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Psychiatric Outcome Monitoring Jake Behrens UW Assistant Clinical Professor

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1 Psychiatric Outcome Monitoring Jake Behrens UW Assistant Clinical Professor

2 Goals Understand outcome measurement/monitoring in medical practice Understand how this may relate to psychiatric practice Have an idea of how this may integrate into your own practice Hopefully time for tips/tricks/pearls

3 Why? Our pay may likely be based upon doing so in the future It may actually help our clinical practice It may have the potential for making our jobs easier… (think documentation)

4 Definitions Outcomes measurement The systemic quantifying of outcome indicators at a single point in time Outcomes monitoring Repeated measurement of outcomes indicators over time Outcomes management Making use of information gained from monitoring care to improve clinical decision making and delivery of health care

5 “the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increases the likelihood of desired health outcomes that are consistent with current professional knowledge” IOM definition of “healthcare quality”

6 Encountering a new patient…



9 In other fields…


11 Many measures to choose from Depression – HAM-D, PHQ-9, BDI, MDI, CES-D, etc Anxiety – GAD-7, HAM-A, BAI, etc Bipolar – MDQ ADHD – ASRS, Conners, Brown, Vanderbuilt, etc Global Functioning – CGI, WHODASs

12 Valant EHR

13 Recommendations Free/available Patient reported vs clinician reported Validated Suitable for monitoring Ideally, shorter the better Can always change…. Don’t wait for the perfect tool for everyone to emerge




17 Tips Collect multiple outcomes – Further ascertain dx, hypothesis test, monitor possible tx side effects (select what seems most fitting) Collect before or during session – During session may give time to document in EHR Correlate with given treatments or patient perceptions Consider electronic collection Consider measure responses as HPI and ROS elements Have section in your EHR notes for recording outcomes: – i.e. Outcome Measures PHQ-9: 19, 14, 9, 6 GAD-7: 14, 13, 9, 5 ASRS: A: 18, 19, 14, 16 B: 25, 30, 24, 22 Outcome Measures PHQ-9: *** GAD-7: *** ASRS: A: *** B: ***

18 Online resources Online PHQ-9 ion/depression/depression-self-test ion/depression/depression-self-test Online GAD-7 – anxiety-disorder-assessment-gad-7 anxiety-disorder-assessment-gad-7 Think about bringing up on tablet to gather score

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