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Revising Business Messages

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1 Revising Business Messages
Chapter 6 Revising Business Messages

2 Chapter 6 Revising Tips Eliminate flabby expressions
I am pleased to inform you that. . . We are pleased to inform you that. . . Limit long lead-ins I would like to take this opportunity to. . . This letter is to inform you that. . . Drop unnecessary opening fillers There is every reason to believe that. . . It is my pleasure to recommend. . .

3 Chapter 6 Revising Tips Replace redundancies (expressions that repeat meaning or include unnecessary words) free gift exactly identical Avoid indirect and pompous language We will ascertain the problems and report forthwith. We will determine the problems and report immediately. Omit trite “business” phrases Please do not hesitate. . . Please feel free to. . . Enclosed please find. . . Pursuant to your request. . .

4 Chapter 6 Revising Tips Omit clichés Omit slang easier said than done
first and foremost think outside the box shoot from the hip Omit slang in the pipeline blowing the budget getting burned

5 Chapter 6 Revising Tips Unbury verbs
perform an analysis of analyze reach a conclusion that conclude Control exuberance to sound businesslike extremely totally awesome

6 Chapter 6 Design documents for readability Enhance white space by
Adding headings Including bulleted or numbered lists Using short sentences Writing short paragraphs Setting effective margins Use 1 to 1 1/2 –inch margins

7 Chapter 6 Design documents for readability
Choose appropriate typefaces Arial or Times New Roman Use 10- to 12-point font for most body text For special effects consider: CAPITALIZATION Boldface Italic Underline

8 Chapter 6 Design documents for readability
Use vertical lists or enumerated lists to improve comprehension Use a numbered list for items that represent a sequence or reflect a numbering system; use bullets otherwise Use (a) and (b) within a sentence Make lists and enumerated items parallel in grammatical structure Add headings for quick comprehension

9 Chapter 6 Proofreading routine documents
Use the down arrow to reveal one line at a time Read from printed copy to be safer Look for typos, misspellings, grammar mistakes Look for ambiguous expressions and inconsistencies Look for factual errors

10 Chapter 6 Proofreading complex documents
Print a copy, preferably double spaced Set copy aside and take a breather Allow adequate time for careful proofreading Expect errors and congratulate yourself when you find them Read the message at least twice—once for meaning; once for grammar Reduce your reading speed and focus on individual words Pay attention to software markings for misspellings and grammar mistakes Have someone else proofread the document

11 Chapter 6 Use Microsoft Word to check reading grade level of a document Click on “FILE” Click on “Options” Click on “Proofing” Check box for “Show readability statistics” Click “OK” With document loaded, click on “REVIEW” Click on “Spelling & Grammar”


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