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Revision of TRCA of BPM 2.6.8.

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1 Revision of TRCA of BPM 2.6.8

2 REVISION OF ALLOWANCE TRCA (Time Related Continuity Allowance)
of GDS employees is purely based on work load of the BO. Significance of periodical Revision of allowance : GDS Employees The work load of the every BO is not constant. To ascertain the actual work load of the BO It also help us to ascertain the GDS employees performance. Proper and optimum utilization of man power. There is no MACP concept applicable to GDS employees. To boost the moral of the GDS employees. 2.6.8

3 Revision norms for assessment of work load of GDSBPM
Revision of GDSBPM is to be carried out in every 3 years a/w periodical review based on the earned points. Earned points are calculated on standard prescribed. Collect four quarterly months statistics. Arrive at average monthly figure. TRCA will be fixed based on the points earned. 2.6.8

4 Calculation of work load of GDS BPM
S.No Items of Work Points Standard Prescribed 1 Handling of unregistered articles (*) 1 Point of work load For every 25 Unregistered articles handled in a day 2 Handling of registered articles For every 22 registered articles handled in a month 3 Handling of MOs For every 15 Money Orders handled in a month. 4 Sale of Postage Stamps For every Rs worth of stamps sold in a month 5 Handling of Cash (*) For every Rs cash handled in a month 6 SB/NSC Transactions For every 10 transactions in a month 7 RPLI Transactions 8 Collection of TRC Bills For every 20 bills collected in a month 9 MO disbursement of Old age pension thru Savings For every 10 old age pensions thru SB. 10 Accounting 14 Points of work load Writing of journals, preparation of daily account & other accounts work. pen 2.6.8

5 Revision of allowances of BPMs
Ser No Points Hours Scale in Rs 01 Up to 75 Up to 3 02 Up to 87.5 Up to 3.5 03 Up to 100 Up to 4 04 Up to Up to 4.5 05 Up to 125 Up to 5 4875 2.6.8

6 Role of IP DO intimates to carry out the revision
should also keep the records updated, when the last review was carried out and due for review in r/o of the respective GDS BPM. IP/ASP should ensure to obtain the statistics timely and submit to DO. At most care should be taken while collecting statistics of the BO. Before taking the statistics IP should ensure that all records should be correctly updated. Cross check of the stats should be made with concerned records. In case of BPM, collect transaction figures quarterly, authenticate the data and forward to DO for approval. Monitor the revision closely to avoid any delay. 2.6.8

Keep the internal customer happy GDS BPM/MD In turn he keeps the external customer happy 2.6.8

8 Exercise 1 2.6.8

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