Members expectation from Bureau

22 ICPB PRESENTATION:  ICPB presentation that can be used at seminars and road shows within India and also to State Govt. conveying the message the economic impact of holding a conference or a convocation. The objective of the presentation is to encourage more associations and professional bodies to hold meetings and to encourage these domestic planners to use ICPB members for their events. Bureau’s Website …. To make it more interactive promotes India as a Convention Destination to the World. Now it is linked to Incredible India also. Updated Audio Visual Promotional Films: India as a conference destination apart from showing key convention venues, hotels, connectivity, communication, tourist interest areas, transportation, pre and post tours, important international conferences that have taken place and PCO services. ICPB – India Destination Conference Planners:  The proposed MICE planner would cover detailed information as regards to the facilities available at important destinations in the country with regard to Convention venues, hotels and MICE related infrastructure. Newsletter: To update Member, Buyers for latest information on Convention Industry.

23 REVENUE GENERATION To workout the revenue generated model.
Most of the Bureaus are operating on very limited resources as was the case with India Convention Promotion Bureau. In a number of cases, the Bureau rely on Government funding . The MOT may consider providing to India Convention Promotion Bureau, a marketing arm for Convention Industry, Grant-in-aid to the tune of Rs crore per annum. SUGGESTIONS FOR REVENUE GENERATION Web based Advertising Consultancy Fees Handling Charges for Participating in Trade Show Training Programme Income from Convention

24 Code of Ethics SUGGESTED ICPB CODE OF ETHICS I. A member shall support the purpose and goals of India Convention Promotion Bureau. II. No member shall solicit a proposal or seek terms, conditions, format or ideas from another with the intent of taking unfair advantage of the information which may be obtained as a result of the solicitation or with deliberate intent of using that information to manage his/her own program without the services of that company. III. No member shall take confidential information or creative ideas of his/her competition and/or current of former employer(s) and present them to customers as his/her own exclusive creation. IV. No member shall take confidential information or creative ideas and send them to competitors of the provider for any reason. V. No member shall knowingly make false or misleading statements: About Competitors. To secure otherwise confidential information. About the member’s expertise or ability successfully and professionally to meet a potential client’s needs. About rates, costs, accommodations, transportation, capacities or any other factors regarding a proposed program.

25 VI. No member shall intentionally or negligently misinform or mislead, by act or omission, his/her client about actual conditions or existing services and his/her ability to deliver a program. VII. Members must protect the confidentiality of all business arrangement and not knowingly reveal details of such agreement. VIII. A member shall honor signed contracts in spirit as well as in intent and will make every effort to honor all commitments, both written and verbal, as may be legally required. IX. A member intending to leave his/her employer and work for another firm or to establish his/her own company shall abstain from soliciting future business for himself/herself or another company, and shall not displace any confirmed business or take advantage of confidential information as long as he/she is under contract to the last employer. A member shall deal honesty and fairly with all members and business associates. Membership in ICPB implies that members have read the Code of Ethics and that they fully agree to apply it, conducting business accordingly, Breach of any of the above articles may results in disciplinary action including expulsion from ICPB.

26 SILVER JUBLEE YEAR 16th May 2013 – A ICPB Day Venue Format
Awards –A Professional of repute to be awarded. Awards for different segment consultant to suggestion on Awards, Criteria selection Process Key note Speakers Special Publication souvenir including Research study related to be released Invite all founders Member and others associated with ICPB + + Minister of Tourism to be approached as a chief guest. All Sr. Ministry officers of MOT to be invited. All Head of State Tourism Dept to invited. Other Suggestions …… Committee to be formed under the chairmanship of Capt. Swadesh Kumar a founder Member of ICPB.

27 Road Map for ICPB…. Suggestion Received
Branding exercise Country wide reach – opening of chapter Asian Alliances Global alliances Bureaus involvement in Bidding and getting new convention to INDIA

28 ICPB Calendar of Events 2013
Date Road Show: Domestic Road Shows: International FAM Tours Participation in MICE Trade Fairs Training Programs Guest Lectures on current MICE related topics Silver Jubilee Celebrations on ICPB Day 8th Conventions India Conclave

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