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Stage 2 Start of Year Meeting David Barnes Director of Studies (Colin Johnson from Spring term)

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1 Stage 2 Start of Year Meeting David Barnes Director of Studies (Colin Johnson from Spring term)

2 Introduction Welcome back! General announcements. Advice about getting the best out of the year.

3 YI and KITC Year in Industry: Sarah Shackleton and Sian Robson. –Fri 3 rd Oct, 11.00, KLT5 –Wed 12 th Nov, IBM Hursley Trip Kent IT Clinic –Subject to interview. –Contact is Andrew Runnalls (arr@kent…) –CO645 and CO650 in S3 will require CO534 this year. –CO535 may have places in Spring this year.

4 Course Admin Office The office has moved to S132. Access issues: phone or email ( to make arrangements.

5 Options Finalise this week. Minor changes possible within first three weeks. –However, assessments will start soon. Attendance registration by the end of this week.

6 Miscellaneous Web forums. Email. Timetables available via SDS. –Check in case of late changes. Tutors: some of these might have changed.

7 Staff-student-liaison committee. Nick Ryan is the chair ( All programmes represented. Effective in dealing with issues. Consider standing as a rep. Training is available. Online, using SU system.

8 I’ve made it this far; now how do I finish it off?!

9 Stage 2 Style of teaching and assessment is a little different. –Fewer classes. –Fewer assessments. Your style of study may need to alter to accommodate the changes. Make sure you understand the Credit Framework. –You must pass everything! –Resat modules are capped at 40%.

10 Personal Reflection Reflect on last year’s experience, in order to learn from it. –What went well? –Which courses did you do worse than expected in? –What might some of the reasons be? –How well do you need to do this year to get the result you want?

11 InternalExternal Successstable/unstable Failureglobal/local Interpreting Success and Failure Viewpoints of an outcome. Recognise we have a viewpoint. –It is hard to make a viewpoint genuinely objective.

12 I am good at programming Janet is a good lecturer I read chapter 8 at breakfast Michael set easy questions The exam hall was too hot David’s book is no good. I had a cold on the day of the exam

13 Good study habits We feel that staying engaged with the course is key. –Go to lectures! We will monitor this. –In 2006-07, 84 out of 145 students attended at least one of the monitored CO520 lectures, which is 58%. –Of those who didn't attend any of the monitored lectures, 38% passed the module. –Of those who attended at least one of the monitored lectures, 81% passed the module.

14 Source: BBC

15 Good study habits Don’t let the timetable mislead you. –Follow up every lecture with at least a further hour of study. –Don’t let the assessment schedule mislead you. –Large assessments often have a long lead time. –When not working on assessments, do background study.

16 Good study habits Aim to work at least 8 hours per week for each 15-credit module. If living off campus, don’t be tempted to skip lectures on a thin day. Lectures may include mini-assessments or quizzes as follow up. Take care with Autumn term modules.

17 Other Issues Keep in touch with your tutor. –Visit at the start and end of year. –Notify of problems sooner rather than later. Think critically about material. –This will help you to set your answers apart from just standard book work. Industrial Year. –Start early on finding a placement.

18 Finally Enjoy the year – it will pass quickly!

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