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Planning to Succeed Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Victoria Action Plans.

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1 Planning to Succeed Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Victoria Action Plans

2  What makes a successful Chapter ? ◦ Assessing successful Chapters ◦ One thing in common – They Plan  So who should do what ? ◦ Chapter expectations ◦ Grand Chapter efforts

3  What has Grand Chapter done to help ? ◦ The Strategic Plan ◦ The Action Plan

4 HRAC of Victoria - Strategic Plan 2012 to 2017  Strategy No. 1  “Educate Companions to be able to tell our story”   Strategy No. 2  “Membership - Each chapter to retain current membership as much as possible and achieve an increase in membership ”   Strategy No. 3  “Communication - Internal & External - Through Development and Education Programs”   Strategy No. 4  “Provide good Leadership and Management direction”   Strategy No. 5  “Sound Financial Sustainability and Risk Management practises”

5  The Action Plan ◦ What is it ? ◦ How do we use it ◦ What do we do with it once its completed ?

6  How to complete an Action Plan  Step 1  Download or otherwise obtain the step by step instructions.  Don’t have access to the website ? – contact your local Inspector of Workings  How do I access the website ? – check out step by step guide in the document pack.

7  Step 2  Look at the five strategies and select two that best fits you Chapter’s outlook. Create one task for each of the two selected strategies that best fits your Chapter or select a task from the task listing that likewise best fits your Chapter.

8  Step 3  Complete action plan form (information in each column) against each task.  That’s it – you are done.

9  Review – but when to review  Determine what was done and what wasn’t done and why  Ascertain what works and what doesn’t work  Amend Action Plan

10  Continue to develop a close relationship with your Chapter  Be prepared to act as a guide and confidant  Be the link (if needed) to Grand Chapter  Sell the Action Plan

11  We need you to :-  Thoroughly familiarise yourself with the process  Present the process to the Chapter (not just the SE)  Encourage the completion of their Action Plan  Encourage a review of their plans at the stated time – chase up etc  Encourage an assessment by the Chapter of their Action Plans after no more than 12 months

12  Provide positive feedback on the results of their assessment.  During and after the first 12 months provide feedback to the GIWkgs on the overall health of the Chapter as a consequence of the planning process highlighting any areas that the Chapter succeeds or fails in (it can be general in context to protect the privacy of the Chapter if desired), in order that the process can be fine-tuned in the future.

13  What if I have a question or the Chapter asks of me a question that I can’t answer ?

14 I like easy questions best but I’ll take hard questions if I have to.

15  Remember the success of this will be the direct result of your efforts and we can’t thank you enough for them.  Thank you – thank you – thank you

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