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Long Fiction Unit Related Vocab

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1 Long Fiction Unit Related Vocab

2 For each vocabulary term:
Left side of your paper: The term Right side of your paper Part of speech Definition Synonyms and/or antonyms An example sentence or visual representation of term

3 Affiliated – associated, connected
Adjective Syn: attached, related, joined Ant: dissociated, unconcerned Example: The town’s central radio station and its affiliated studios broadcast the entire political debate to the surrounding counties.

4 Ascertain – to find out Verb Syn: discover, determine, establish Example: Sherlock Holmes examined all of the evidence at the scene of the crime to ascertain the truth about the murder.

5 Attainment – an accomplishment, the act of achieving
Noun Syn: achievement, fulfillment Ant: failure, defeat, frustration Example: For those who have served in the armed forces, perhaps the highest military attainment is the Purple Heart.

6 Bequeath – to give or pass on as an inheritance
Verb Syn: transmit, bestow, hand down Example: A woman in our community caused a scandal several years back when she bequeathed her fortune and estate to her cat, rather than her grandchildren.

7 Cogent – forceful, convincing; relevant, to the point
Adjective Syn: persuasive, compelling Ant: weak, unconvincing, ineffective, irrelevant Example: The results of the DNA fingerprinting were the most cogent evidence for conviction.

8 Converge – to move forward one point, approach nearer together
Verb Syn: meet, unite, intersect, merge Ant: diverge, separate Example: I’m standing at the intersection, where High Street and Louther Street converge.

9 Disperse – to scatter, spread far and wide
Verb Syn: break up, dispel Ant: collect, congregate, assemble, muster Example: Santa Claus spends Christmas Eve traveling around the world, dispersing gifts to the children on his “Nice List.”

10 Esteem – to regard highly (v); a highly favorable opinion or judgment (n)
Verb, Noun Syn: (v.) respect, admire, honor, revere Ant: (v.) disdain, scorn; (n.) contempt Example: Bullying can cause a devastating drop in one’s self esteem by making one feel worthless and weak.

11 Expunge – to erase, obliterate, destroy
Verb Syn: delete, efface, annihilate Ant: insert, mark, imprint, impress Example: You should take care to expunge all errors and misspelled words before turning in the final copy of an essay.

12 Finite – having limits; lasting for a limited time
Adjective Syn: bounded, measurable Ant: unlimited, immeasurable, everlasting, eternal Example: Our finite minds cannot possibly understand all there is to know about the infinite universe.

13 Invulnerable – not able to be wounded or hurt; shielded against attack
Adjective Syn: impregnable, impervious, immune Ant: exposed, unprotected, defenseless Example: Surrounded on all sides by 50-foot high stone walls and a moat filled with hungry crocodiles, the kingdom was nearly invulnerable to foreign attack.

14 Malevolent- spiteful, showing ill will
Adjective Syn: malicious, wicked, sinister, malignant Ant: kind, benevolent, compassionate Example: The malevolent queen not only sent a huntsman to kill Snow White, but also tried to tempt her with a poisoned apple.

15 Nonchalant – cool and confident, unconcerned
Adjective Syn: composed, unruffled, indifferent, blasé Ant: perturbed, agitated, disconcerted, abashed Example: When asked about his plans for the future, the high school senior produced a nonchalant response, which caused his parents to become concerned.

16 Omniscient – knowing everything; having unlimited awareness or understanding
Adjective Syn: wise, all-knowing Ant: ignorant, unknowing Example: The fortune teller’s omniscient abilities warned us of the impending storm.

17 Panacea – a remedy for all ills; cure-all; an answer to all problems
Noun Syn: universal cure, easy solution Example: Lucy thought she was advertising a marvelous new panacea; in reality, Vitameatavegamin contained no health benefits and consisted of 23% alcohol.

18 Scrupulous – exact, careful, attending thoroughly to details; having high moral standards, principled Adjective Syn: painstaking, meticulous, conscientious Ant: careless, negligent, remiss, dishonest Example: Less scrupulous companies are always finding ways to cut corners and evade the law.

19 Skulk – to move about stealthily; to lie in hiding
Verb Syn: lurk, slink, prowl Example: After his master whacked him in the head with a newspaper, the disobedient puppy skulked inside his dog house.

20 Supercilious – proud and contemptuous; showing scorn because of a feeling of superiority
Adjective Syn: snobbish, patronizing, overbearing Ant: humble, meek, deferential, servile Example: Though the boy genius acted supercilious toward his peers, it was revealed that he did not know the first thing about modernist art.

21 Uncanny – strange, mysterious, weird, beyond explanation
Adjective Syn: eerie, inexplicable, spooky Example: The resemblance between my friend Mark and the character Kip from Napoleon Dynamite is uncanny.

22 Venial – easily excused; pardonable
Adjective Syn: excusable, forgivable Ant: inexcusable, unforgivable, unpardonable Example: In the Catholic religion, a venial sin, such as stealing a small piece of property, is less egregious than committing adultery.

23 You now have… The remainder of class to review your terms with a partner

24 Exit Ticket On a half sheet of paper, write five sentences.
Each sentence must contain at least one vocabulary word, as well as demonstrate your understanding of the term’s definition.

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