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Using technology to enhance learning through shared teaching practice Barbara Judge December 2013.

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1 Using technology to enhance learning through shared teaching practice Barbara Judge December 2013

2 Aim : To Provide an extended induction for all academic staff and develop communities of best ILT pedagogy practice that will facilitate staff interaction on an ongoing basis to share their teaching passion and expertise. Objectives: Extend the current 2.5 hour academic induction in learning and teaching to include an effective introduction to Moodle, ILT and on line teaching and learning modules. Develop a community of best practice in Learning and Teaching throughout SERC Create the means to collect and share best practice stories including a pedagogy blog All new teaching staff to have an ILT mentor

3 Justification Problem: No Moodle or sufficient pedagogy training during induction phase Impact: Insufficient operational or pedagogic knowledge developed at start of career Solution: Embed additional session on Moodle and pedagogic practice

4 Justification Problem: No strategy or structure to share pedagogy best practice Impact: Academic staff sharing in ad-hoc fashion without the opportunity to realise full potential Solution: Develop a community of practice where SERC lecturers, who already share a passion for teaching, can deepen their knowledge and expertise by interacting on an on- going basis.

5 Research Two focus groups were held with the academic staff who are the main stakeholders attending induction and their feedback comments over a 12 month period were analysed. Four on- line google docs surveys were carried out with the remaining stakeholders: Heads of School, Teacher Tutors from 5 other FE colleges, academic staff in all campuses and part- time staff (appendices 1-4).The Head of School survey was used in order to ascertain support levels required for part- time staff.The academic staff survey was used in order to understand current skill level and confidence around skill level. The Teacher Tutor survey from the other 5 FE colleges was to ascertain how they supported new Lecturers during induction.

6 Results “Excellent and Inspiring. Boosting confidence in ability to teach subjects and engage learners” Dec 3 rd 13 “Really feel a full day of teaching and learning would be better” Dec 3 rd 2013 “More in house training delivered by fellow teachers to share best practice I personally like it when we are given new tips / websites / ideas shared to all.” It's great to share top tips to fellow lecturers –survey 2013

7 GIS Results

8 “ Most PT staff seem to believe that if you stand at the front of the classroom either reading or using PowerPoint. That this is teaching. They have no concept of checking that learning is occurring, interaction with the class etc.”- HOS

9 Do Lecturers need ICT qualifications?

10 Best practice noted …….…discussed. ……..shared

11 Sharing Best Practice Learning/Teaching

12 SERC Communities of Best Practice in Learning and Teaching Stage 1 Induction Share best practice Stories Stage 2 ILT Pedagogy Share quick wins Stage 3 Sharing with course teams- agenda item Stage 4 HOS curriculum day cross campus sharing/demos of best of course teams Stage 5 Cross College Sharing best practice- teaching each other Essential Skills ICT On line training on Moodle and pedagogy Followed by classroom observation of best practice “Making a difference ” Best practice in School – demonstrative practice Share with close colleagues Best practice strategies and tools from lesson observations- PGCE/ILT mentors being taught by peers BLOGBLOG BLOG BLOGBLOG

13 Implementation Costs : £270 per person This includes : Additional 1 day training with ILT Pedagogy mentor ILT pedagogy mentoring – 4 hours Payment for staff to deliver best practice sessions

14 Values Focused Solution Solutions focused to increase the current good or better level of learning and teaching observations from 86% to 90% within two years. Excellence driven aiming to increase standards of learning and teaching Responsive and meets the needs of our teaching staff increasing motivation and engagement Collaborative in nature as it developing a community of practice

15 Any Questions?

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