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Obscertainer Lab VOCABULARY.

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1 Obscertainer Lab VOCABULARY

2 Observations: Things learned or perceived using the 5 senses Sight
Hearing Touch Taste Smell

3 Inference: Judgements made based on observations. Inference Example

4 Direct Evidence: Knowledge gained through observations

5 Indirect Evidence: Knowledge gained through inferences

6 Confirmation: Making sure, checking using supportive evidence.
To verify

7 Confirmation

8 Control: The normal condition in an experiment. – used for comparison purposes. The group that does not get the treatment.

9 Experimental Change Variable – Any change that affects the outcome in an experiment – used to compare. Manipulative – A change done on purpose. (Independent variable) Responding – A change that occurs in the outcome of an experiment. (Dependent variable)

10 X axis, Manipulative or Independent Variable
Title Key or Legend Used for Multiple Lines or Bars Y axis, Responding Or Dependent Variable X axis, Manipulative or Independent Variable

11 Controls and Variables

12 Controls and Variables

13 Controls and Variables

14 Controls and Variables

15 Order of a lab Report

16 The Pretty Hippo Made Pizza During Graduation Ceremony.

17 Obscertainer: A fictional word made up of 2 real words –
Observe – use the senses Ascertain – to make sure, learn with certainty, to determine.

18 Model: A mental picture or representation of something you cannot see.

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