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Have you ever thrown a sheep at your friends? And would you do it at work? IT, FB & Other Digital Dilemmas (lol) 17 th May 2011.

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1 Have you ever thrown a sheep at your friends? And would you do it at work? IT, FB & Other Digital Dilemmas (lol) 17 th May 2011

2 This Morning… 9.15 amIntroduction – Sarah Whitemore 9.30 amEmail Abuse – Howard Robson 9.50 amMonitoring Staff & Internet Security – Paul Mew 10.05 amSocial Networking – Nicole 10.25 amTEA BREAK 10.40 amPorn – Sarah 11.10 amSum-up and Q&A 11.30 amIt’s a wrap!

3 Chinese Whispers

4 Golden Tickets…?

5 Email Abuse Howard Robson

6 The Stats What % of people have been reprimanded at work for an ill advised e-mail? What % of those had hit ‘reply all’ and insulted someone in error? Which sex makes the most e-mail gaffes?

7 A prize gaffe A telephone conversation (Nearly) an agreement The follow up e-mail The Law Society Red (or long faces?)

8 The Risks Reduced productivity Downloading of inappropriate material Disclosure of confidential information Viruses/Network Congestion Cyber bullying

9 The scary stuff… Cable & Wireless 24 suspended for ‘lewd racist and sexist jokes’ Royal & Sun Alliance 10 dismissed and 75 suspended for ‘sexually explicit emails involving Bart Simpson’ Norton Rose ‘sexually explicit email’ to 10 million computers Western Provident email states ‘Norwich Union in financial difficulties’ – damages £450,000

10 Who’s that girl…?

11 Alison Monica Halford Born 8 th May 1940 Age 22 joined the police Promoted to highest ranking female officer First female in charge of a police station Landmark EOC case

12 The Law The Human Rights Act 1998 Article 8 ‘right to privacy’ and ‘respect for family life’ Article 10 ‘right to freedom of expression’

13 Snappy regulations The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 The Telecommunications (Lawful Business Practice) (Interception of Communications) Regulations 2000 Data Protection Act 1998

14 Accepted purposes Establish facts relevant to the business Ascertain compliance with regulatory practises Ascertain or demonstrate standards Prevent or detect crime Ensure the effective operation of the system Investigate or detect unauthorised use

15 Policies Why have an Electronic Communications Policy? To address risks & hazards of e-mail use: – Constructive dismissal – Discrimination, harassment and defamation – Intellectual Property issues – Contractual liability

16 What to put in your policy? Standards of conduct & performance Examples of proper & improper use Prohibition on chain e- mails & jokes Use must not breach policies on Equal Opps etc Email etiquette

17 What to put in your policy? Personal use - if permitted - to what extent Statement as to purposes of monitoring Type of monitoring to be carried out Subject access rights under Data Protection Act Retention and deletion policy Use of office phones, PDA’s Guidance on permitted blogging and social media

18 What to put in your policy? Training of managers about the Policy Supply policy documents /induction to new employees Up-dates on changes and regular refreshers

19 Case law Grant & another v Mitie Property Services UK Ltd 2009 McKinley v Secretary of State for Defence 2004 Robinson v Network IT Recruitment Ltd 2004

20 Scenario Helen - what would you do?

21 Monitoring Staff & Internet Security Paul Mew Technical Director RAMSAC Ltd

22 HR and technology

23 Introduction Paul Mew Technical Director at ramsac 16 years in IT 10 years at ramsac 5 years managing a network for the MoD

24 Technology is not the answer! Key elements…. IT Acceptable Use Policy IT Security Policy Training

25 Web management

26 e-mail management Audit/compliance/litigation/evidence Authorisation & control Productivity

27 Data leakage 98% accidental Lost laptops, iPhones, iPads, smartphones, USB keys e-mail misuse Instant Messaging Training Software

28 Thank you!

29 Facebook Nicole Seaman

30 Facebook

31 Human Rights Breach of contract Breach of policy Behaviour outside work Facebook & the Law

32 Facebook Issues Discrimination Confidential Information Recruitment Data Protection Productivity Reputation Privacy

33 Facebook scenario

34 What to do with offenders Misconduct issue Disciplinary procedure ‘Do I have a genuine belief, based on a reasonable investigation and is my reaction that of a reasonable employer?’

35 Social Media Policy Access Monitoring Confidential information Discriminatory comments Misuse of personal data Disclaimer Implications of breach

36 Facebook for your business Blogging & networking TP social media to further business Promotional strategies Clear policy

37 Facebook Update Facebook dismissal cases - Preece - Walters v Asda Stores Ltd EU “right to be forgotten online” Recruitment Service via Facebook

38 A real life example of when it goes wrong


40 Tea break

41 Internet abuse Sarah Whitemore

42 Statistics? Percentage of business- related internet useage in the work place? Percentage of companies who have dismissed for inappropriate internet useage? Of those dismissed, percentage for viewing porn?

43 A couple of random facts In 2002 the British Library suspended 9 Employees for viewing internet porn The British Library holds the largest collection of printed pornography in the world

44 Inappropriate viewings?

45 I don’t believe it…! Edinburgh Council v Dickson ‘I don’t recall the incident. I may have been hypoglycaemic at the time…’

46 What’s all the fuss about? Downloading and circulating sexually explicit material created ‘a general atmosphere of obscenity’ Morse v Future Reality Limited

47 What’s all the fuss about? A system of grading offensive material and applying corresponding penalties needs to be shared with employees RBS v Goudie

48 Bloggers beware Inappropriate websites Social networking group comments Blogging All in the public eye, not Protected activities

49 5 Steps to IT heaven Our survey said… Create a policy Train your managers & staff Monitor Use Be consistent Enforce as you would harassment policy

50 Q & A

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