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Virginia Quarantine and Movement Control Quarantine Biosecurity Briefing Orientation VDACS Joel Flores DVM MS.

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1 Virginia Quarantine and Movement Control Quarantine Biosecurity Briefing Orientation VDACS Joel Flores DVM MS

2 Authority for the participation and support of law enforcement officers § 3.1-738. Duty of officers to execute orders of Board or State Veterinarian. The Board, or State Veterinarian, shall have power to call upon any law-enforcement officer as defined in § 9.1-101 to execute their orders, and such officers shall obey the orders of the Board or the State Veterinarian.9.1-101 (Code 1950, § 3-579; 1966, c. 702; 1977, c. 395.)

3 Quarantine and Movement Control Key Considerations: Is there public health, animal health or economic justification to: – Stop, slow or limit the spread of disease – Mitigate animal suffering and/or animal death – Minimize impact to the economy and society.

4 Factors to place Quarantine Authorized for animal and people § 3.1-727. Imposed:  Only when potential benefits outweigh potential disruptions  As a result of “highly likely” circumstances or laboratory confirmation of a Highly Contagious Disease or a Foreign Animal Disease  Initially for an area six miles around infected premises  For twice the incubation period from the time of the last diagnosis.  The control area may affect the entire state and be reduced as the disease surveillance allows. May be affected by local, national, or international trade and politics. Does not need to be absolute to be effective

5 Quarantine Authority § 3.1-727. Duty of State Veterinarian when animals or poultry suspected of such disease. It shall be the duty of the State Veterinarian at any time, upon receipt of reliable information of the existence among domestic animals or poultry of the Commonwealth of any infectious or contagious disease, to go at once, or order an assistant veterinarian to go, to the place where such disease is alleged to exist for the purpose of making a careful examination of the animals or poultry believed to be affected with such disease, and ascertain, if possible, what, if any, disease exists, and whether the same is contagious or infectious. If a disease is found to be contagious or infectious, the State Veterinarian, or an assistant, may adopt and enforce such quarantine lines and regulations and shall enforce such cleaning and disinfection of premises, cars or vehicles, as may be deemed necessary to prevent the spread of such disease, which quarantine lines, and regulations, when so adopted, shall supersede any similar provisions made by the board of supervisors of any county under the provisions of Chapter 12 (§ 15.1-503.4:10 et seq.) of Title 15.1.

6 Highly Contagious Disease Includes examples such as;  Food and Mouth Disease  Classical Swine Fever  Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza  Exotic Newcastle Disease. ● May impact the economy and/or public health ● May be introduced accidentally or intentionally

7 INCIDE NT COMM ANDER Finance Section Procure ment Compe nsation Comma nd Staff SafetyLiaison Informat ion TimeCost Logistic Section Facilitie s Ground Support Commu nication s FoodMedicalSupply Operati on Section Diagno sis & Inspecti on Cleanin g & Disinfec tion Disposa l Regulat ory Enforce ment Security & Disease Surveill ance Vaccina tion Vector Control Apprais al Plannin g Section Databa se System Disease Reporti ng Disease Speciali st Econo mics Environ mental Impact Epidemi ology Training Animal Welfare Risk Assess ment Comma nd staff


9 Quarantine & Movement Control The term “Movement Control” refers to activities to restrict and monitor the movement of people, animals, vehicles, equipment, and animal products such as food, litter and waste products as well as other materials. Also, involves the keeping of records on allowed movements as an important tool in the management and epidemiological investigation of a disease outbreak

10 Quarantine Checkpoint Team Mans roadside checkpoints with Local Law Enforcement Officials. Ensures compliance with the permit system devised to allow the safe inter- and intrastate movement of animals, animals product, vehicle, equipment and other materials Monitors drivers entering these checkpoints

11 Law Enforcement Role AT ROAD CHECKPOINTS: Restrict access to and from premises or areas Maintain order Assist and protect checkpoint personnel, equipment, facilities and supplies.

12 Quarantine & Movement Control Restrictions placed on entering or leaving premises or regions where a case of communicable disease exist or is suspected Quarantine measures are put in place to prevent or mitigate the spread of disease pathogens Most effective methods for preventing the spread of agents causing highly contagious diseases

13 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1


15 The Purpose of Quarantine & Biosecurity Assisting in the eradication and control of disease during an animal health emergency or routine maintenance of livestock health. Promotes the prevention or minimizes the transmission of infectious diseases, parasites, and pests among livestock, poultry, wildlife and humans.


17 BIOSECURITY RISK CLASIFICATION Low risk: Owners, workers, and visitors that have no contact with livestock, poultry or animal premises. Medium risk: Individuals with indirect animal contact, walking between animal housing or pasture. High risk: Individuals with direct contact with animals and their secretions and excretions. IN THE EVENT OF AN OUT BREAK EVERYTHING WITHIN THE HOT ZONE WILL BE CONSIDERED HIGH RISK.

18 BIOSECURITY ZONES Positive or hot zone: No animal movement allowed in or out of zone. Buffer or quarantine zone: Animal movement unidirectional only going out for slaughter with continuous surveillance. Free or negative zone: Continuous surveillance initiated with no movement restrictions.




22 Turkey plant High school Bridgewater College Poultry houses Poultry plant Bridgewater, VA Dayton, VA

23 H5N1 AI

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