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Srimad-Bhagavatam Canto 1 Chapter 9 Text 14-17 Influence of inevitable time.

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1 Srimad-Bhagavatam Canto 1 Chapter 9 Text 14-17 Influence of inevitable time

2 Text 14 sarvaà käla-kåtaà manye bhavatäà ca yad-apriyam sapälo yad-vaçe loko väyor iva ghanävaliù In my opinion, this is all due to inevitable time, under whose control everyone in every planet is carried, just as the clouds are carried by the wind.

3 No grudge against Kala There is control by time all over. Supreme käla, a forceful representative of the Lord within the material world. Even the most pious has to suffer the condition of material nature. Three guiding principles – Lord Krishna, Vaishnavas & Brahmanas. One should not grudge being controlled by time despite being a true follower of religious principles.

4 Text 15 yatra dharma-suto räjä gadä-päëir våkodaraù kåñëo 'stré gäëòivaà cäpaà suhåt kåñëas tato vipat O how wonderful is the influence of inevitable time. It is irreversible-otherwise, how can there be reverses in the presence of King Yudhiñöhira, the son of the demigod controlling religion; Bhéma, the great fighter with a club; the great bowman Arjuna with his mighty weapon Gäëòéva; and above all, the Lord, the direct well- wisher of the Päëòavas?

5 Käla - Inexplicable wish of the Lord There was no scarcity in the case of the Päëòavas as far as material or spiritual resources were required. The Päëòavas suffered so many practical reverses, which can only be explained as due to the influence of käla, inevitable time. Käla is identical with the Lord Himself, and therefore the influence of Käla indicates the inexplicable wish of the Lord Himself. There is nothing to be lamented when a matter is beyond the control of any human being.

6 Text 16 na hy asya karhicid räjan pumän veda vidhitsitam yad vijijïäsayä yuktä muhyanti kavayo 'pi hi O King, no one can know the plan of the Lord [ Çré Kåñëa ]. Even though great philosophers inquire exhaustively, they are bewildered.

7 Plan of the Lord!!! Since time immemorial no one could ascertain the real plan of the Lord. The sufferings of the Päëòavas were never due to their past deeds. Bhéñmadeva was certainly satisfied by seeing the triumph of virtue. Vice cannot conquer virtue, regard- less of who tries to execute it.

8 Text 17 tasmäd idaà daiva-tantraà vyavasya bharatarñabha tasyänuvihito 'näthä nätha pähi prajäù prabho O best among the descendants of Bharata [ Yudhiñöhira ], I maintain, therefore, that all this is within the plan of the Lord. Accepting the inconceivable plan of the Lord, you must follow it. You are now the appointed administrative head, and, my lord, you should now take care of those subjects who are now rendered helpless.

9 Lesson through devotees The popular saying is that a housewife teaches the daughter-in-law by teaching the daughter. The devotee does not have to learn anything new from the Lord because the Lord teaches the sincere devotee always from within. A devotee's duty is to ungrudgingly accept tribulations from the Lord as a benediction.

10 Bhishma’s advise to King A pure devotee of the Lord accepts tribulations as favors from the Lord. The Päëòavas were advised by Bhéñmadeva to accept the responsibility of administration without hesitation. The poor subjects were without protection due to the Battle of Kurukñetra, and they were awaiting the assumption of power by Mahäräja Yudhiñöhira.

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