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Necessity of Surviving & Volunteering by Vishwanath Joshi, Student Bhavan,s B.P. Vidya Mandir, Nagpur.

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1 Necessity of Surviving & Volunteering by Vishwanath Joshi, Student Bhavan,s B.P. Vidya Mandir, Nagpur

2 I woke up, interrupted in my dream, by the loud noise of something falling on my bed, right beside me … As I opened my drowsy eyes, I witnessed my world turning upside-down, quit literally. My bed shook, the furniture seemed to break and the loosely hung family portrait crashed to the ground, breaking into irreconcilable pieces …A premonition for what was to happen, just a few moments later.

3 Bhavesh survived the consequence of the tremors but lost many friends & relatives including his mother. He tried his best to extricate her…..

4 What he witnessed was devastating and stressful-both physically & mentally for which he was not prepared

5 Bhavesh was not the only one to undergo the trauma. There were many who survived but lost almost everything.

6 He witnessed heart wrenching scenes everywhere he went. There were very few who could console others….

7 There was hardly any help coming….he felt helpless as nobody had prepared him for such an event…not even his school….although many later said…they knew Kutch was vulnerable to high intensity quakes….

8 The shock that many underwent…could have been avoided….had Bhavesh’s school included some skill development lessons for survival & how to assist others, as they say, in the golden hour…..

9 The chaos that followed was also disturbing….equally traumatic….elders pushing young survivors to reach the meager aid coming shortly after…this was the next battle for survival….Bhavesh was not ready for…..

10 The experiences of Bhavesh had shaken me and I now…. understood the importance of learning survival skills…….. I then visited NCDC to know more….

11 They told me about HAZARDS… Every environment contains potential hazards. However, students can learn to identify them so that they can be eliminated or at least reduced. Students should identify potential hazards in their classrooms and homes that could cause damage, injury or death during a disaster. List and, if possible, make changes to eliminate or reduce potential hazards.

12 They explained how to assess Risk…. Hazard + Vulnerability = Risk You can ascertain the direct causes of most disaster deaths and injuries. Tell others that the phenomenon seldom causes death or injury and most serious damage is caused by falling debris from damaged buildings or other related consequences….

13 I understood the need for Preparedness everywhere….and every time… You can increase your chances of survival in any disaster by having essential supplies ready, learning about safety and practicing various drills. We can help assemble emergency kits for our home, classroom and family vehicle.

14 They told me the seven important steps we can take during a disaster. Be aware of the disasters that put you at risk and understand your vulnerability. Think about what might happen to your family and what steps you would take in an emergency. Talk with your family, friends &neighbors about things you could do. Involve your family to decide the steps to be taken after the disaster.

15 Seven important steps….. -Store important documents safely in a fire- proof & water-proof container. -Find out about your local emergency services. -Prepare an emergency kit and keep it handy.

16 I learnt to rescue people trapped under the debris.

17 CPR – Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation.

18 The seven bandage method.

19 Vertical Rescue from buildings

20 I am confident…. I am resilient… and I am now prepared to face the uncertain future…. I am a volunteer..

21 Conclusion Research into Human reactions to Disaster has overwhelmingly recognized that Resilience to Disasters is much more commonly displayed by individuals having pre-knowledge and training to withstand the consequences. After five days of agony, Akash Bhavar, 8, smiles as the pain subsides at the city civil hospital in Ahmedabad on Jan 30. Akash and his brother survived but lost their mother when their house on the outskirts of the city collapsed during the earthquake.

22 Remember your Survival depends on your Preparedness

23 Thank you

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