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Welcome to GPTA Ltd General Practice Supervisors Australia Annual General Meeting “We are the voice of GP Supervisors training the next generation of family.

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1 Welcome to GPTA Ltd General Practice Supervisors Australia Annual General Meeting “We are the voice of GP Supervisors training the next generation of family doctors.” We want to make GP Supervision rewarding, respected and recognised.” “We are working to recruit and retain quality GP Supervisors”

2 Annual Report Dr Patricia Baker MBBS FRACGP GAICD 1.Corporate Structure and Funding Dept Health. GPET Funding Not for Profit Charity Status Changing Company Arrangements 2.Major Projects and Achievements Staff & Office Establishment Member Engagement Advocacy & Sector Engagement Sponsorship & Partnership Activity Research Project NTC 3. Next Twelve Months

3 Board Members Dr Trish Baker Dr Alan Leeb The Hon Geoff Wilson Dr Ken Hazelton Dr Ian Kamerman Dr Steve Holmes Dr Bruce Willett

4 Thank You Dept Health & GPET Funding The Board wishes to acknowledge and thank both GPET and Dept. Health. Funding has enabled groundbreaking work over the last 12 months. Thank you also to staff at the Dept. of Health and GPET.

5 11 Board meetings over last 12 months 6 On-line video meetings 5 face to face meetings Strategic Planning Weekend Plus meetings of FARM Committee (Finance Audit & Risk Management) National Terms & Conditions Sub Committee GPSA Board Activities

6 GPSA Strategic Planning Weekend

7 Changing Company Arrangements & Not for Profit Charity Status Current business arrangements operate through General Practice Supervisors Australia Pty Ltd. Next 2 months - all business operations transfer to GPTA Ltd. GPTA Ltd - not for profit company, registered as a Health Promotion Charity (ACNC) - tax deductible donations. GPTA Ltd will continue to trade as GPSA.

8 Advocacy & Stakeholder Engagement Health Ministers: Policy advice and consultation meetings, with the Hon. Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Health and Sport, and the Hon. Senator Fiona Nash, Assistant Minister for Health. UGPA: United General Practice Australia – six meetings, made a full member. Members: RDAA, RACGP, ACRRM, GPSA, AMA, GPRA, GPET, AGPN. Department of Health: policy advice, advocacy including new training arrangements and infrastructure grants. GPET - GPSA Board consultation meetings with GPET CEO and Chair. Four times per year. Peak body representation for Aboriginal Health training (GPET). Sponsor engagement and consultation. Member representation on many RTP Boards.

9 The Hon. Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Health and Minister for Sport Hon. Senator Fiona Nash, Assistant Minister for Health and Leader of the Nationals in the Senate. Presentation of Best Practice Guides Webinar for rural Supervisors New Government Engagement

10 UGPA February 2014

11 Major Projects & Achievements Office Establishment, Staff & Contractors: Limited budget, yet maximised resources. Total staffing is less than 2 people in total (including CEO). Office and Administration facilities established. Innovative and agile organisation.

12 The Team Julian McCarthy (top left), IT & Tech Support; Rebecca Qi, Accounts; Margo Field CEO; Robert Were, Research & Senior Administration; Sinead Mildenhall (bottom left), Administration; Laura McGeogh, Media & Communications.

13 Funding 2013-14: GPET Funding pilot research project re: characteristics of high quality training practices. Funding for key GPSA functions. 2013-14: Dept Health & Ageing Initial core funding for office establishment. 2014-15: Dept Health. GPSA successful in achieving funding for next twelve months.

14 Member Engagement Surveys & Regular eNews Largest communication channel directly to Supervisors. Membership represents 1246 training practices. New honorary member category. Member engagement increased via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 3 surveys undertaken to ascertain members views on current issues. 9 eNews emailed to members to provide up to date information. Consistently high response from members – thank you!

15 Communication Strategy Rebranding – new logo & “Look & Feel” Old NGPSA website

16 New Look - GPSA

17 1.Buddy Support for New Supervisors 2.Tips and Tricks for Supervision 3.Buddy Support for Rural & Remote Supervisors 4.Understand & Minimise your Risks Thank you for outstanding participation! Webinars

18 Guides for Supervisors Guide for Practice Managers & Supervisors Best Practice for Supervision Team Leadership in General Practice Vertical & Horizontal Learning Integration in General Practice

19 Member Surveys Members Survey 2013: what’s important to members. Red Tape Reduction 2014: quickest / most passionate responses yet from members (red tape picture sent in with a response). Government Budget Changes to GP training: 2014 – proposed changes and what that the budget will mean for GP Supervision.

20 Sponsorship & Partnership Activity MDA National – thank you to our first sponsor! More on the way.

21 Significant contribution of Director’s time and resourcing. Aiming for simpler, clearer document. Inclusion of GPT 3 & 4. Pay to be calculated on receipts or billings. A “Guide to the Agreement” providing additional supporting information eg. payroll calculations Other significant changes being negotiated. Negotiation 2015 National Terms & Conditions

22 Pilot Research Project GPET funded. “Characteristics of high quality GP Training Practices” 13 peer-recognised successful training Practices from across Australia. Benchmarking and indicators of activity managed by Australian Medical Benchmarks – a division of Cutcher & Neale. Results from the Project will be published by December 2014. Will provide invaluable information for what works in successful training Practices.

23 Next Twelve Months Advocacy regarding new GP Training Program. Continuous promotion of the importance of the GP Supervisor. Finalising 2015 NTC with GPRA. Finalising and publishing pilot research project. Communication and maintaining strong member engagement. Supporting Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander GP’s to become Supervisors. Building Supervisor capacity in areas of workforce shortage. Supporting Supervisors of IMG’s. Building pathways to support newly fellowed GP’s to become Supervisors. A recognition program for experience supervisor’s Programs to support the Training Practice.

24 Thank you for your interest and support!

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