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New words, old words Word formation. Mislead Misinterpret Mistakenly Misunderstanding.

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1 New words, old words Word formation

2 Mislead Misinterpret Mistakenly Misunderstanding

3 Unsupportive Unsupportively Unloving Unclear

4 Assistance Para 2 L6 They would just go to a translator for assistance. Assist--assistance Synonym?

5 Acceptance Para 3 L16 They experienced a trust and acceptance that we rarely experience today. Accept – acceptance

6 Factual para 4 L22 It is not to be taken as if it were factual information. Fact – factual

7 Generalization para 5 L23-24 Women would tend to exaggerate the facts a little bit for effect and use various superlative, metaphors, and generalization. General-generalize-generalization

8 Complaint Para 6 L45 The number one complaint women have in relationships is: “I don’t feel heard.” Number one: MS (What’s your number one problem?) Relationship: Are you single or married?—I’m in a relationship. Complain—complaint (a dissatisfaction with a particular issue) e.g. People have been reluctant to make formal complaints to the police.

9 More language enhancement: Vocabulary Translation

10 Mislead Mislead para 6 L41-43 You can see how a “literal” translation of a woman’s words could easily mislead a man who is used to using speech as a means of conveying only facts and information.” Lead --- Mislead Mislead--misled SM: 我被你的错误的解释误导了。 I was misled by your misinterpretation.

11 MisinterpretMisinterpret para 7 Even this complaint is misunderstood and misinterpret ed. i.e. Don't misinterpret my comments as criticism

12 UnsupportiveUnsupportive para 5 L26 Because they misunderstand the intended meaning, they commonly reacted in an unsupportive manner. formation: un + support + ive

13 Unsupportively Unsupportively para 5 L28 …how a man might respond unsupportively formation: un + support +ive + ly

14 Unloving Unclear Unloving Unclear para 6 L44 Unclear and unloving communication is the biggest problem in relationships.

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