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MATH VOCABULARY. INTEGER A positive or negative number.

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2 INTEGER A positive or negative number.

3 Rational numbers A number that can be expressed by two or more integers.

4 Scientific notation A method expressing a given number of quantity.

5 Perfect square A rational number that is equal to the square of another.

6 Irrational number A number that can not be exactly expressed by two integers.

7 Real numbers The limit of a sequence of rational numbers.

8 Destiny property The amount of property in a given space.

9 Adjacent angles Two vertex have the same side between them.

10 coefficient A number that is constant for a given substance.

11 Distance formula The distance in a given formula.

12 domain A field of action.

13 hypotenuses Side of a right triangle.

14 Legs of a right triangle The other side of a right triangle.

15 Rational number The limit of a sequence of a rational number.

16 range The extent of which something may or may not be.

17 Slope To have or taken an incline.

18 Scientific notation A number expressing a given number of quantity.

19 prism A 3d object in math.

20 Scatter plot A graphic representation of a data basis.

21 Slope intercept form An incline to a specific spot or place.

22 Absolute value Magnitude of a quantity.

23 exponent A number place after or before which raises its power.

24 product Result of multiplying two or more numbers.

25 Pythagorean theorem Square of a right triangle

26 Acute triangle Triangle has acute integers.

27 probability The relevant possibility that something will happen

28 factor Two or more numbers, when multiplied together give a product.

29 variable Deviating from the usual type.

30 evaluate To ascertain a number

31 quotient Result of division.

32 Acute angle Angle measuring less than 90 degrees.

33 congruent Two shapes being identical.

34 reciprocal Inversely related or porportional.

35 vertex The corner of a 3d figure.

36 polygon A closed plane figure with three or more straight sides.

37 Scalene angle A triangle with no two side equal

38 area The surface space of an area

39 perimeter Border length of a 2d figure

40 circumference The perimeter of a circular area

41 Obtuse angle Angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees

42 Complementary angle Two angle added together produce 90 degrees

43 quadrilateral Having four sides

44 parallelogram A quadrilateral having parallel sides

45 rectangle Parallelogram having 4 right angles

46 reflection The state of bieng reflected across x,y

47 rate A certain quantity or amount

48 trapezoid A figure having 2 parallel side and two un parallel sides

49 cylinder Circle on top and bottom and a circular sides and bases

50 diameter Straight line across the a circle

51 sum The number added by two numbers

52 dividend Number Divided by a divisor

53 divisor Diveded the dividend

54 median Middle number

55 mean Average number

56 mode Most used number

57 pyramid Polygonal base and all comes to a point.

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