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The Balance of Payments Pertemuan 4 Off Class Matakuliah: Keuangan Internasional Tahun: 2009.

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2 The Balance of Payments Pertemuan 4 Off Class Matakuliah: Keuangan Internasional Tahun: 2009

3 Bina Nusantara University 3 Soal 1 (Question 9) What is the official settlements account of the balance of payments ? How are official settlements deficits and surpluses associated with movements in the international reserves of the balance of payments ?

4 Bina Nusantara University The official settlements account records the purchases and sales of the country’s international reserves. Just as on the private sector’s capital account, if the central bank increases its ownership of international reserves, this is recorded as a debit, whereas a sale of international reserves is a credit. Thus, if the official settlements account is in surplus, the country is losing international reserves. Jawaban Soal 1

5 Bina Nusantara University 5 Soal 2 (Problem 1) Suppose that the following transactions take place on the U.S balance of payments during a given year. Analyze the effects on the merchandise trade balance, the international investment income account, the current account, the capital account, and the official settlements account : a.Boeing, a U.S aerospace company, sells $ 3 billion of its 747 airplanes to the People’s Republic of China, which pays with proceeds from a loan from a consortium of international banks b.Nikko, a Japanese investment bank, purchases $ 70 million of 30 years U.S treasury bonds for one of its Japanese clients. Nikko draws down its account with the First National Bank of Chicago to pay for the bonds. c.General Motors, a U.S automobile company, sends a dividend check for $ 25,255 to a Canadian investor in Toronto. The Canadian investor deposits the check in a U.S Dollar denominated bank account at the Bank of Montreal.

6 Bina Nusantara University 6 Soal 2 d. The U.S Treasury authorizes the New York Federal Reserves Bank to intervene in the foreign exchange market. The New York Fed purchases $ 5 billion with Japanese Yen and Euros that it holds as international reserves e. The President of the United States sends troops in a Latin America country to establish a democratic government. The total operation costs U.S taxpayers $ 8.5 billion. To show their support for the operation, the governments of Mexico and Brazil each donate $ 1 billion to the United States, which they raise by selling U.S Treasury bonds that they were holding as international reserves. f. Honda of America, the U.S subsidiary of the Japanese automobile manufacturer, obtains $ 275 million from its parent company in Japan in the form of a loan to enable it to construct a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Ohio.

7 Bina Nusantara University 7 Jawaban Soal 2 a. Boeing’s sale of planes is an export on the U.S. balance of payments, which is a credit. The fact that China borrows from international banks means that foreign ownership of U.S. assets is going down. This is a debit on the U.S. balance of payments. U.S. BOP CreditDebit Sale of airplanes by a U.S. exporter to China (Current account; U.S. goods export, trade balance) $3 billion Reduction of Ownership of U.S. assets by the Consortium of International Banks(Capital account; U.S. Capital outflow)$3 billion

8 Bina Nusantara University 8 Jawaban Soal 2

9 Bina Nusantara University 9 Jawaban Soal 2

10 Bina Nusantara University 10 Jawaban Soal 2

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