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Classification Discussion October 27, 2014 NC OFFICE OF STATE HUMAN RESOURCES.

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1 Classification Discussion October 27, 2014 NC OFFICE OF STATE HUMAN RESOURCES

2 Classification Is What We Do…. It might as well be enjoyable!

3 Back to Basics Career Banding Implementation has deemphasized focus on job allocation New Class and Comp system being developed. UNC System may participate.

4 Classification Analysis is a systematic process for obtaining important and relevant information about each distinct role played by one or more positions within an organizational unit. This information is used during the classification/reclassification process. This includes evaluating the duties and responsibilities of the job or role within the organization and comparing jobs………

5 …obtaining important and relevant information Documentation for banded positions often results in page after page of employee competency level description language-often copied from a spec/competency profile from the class

6 Page 1 - Primary Purpose What does this job do?

7 Work involves developing and maintaining productive collaborative work relationships and assessing and responding to client needs. Position interprets and apply program policies and practices.


9 More on obtaining relevant information … Classification Analysts are the portal for access to the Classification System Ideally a supervisor never mails in a request without talking to you first. Among other things you guide them in the preparation of the documentation

10 Obtaining Relevant information cont’d Get an audience with your primary customers-the major program directors and ask them to give you a dog and pony show on their organization. Take the recruiter with you

11 STEP ONE - OCHARTS We always ask-there is a reason You should be able to ascertain a lot

12 Division Chief Program Manager Business Officer

13 Division Chief Program Manager Business Officer

14 Understand the Organization TO UNDERSTAND THE JOB : Where does the work come from What do they do with it Where does it go after they deal with it And of course what are the other positions in the organization and what is their classification.

15 Read that file When you get a PD, first thing to do is pull the last one and analyst notes and O-chart Assess change compared to the new description And if the Analyst notes are decent they tell you a lot about the Program and Job While you are at it read the Supervisors position in the file

16 Incumbent Interview Study all available information prior to interview Figure out what you don’t know and what is level determining relevant BEFORE the interview Examples,Examples,Examples. Let them tell a few stories

17 New or Vacant Jobs Interview the Supervisor If they can’t give details - it’s a problem

18 Interviewing Purpose Nature – Informal, Organized Planning Establish Climate 18

19 Interviewing (cont.) Employee as Expert Analyst Controls Length Multiple Analyst Closing Special Problems 19

20 OSHR Relies on U If you cite a particular position as a primary comparison Be prepared to send the description/notes along to us



23 Classification Factors: Variety and Complexity Analytical Requirements Decision Making/Consequence Supervision Received 23

24 Classification Factors: Supervision Given Nature and Purpose of Public Contact(s) Working Conditions Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities 24

25 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Might be the first thing to look at-as it should guide you towards the Right Job Family-Right classification series

26 EX of KSAs Employee’s need to be skilled in performing tetrazolium chloride tests

27 From Google - US Dept of Agriculture Tetrazolium salt stains all living tissue in the seed embryo red, thus enabling trained analysts to determine the seeds viability or otherwise. The tetrazolium test is used to give a quick estimate of germination potential.

28 Natural Resources and Scientific Job Family Seed Specialist series

29 Discuss Variety and Complexity etc. Business managers Facility services managers IT management Fund accountant Student services managers

30 Data Analysis Break Down Responsibilities and Duties into Functional Parts Determine Classification & Level (graded or banded) Identify Key Management Issues Dynamics of Request Impact of the Incumbent 30

31 Determine Class & Level Analyze Functions – Percentage of Time – Importance / Priority – Using Allocation Factors Organizational / Functional / Competency Comparisons – Using Allocation Factors Classification Specifications 31

32 Determine Class & Level (cont’d) Incorporate All Components of Analysis Reach a Logical Conclusion Recommend Classification & Level 32

33 Analyst Notes Well organized narrative prose Identifying information Organizational Profile

34 Analyst Notes Cont’d Analyze with key functions and appropriate factors Compare with appropriate positions – work functions/ factors/competencies Other relevant information

35 Banded Versus Graded “The job matches the Spec for an advanced level” Compare equivalent level of other Banded jobs

36 USE THE OSHR ANALYST Before or After the Interview

37 WHO CARRIES THE WATER ? Several Steps in a process, several layers in a program’s staff, several positions involved Which one gets at the hard stuff. Who do people go to in the Organization for what Its not always the one at the top

38 EPA -SPA Analyst must understand-classify if you will- EPA jobs mentally to ascertain what is the responsibility of the SPA job being reviewed Budget office Example-EPA Director


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