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Bathstore L&D Training Brief

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1 Bathstore L&D Training Brief
Wetrooms 1

2 Playtime Wetroom Solution

3 Why are Consumers becoming Interested in Wetrooms
Over the last ten years 11% of the UK population have removed their bath in favour of a showering area. People are encountering Wet Rooms abroad and in commercial locations such as Local Authorities, Care Homes, NHS and Hotels and like the concept of a Wet Room with its level access and low maintenance. The elderly and young alike are opting to shower instead of Bathe. Bathrooms are getting smaller and also Property Developers, keen to install a second bathroom into many modern flats, have been able to squeeze showers into spaces that would not fit a bath such as ensuites, flats and downstairs cloakrooms.

4 What relevant information would a Customer need to Choose a Wetroom?
The Playtime Wetroom Solution allows the Consumer to create their own ideas of design in their Wet Room with their own choice of tiles and accessories. Previously if a consumer wanted a Shower room instead of a Bathroom all they could buy was: A shower enclosure A walk in shower with a plastic tray Now they have a third choice of a Wet Room Installing a wet room isn't as difficult or as costly as many people think.

5 Playtime Wetroom Solution
Good Morning my Name is John Bingham of Purus who supply the Wickes Linear Wetroom Solution. Today we will discuss the market and why Wet Rooms are the fastest growing sector in the Bathroom Industry. Plus we will briefly go through the Solution itself and the opportunities it can create for you when selling.

6 Changes to Wetroom Solution Waste and Trap
The New Waste and Trap now has a Plastic Body. It is now available in two lengths 630mm and 830mm. There are two options of grates, the tile insert and the Stainless Steel Grate for thicker tiles with height adjustment between 10-26mm. The Outlet variations remain the same i.e. Side, Side Side and Low. For safety reasons they are now factory fitted. All three Outlet options and lengths come in one box. The box contains The Waste and Trap, Grate, Installation Rails for Joists for 18mm floorboards, packers for 22mm floorboards, Membrane Gasket and Concrete Installation Kit. Which means one box does all installations after you chosen Length, Grate and Outlet type. This saves the customer money as they are not buying additional Accessories.

7 Changes to Wetroom Solution Former/Tray
There are two options Tray 1400 x 920 x 18mm for the 600 Waste and Trap and 1600 x 920 x 18mm for the 800 Waste and Trap. The Tray is now made from a lightweight composite Resin Material with added strength. The Tray is 18mm thick not 19mm. It will be black not white. It is a one piece which will make installation easier and less susceptible to errors. It still can be cut to size.

8 Changes to Wetroom Solution Tanking Kit
There are no changes to the Tanking Kit.

9 The Playtime Wetroom Solution Installation DVD
to see the installation video Click here . This video is on our website, see circled area below.

10 Playtime Wetroom Solution
Note that it is now a single piece black panel (image wasn’t available at time of press). 10

11 BASICS The Wetroom kit consists of the following items Waste and Trap
Tanking Kit Former tray

12 BASICS Choose the Wetroom kit which suits the customer best.
Choose the length - 600mm or 800mm Waste and Trap Choose the outlet - Standard (Side) , Slimline (Low) or Inline (Side Side) Choose the Grate - Tile Insert or Stainless Grate (for tiles over 10mm maximum 26mm). Choose the Tray to match the Waste and Trap 1400 = 600 – 1600 = 800 Order Tanking Kit 1 for every 7-8m2.

13 BASICS The Tile Insert Grate Gully Box Contains Waste and Trap Fixed
Installation Rails for Joists and Screws 4mm Packers for 22mm floors Membrane Gasket Concrete Installation Kit The Stainless Steel Gully Box Contains Height Adjusting Screws

14 Wetroom Information The Playtime wetroom solution comes with a 10 year Warrantee The Waste Outlet is made from Polypropylene ( Reinforced Plastic ) and is a smooth finish to aid self cleaning. British Board of Agreement Certification. This means it complies with all building regulations. Minimum 60 Litres Per minute drainage which is a extremely fast waste for the Standard Waste Outlet. Unique NOOD built into the trap is gas tight and stops any smells coming through even if the trap is run dry which means if your away for any long periods wont let any smells come through.

15 Waste and Trap Information
Tile Insert Grate Twist Grate (Tiles 10-26mm)

16 Waste and Trap and Tray Information
1400mm x 920mm x 18mm Tray Former 800 Waste and Trap 1600mm x 920mm x 18mm Tray Former

17 Waste and Trap Information
Standard Side Outlet Profile for Normal Installations. Min 60 litres per minute Side Side trap is to help the fitter in getting the outlet out to run with the joists Min 60 litres per minute Low Outlet which is a option which is great for reduced solid floor or reduced sized joists. Min 30 litres per minute

18 Can also be Sold for Showers, P Baths, Bathrooms. Easily Installed.
Playtime WET ROOM TANKING PACK for 8m2 contains Primer, Pipe Covers, 10 linear metres of Tanking Tape and 7-8m2 of Lastogum Waterproof Membrane Covers 8m2 10 Year Guarantee. Can also be Sold for Showers, P Baths, Bathrooms. Easily Installed. Cheap Insurance for Tiles.

19 Tanking Kit The Lastogum can absorb cracks up to 1mm thick. The Tapes up to 3mm. It’s recommended by BS5385 ( the use of adhesives and grouts are no substitute for a tanked installation Supplied with Primer G & 10m of tape, gasket covers and enough Lastogum tanking to do 8M 2 Primer takes approx. 1/2 hours to dry, the 1st coat of tanking takes approx. 3 hours to dry and the 2nd coat is advised to leave overnight before tiling Can also be used with Shower Trays and above the bath to the shower head – this is a great add on for those who don’t purchase the wetroom

20 Linear Tray/Former The linear boards are 1400 (L) x 920(W) x 18 (D) for the 600 Waste and Trap and 1600 (L) x 920(W) x 18 (D) for the 800 Waste and Trap. The linear board is make from a composite material which goes under the tiles to add further protection to the wetroom Has fall lines built in to make installation easier Can be used with any tiles up to 10mm thick or the twist grate will be required for tiles between 10-26mm thick The board can be cut down to fit a smaller area. Comes complete with a 10 year guarantee

21 Linear Tray/Former Picture
The Linear Tray in the picture above has been cut down from 920mm to 800mm Tanked and taped Linear tray

22 Solid Floor/ Concrete Wetrooms
The Slim line Waste and Trap[ is recommended to allow the fitter to get the waste out easier and the concrete kit aids installation. The concrete kit is always included just in case. Low Outlet has a flow rate of 30 litres per minute and is in total only 85mm deep making this ideal for solid floors. Required for all Solid floor (concrete) installation legs to secure the Gully to the floor. Included in the Box.

23 The Finished Article Finished UK Installed Wetrooms. Always take Photos, they look fantastic.

24 Top Tips Read all the pages of the instructions fully and thoroughly before you commence installing and keep in a safe location for future reference. Always watch the Installation DVD as an aid to installation prior to installing. The DVD can be seen at CHECK LIST/SAFETY NOTES/TIPS • Ensure you have all the contents supplied before installation. If you do not have all the contents do not install. Contact your local Bathstore straight away. • Check all the contents for damage. If any parts are damaged do not install. Contact your local Bathstore straight away. • Check where all pipes, electrical cables and all other services are prior to drilling, cutting and screwing into walls, ceilings and floors. When cutting into the floorboards do not cut into the joists. • The height below the ceiling 800 Waste and Trap with the Standard 50mm Side outlet and Side Side Outlet installed including the tray is 131mm. The depth of the whole 800 Waste and Trap with Standard 50mm Side outlet and Side Side Outlet without the tray into concrete floors is 131mm. Always try to ascertain at the survey what height you are going to install into. The 800 Waste and Trap with Low Mini Waste and Trap height below the ceiling is installed including the tray is 87mm. Into concrete without the tray the depth of the 800 Waste and Trap with Low Mini Waste and Trap is 97mm.

25 Top Tips • Check the level of the floorboards prior to installation. If they are +or- 5 mm this is acceptable. If they are over these tolerances do not install and contact your installation manager straight away. • The 800 Wet room Waste and Trap must be installed flat and horizontal and not at an angle or on a slope. Always carry a spirit level. • The grate also when installed must be horizontal and flat. It also must be level with the Ceramic tile surface and not at an angle or on a slope. Always check prior to installing the tiles. • Use dry wall screws to fix the four tray sections to the floorboards. When screwing avoid any pipes, electrical cables and all other services that was found on your survey. • Ensure your tools for installation are fit for purpose and follow manufacturer’s instructions provided with the tools. • Do not use power tools on the screws of the 800 Wet Room Waste and Trap. • The maximum height for the tile insert grate is 12mm. Combined tile and adhesive should not exceed 12mm. It is recommended that a maximum of 10 mm ceramic tile is used. • If you have tiles, adhesive and or under flooring exceeding the 12mm height then you will need the Drop Grate Accessory which has a maximum height level of 26 mm.

26 Top Tips • Remove any skirting Boards in the room. • Any gaps or holes/damage in the walls and floors must be made good. • If you have to extend the area of the Wet Room use 18mm Marine Ply or appropriate Tile Backer Board and fix with screws at the same centres as the tray i.e. 15mm. Do not use chipboard or any other subfloor; this is accordance with BS for Ceramic Tiles. Using your site survey when screwing avoid any pipes, electrical cables and all other services. The18mm Marine Ply does not need to be primed. All joints between the 18mm Marine Ply panels and the tray must be taped as described in the instructions. It is very likely you will need more than one Tanking Kit. Each kit covers approximately 7-8m2 • It is a good tip to prime your walls/plasterboard/Concrete before you install the tray with Primer G from the tanking kit. • Do not apply PCI-Lastogum X at substrate temperatures below +5°C and above +30°C. • Always check that the height of the 800 Waste and Trap is 10mm above the height of the floorboards as the tray is 10mm high prior to fixing. • Always check that the tray is the correct way up. • When applying the Lastogum by brush or roller just like painting two coats it is a good practice to apply the second coat in a different direction than the first coat. Usually horizontally then vertically to ensure the full coverage required.

27 Top Tips • Under Normal Conditions the drying time of the Primer G 1-2 hours. If the substrate is extremely porous you may need two coats. The second coat is applied 20 minutes after the first and a full hour is required for Curing. The curing times of the Lastogum are first coat three hours and second coat another 8 hours after application. It is best practice to leave the second coat to cure until the next day. • Always ensure the Tapes are fully secured and are covering all joints and on the gully when installing. Also check that they are secure when fully cured and dry. • Always ensure the Lastogum is fully dry and cured before installing the tiles and grate. • Always ensure the Installation and Working areas are kept safe, especially from children and pets. • Work safely; ensure that no tools are lying around and that that the working and installation areas are clean and tidy at all times. • Ensure that all sharp devices such as knives and saws have covers on them at all times. Do not carry knives in pockets. • Safety goggles, masks and gloves should be worn at all times. • When installing into concrete build falls to the gully with screed so water falls can run into it. a 2% fall should be used. • The tanking kit covers 7-8 m2. • Always Test the Waste Connection and the whole system for leaks prior to handing the job over to the client.

28 Top Tips Packaging Once packaging has been unpacked and used it should always be taken to the nearest local authority waste collection site for recycling. The packaging must not be thrown away with normal household waste. Liability The Manufacturer will not accept any liability for failure if the Playtime Wet Room Solution has been installed incorrectly and with disregard to the instructions. Always Test the Waste Connection and the whole system for leaks prior to handing the job over to the client. Plumbing All Plumbing work should be carried out by a fully qualified professional plumber. Use the 42.9 mm (1 ½ inch) ABS pipe adapter/connector provided for solvent welding and connecting to the 42.9 mm (1 ½ inch) waste pipe. Do not solvent weld the outlet without the 42.9 mm 1 1/2 inch) ABS pipe adapter/connector provided. Always check the connection for leaks prior to use.

29 Quiz Time How many litres of water per minute does the Slimline waste get rid of? How long is the tanking tape supplied? How many years guarantee does the waste come with? How thick is the linear board? What Shower Enclosures / walk in showers can you use with the wetroom? How many M2 does the tanking kit cover? What waste would your recommend with a solid floor? 3 Features and benefits of having a wetroom?

30 Quiz Time - Answers 30 litres per minute 10 metres 42 in total 18mm
Playtime, Liquid & Glasshouse 8M2 Slimline Waste Easy to clean, No need for a tray, WOW factor, can be used with a range of our enclosures, hassle free to name but a few

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