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COTA Conference February 1, 2013 Win-Win Project 1.

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1 COTA Conference February 1, 2013 Win-Win Project 1

2 HISTORY February 1, 20132

3 3 The goal is to identify students who entered higher education, but who never received the associate’s degree. The Win-Win Project was created through a partnership of the Institute for Higher Education (IHEP) and the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO), and funded by the Lumina Foundation for Education. Participating schools in Missouri agreed on some basic criteria for the project Strategy

4 February 1, 20134 Initial Process  Determined System Perimeters  Change Student Information System in 2004  Researched the functions of our current audit systems  Hired and trained a records auditor  Conducted an audit on all records  Created an action plan on audit findings  National Clearing House  Gained access to records

5 February 1, 20135 Initial Audit Details Audit Process  Conducted a phase I audit on associate degree students who had not graduated and found no students  Conducted a phase II audit on students without a degree  We found 6575 students who met our criteria but had yet to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.  We found 3741 of those students did have an associate degree.  We found 937 students who had 58 credit hours but some of the hours did not count towards an associate degree.  1897 students had been identified as potential degree graduates.

6 OUTCOME February 1, 20136

7 7 Audit Steps Finalized  Audit outcome  Organized the 1621 (changed from 1897 due initial verification determined inconclusive and process repeated) students by program  Identified 247 students in the Networking Program  Of those 25 were identified as possible graduates  Determined what to do with possible degree eligible students  Determined what we can transfer and can be waived  Contacted the eligible students

8 February 1, 20138 Methodolgy  Verified against State Database (28 students)  Verification process required analyzing each student in the Network Communication and Management degree to ascertain graduation status and credits earned  Resulted in 247 students who had not graduated  Resulted in 78 students within 9 credit hours to an Associate’s or had received the credits to earn an Associate’s Degree.

9 February 1, 20139  Course equivalency was determined by using the current Networking Systems Administration degree requirements  Out of the 78 it was determined 2 were eligible to be awarded an Associate’s Degree and 23 were within 9 credit hours of potentially earning an Associate’s Degree  Students email, address and phone were verified through the DEM - Do Not Call federal program. Student information was also searched through Facebook and White Pages. Once verified students were notified with letter via email with letter attached or phone call then a letter was sent with verification of email. Methodolgy - continued

10 February 1, 201310 Final Results  The 25 who met course equivalency consisted of 2 eligible students and 23 potentials.  Out of the 2 eligible students, 1 student decided to proceed  Out of the 23 potentials, 3 students decided to proceed, 2 students were stopped due to Financial reasons, 1 student started  Graduates resulting in 1 eligible and 1 potential

11 February 1, 201311  The Dean of Academics Affairs (chief academic officer) in Kansas City changed positions in March  Changes in academic policy related to what we can do change in degree requirements  Reporting program for audit is difficult to work with and is time consuming  DeVry’s accounting and budgeting system was cumbersome  Working with Associate’s Degrees, not having a General Studies degree. We graduate all students  Determined initial research yielded inconsistent results; consequently, verification had to be repeated Challenges

12 February 1, 201312  Eligible student’s who had received enough credits to earn an Associate’s were very pleased to have at least a level of a degree.  Potential student’s who were within 9 credit hours were amazed at the low number of courses left to complete an Associate’s, however financial issues still arose. Student Reaction

13 February 1, 201313 Future State  Expand to other DeVry locations  Is this possible?  Create best practices and guide on how to conduct an audit  Create guidelines to catch students more quickly  Reverse transfer programs with local community colleges  Determined criteria  Agreement written  Last stage for approval

14 February 1, 201314 Thank you Questions/comments?

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