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E.T.A. PROPOSED DUES INCREASE BEGINNING 08/13 Maintain 100% President Release Time.

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1 E.T.A. PROPOSED DUES INCREASE BEGINNING 08/13 Maintain 100% President Release Time

2 A) Regular inflationary cost increases B) 100% president release cost A) President release has never been fully funded. We began 100% release in fall ‘09, but have been paying for it partly out of the union’s savings account. B) Goal: to bring in enough money each month to fund the president’s salary. DUES INCREASE NEEDED FOR:

3 We have not even paid out some of the “large ticket” items for the year (such as accountant’s fees, bargaining expenses, 100% president release, RIF costs, etc.). We are currently losing a significant amount of money per month.

4 This is primarily due to 100% president release. The difference between budget projection and monthly expenses is $6,000 per month.

5 TO ATTAIN SOLVENCY WE WOULD NEED TO ADD A $10.00 MONTHLY DUES INCREASE PER MEMBER. WE ARE REQUESTING A $10.00 DUES INCREASE MONTHLY PER MEMBER. We recognize the difficulty any increase presents given the fact that we haven’t had a raise since 2007. However, we must take steps to deal with the fact that we are deficit spending and our reserves are dwindling. Therefore,

6 With the proposed increases: yearly dues - $449 (including $10 monthly increase/$100 per year) $44.90 per month (does not include CTA or NEA dues) Current ETA yearly dues are $349 (does not include CTA/NEA dues) - $34.90 per month.

7 RECENT COST CUTTING MEASURES (WHERE DUES GO) This year Rep. Council voted to limit ETA’s Scholarship contribution to $2,000 per year (the prior year was $3,000). Food for ETA meetings is managed by one Exec. Board member who monitors money spent to ensure staying within budget. Please remember that volunteers, many of whom are struggling to finish their day, conduct all ETA meetings and activities. We feel food being provided helps to get them through what would otherwise be an unbearably long day. The revised bylaws now determine who (by categories) goes to which conferences. At the beginning of the school year a subcommittee decided to eliminate attendance at certain conferences, and limit attendance at others. All conferences relate directly to negotiations, union business, union training or teacher training. Additionally, CTA and Mt. Hamilton provides scholarships to unions to encourage members to attend conferences. Not all conferences are paid for by our local association.

8 Greater emphasis now on negotiations (in keeping with CTA recommendations) Near constant negotiations with district as we have been unable to attain multi-year contracts RIF processing & hearings (3 consecutive years) President always available to members in case of problems on the job/during the work day VITAL UNION WORK:

9 Union negotiators are paid $100/month, 10 months a year, + $500 at signing of contract Union chief negotiator is paid $150/months, 10 months a year, + $500 at signing It’s difficult to ascertain exactly how much EESD pays its lawyer to negotiate for them, but most charge a retainer fee plus hundreds of dollars per hour. Union payments to negotiators vs. district payments to lawyer

10 Daily: 30 minutes a day reading educational blogs and news sites and sharing to the team (chief negotiator) Bargaining: 4-6 hour team meeting prior to each bargaining session (all outside of school hours, “at home” time) Planning at school for each substitute & recovering at school after the absence Bargaining cleanup that following day via email, phone, & text (all outside of school hours, “at home” time) Attending Executive Board and other bargaining meetings Attending CTA regional bargaining meetings Union Negotiator Responsibilities This is what your dues money pays for:

11 The $5 increase in 2009 and additional $6 increase in 2011 started us toward 100% President Release, and helped prepare us for the current fiscal crisis. This additional $10 increase will maintain a full time president, allowing us to continue implementing improvements in communication (new text messaging) and defending teachers’ rights (IEP Grievance, etc.). With this increase we would stop the depletion of union savings.,

12 Let’s maintain 100% President Release!

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