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Inspection…Few Tips…BOs

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1 Inspection…Few Tips…BOs
Have a look on previous IR and have a note Refer to your Diary. Note down action pending if any Triennial review if due Verification of heavy WDLs Complaints to be enquired Claim cases ..etc.. 4.0

2 BOs continued… Ascertain from the AO about the Bus facility. If you have two wheeler- Fine Ascertain from AO, about any irregularity Collect information about number of RPLI policies of the BO, Pending issues, if any 4.0

3 On arrival at the BO village…
Don’t rush to the BO Take a round in the village and have an assessment of availability of Institutions like Schools, Primary health centers, co-operative Societies, Banks etc.. There are likelihood of Bulk RD accounts. Contact the institution and have account current details. 4.0

4 At the BO… First enquire about the welfare of the BPM, GDS agent
Introduce your self. Reassure the staff that you would support/ guide them Remember- as you watch, others also watch you Glance BO account 4.0

5 BO Inspection Follow the questionnaire. Verify cash and stamps
Review SB/RD/TD accounts. Assess, number of accounts are justified. Market for RPLI and other products. Collect statistics for revision of allowances Collect details of recent MOs 4.0

6 Out side the office.. Try to contact some SB/RD depositors on your own
Watch the reaction of BPM during verification of SB/RD account with depositors Try to personally contact some payees of recently paid MOs 4.0

7 Important Qn in Questionnaire
1. Verification of Cash/Stamps 16 & 18(2) Verification of PBs/RPLI PRB 4 SBPBs- List of PBs not received for int. 4 SBPBs- heavy transactions 2 RDPBs- heavy denomination 2 RDPBs- Discontinued account All TDPBs 5 RPLI PRBs 4.0

8 Important Qn in Questionnaire
9. GDS Delivery Postman Book Advance to GDS Visit book List out some of MOs Paid recently 4.0

9 Important Qn in Questionnaire
4,11,13- Checking of various receipt books since DLI MS 87a: AO Receipt Value & commission Credit Delay 4.0

10 Important Qn in Questionnaire
4,11,13- Checking of various receipt books since DLI….. SB-26: Depositor’s copy SB Journal S/S book BO Account book BO Slip 4.0

11 Important Qn in Questionnaire
4,11,13- Checking of various receipt books since DLI… SB-28: Depositor’s copy 4.0

12 Important Qn in Questionnaire
4,11,13, 18(2)- Checking of various receipt books since DLI… RPLI-12: RPLI transaction register RPLI proposal register BO account book BO slip 19. PCO/TRC 4.0

13 Important Qn in Questionnaire
8 & 10: BO bag received & Dispatched Articles handled Monitoring of Mails Posting of test letters Unpaid letters Leakage of revenue cases 4.0

14 Important Qn in Questionnaire
14. SB/RD/TD/RPLI transactions ( 4 dates - one in each quarter) SB/RD/TD Journals RPLI transaction register BO account BO slips 4.0

15 Important Qn in Questionnaire
2. Bi-monthly verification of BO balance BO account BO slips 3. Verification of Cash balance & liabilities BO account book BO journal 4.0

16 Important Qn in Questionnaire
15. Undelivered PBs in deposit BO journal BO slips SB-28 16 (B); BPM to collect all SBPBs for entry of interest 23. MOs visit 4.0

17 Important Qn in Questionnaire
24 (a): Stock Stock register PSD invoice Physical verification 25. Error BK, Book of postmarks, Cpt & suggestion bk, Old records 4.0

18 Important Qn in Questionnaire
Welfare of BPMs 17(A); Commission to BPM- SB/TD 18(5); RPLI proposal comn, subsequent premium commission. Revision of allowance of BPM/GDS Any other Conclusion Result of inspection Stamps & seals impression sheet 4.0

19 Sub offices… Adopt similar methods as in BO
Adopt simple technique of arriving cash balance immediately on your arrival Verify SO slips regarding remittances (reverse side impressions of amount) NC 4(a), NSCs, PB stock a must. Talk to Postmen staff for Marketing. 4.0

20 Inspection Reports… Should be issued within 2-3 days
Should be action oriented Record, instructions issued by you Keep a note of your observations in Memorandum book Make a note of diversion of excess furniture etc. 4.0

21 IR on BO Preamble Establishment with name, DOB, DOA, Category etc
Currency of FG bonds Verification of cash and stamps balance (also MO forms) Mails/articles in deposit 4.0

22 IR on BO Revision of Est/allowances Stock Action by AO:
Various receipts issued since DLI Transactions checked for four quarterly dates Verification RDPBs Verification of RPLI PRBs Weeding out of Old records 4.0

23 IR on BO For action by HO: Verification of SB/TD Pass books
For action by BPM (Instructions to BPM) Concluding para The following to be enclosed to IR Impression of stamps and seals- sheet Certificate on work & conduct of BPM 4.0

24 IR on SOs Preamble Establishment; SPM, PA,Postman,Group D, GDSs, FHR, FSC, Qtly FSC, Sweeping allowance, Scavenger allowance etc. Currency of FG bonds SPM, GDSs Verification of cash and stamps also MO forms 4.0

25 IR on SOs Verification of NSC/KVP/IPOs
Verification of stock blank pass books Invoices of NSC/KVP, IPOs, Pass books Details of ACG-67, NC 4a, LI-37 and PLI-12 receipts issued Four dates transactions checked 4.0

26 IR on SOs Verification of pass books, RPLI Pm books
Mails/Articles in deposit Revision of Est/allowance Stock Weeding out of old records Impression of stamps and seals. 4.0

27 EXERCISE 1 Thank you 4.0

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