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ISM – Florida Gulf Coast Tampa, FL April 15, 2010 1 Richard D. Rich C.P.M. Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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1 ISM – Florida Gulf Coast Tampa, FL April 15, 2010 1 Richard D. Rich C.P.M. Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc

2  Internal respect (or not)  Productivity (cost and performance) of the Supply Chain Group  Insufficient buying power (low volume clout)  Lack of value-add impact, traditionally 2

3 3  It helps engage stakeholders in ways that opens doors and brings many benefits  Total cost of ownership initiatives have business-wide benefits  Engage Senior Management utilizing cash flow, working capital and asset control benefits. Buyers Must Broaden and Deepen their Activities Strategic sourcing now a necessary process for all size SCM Orgs

4  Senior management cutting costs anywhere they can  Suppliers are mounting value-add initiatives that bypass traditional internal buying and materials management activities  Outsource companies go direct to the CFO or CEO with their offerings  Consulting and systems companies have many quick- change ideas that involve outsourcing buying and materials management 4 Uplift the value of what you do so as not to be sidelined

5  Don’t always need volume buying power – many buyers simply make their company be a low cost, easy-to-do-business-with customer of key suppliers  Many value-add opportunities are beyond price – the key is stake holder problems, costs, and opportunities 5 Switch from being an administrative buying service to bringing value-add to internal customers in the company.

6 6  Other functions/people perform spending functions  Upper management micro manages  Supply Chain isn’t invited to major project decisions  Supply Chain isn’t invited to innovation initiatives  Widespread backdoor buying  Supply forecasting performed by others in the firm  Supply Chain doesn’t procure key raw materials / components  Outsourcing decisions made with little or no input by Supply Chain  Upper management perceives little need for central supply function

7 What Really Makes The Magic? FINDINGS FROM A BOARD REPUTATION STUDY 7 Interactions Reputation ObservationsExpectations Output

8 8 I.Department/Personal Output A. Customer Service B. Relations with Other Departments C. Information Others Seek

9 9 II.Interactions with Other Departments A. Roles and Role Conflicts B. Personalities C. Impressions

10 10 III. Observations of Supply Chain A. Auditors' Findings B. Ethics C. External Observations

11 11 ENHANCING THE ROLE OF SCM IV. Reputation A. Ethics B. Observation by Others C. Perception

12 12 V. Expectations of Supply Chain A. Mission within the Firm B. Input to Company Budgeting System C. Supply Chain skill set

13 13  Physically visit internal customers…and do it often  Tell what Supply Chain can and does do  Be active, not passive, with Cost Reduction and Cost Avoidance programs  Passive way: define problem, accomplish, announce  Pro-Active way: ascertain stakeholder priorities, agree with them, accomplish…share limelight and be appreciated  Tell about your plans  Explain what's happening in the supply market – people are interested  Learn stakeholders’ language, problems, and quests Some Winners

14 14 The Bottom Line What others really want of Supply Chain Partner Problem solver Model business manager Conduit (access to outsiders) Oracle (help them see their future) But: it is a “one-on-one” process

15 15 BUT! It is a “one-on-one” process And, this is a big “but.” It is not done by the CPO talking up Supply Chain in senior staff meetings. That is only one half of it….creating the big picture. The depth is accomplished one-on-one between nearly everyone in the group creating “wins” and links with individuals throughout the entire firm/organization

16 16 To Build Value-Add and Gain Respect What small Supply Chain Group Leaders find that works:  Evolving toward strategic sourcing with large or big impact buys  Engage stakeholders  Pursue total cost of ownership with important equipment items  Engage senior management where cash flow, assets, and long term costs are important Think and act less as a buyer and more as a value-adding Supply Chain professional

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