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3Understand Finishes. 3 Understand Importance of Detail.

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1 3Understand Finishes

2 3 Understand Importance of Detail

3 3Understand importance Murals, Fittings, furniture

4 3. Understand importance of historic detail

5 4 Employ specialists

6 4 Employ specialists Understanding complex groupings

7 Model Farm Finnebrogue- the sum of all the elements

8 4. Employ specialists Craftsmanship

9 4. Employ specialists Highly skilled work

10 5 Anticipate requirements Bin storage/ parking

11 5 Anticipate boundaries

12 5 Anticipate signage/access

13 5 Anticipate Services


15 5Ascertain compatibility of uses

16 5Assess archaeology

17 5Assess Potential for loss of detail

18 5Assess Access solutions

19 5 Assess model solutions for access

20 5Anticipate energy requirements

21 5Assess neighbourhood Harmony of streetscape

22 5Anticipate timeframes

23 5Anticipate Timeframes

24 6 Sources of help NIEA technical notes

25 6. Sources of help Building control requirements

26 Pointers to a successful conservation project 1. Research your building 2. Stick to the Principles of Conservation 3. Understand your building fabric 4. Employ specialists and competent professionals and contractors 5. Anticipate issues 6. Keep in regular contact with NIEA and other sources of help

27 Our Commitment NIEA are here to help share in the process to manage change on the basis of clear understanding, to ensure that historic places are sustained for future generations. These concepts are rooted in a need for good and improving communication between you who own and manage historic buildings, ourselves, the professions and the public.

28 Our Role From ‘A good doctor’ by John Knight The common currency of what we do.. The length and breadth of the country is firstly to respect the building’s character and individual attributes that are a vital part of the story it has to tell; not to seek change for the sake of mere improvement or fashion; secondly to study and analyse the strengths and weaknesses thoroughly; and finally to mend invisibly those defects that threaten to destroy it…

29 From ‘A good doctor’ by John Knight It should be left looking cherished but not compromised, healed but not rejuvenated for there is no mandate to do otherwise From ‘A good doctor’ by John Knight

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