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A model to develop film-induced tourism in Ireland An exploration into the critical success factors Catherine Young

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1 A model to develop film-induced tourism in Ireland An exploration into the critical success factors Catherine Young

2 What is Film Induced Tourism Film-induced tourism can be described as movie-induced or film-induced tourism. Several authors have defined Film Induced Tourism.  Film tourism is defined as tourist visits to a destination or attraction as a result of the destination’s being featured on television, video, or the cinema screen (Hudson et al, 2006:256, Beeton, 2004 p.9).  According to Scotland’s national tourism organisation, film tourism is ‘the business of attracting visitors through the portrayal of the place or a place’s storylines in film, video or television (Scottish Tourist Board 1997 p.1)

3 Film Production Locations Film Studios Man made sets Natural attractions Natural landscape/scenery Young.C (2011)Typology of film locations (TFL) Animation

4 Beginnings of film-induced tourism YearFilm Induced Tourism 1935Mutiny and the Bounty 1949The Third Man 1953Niagara 1955To Catch a Theif 1958Bridge on the River Kwai 1962Lawrence of Arabia 1965The Sound of Music Table 1.1 Source (Roesch, 2009 p.8)

5 However, Grihault (2003) argues that ‘film tourism did not significantly take off until the release of the Hollywood Blockbuster Jaws (1975), which served to redefine the status of the Hollywood feature film as a marketable commodity.

6 Media and tourism  In the twenty first century, tourism and the media are becoming ever more intrinsically linked. One such form of media that is gaining recognition in its ability to foster and boost tourism is film’ (O’Connor et al, 2007 p.125).


8 Benefits of Film Induced Tourism  According to Hudson and Ritchie (2006) ‘The exposure a film gives a city, province or country is an advertisement viewed by potentially millions of people, an audience that cannot be reached through traditional tourism promotions’.

9  Ward (2009) states that, using The Gold Coast as an example that, ‘where the Gold Coast is concerned, film production is a specialized tourism segment that qualifies as another variety of long-stay business tourism or mega event

10 Disadvantages  A problem that could occur is that when the location appears different than how it is portrayed in the film, there may be resulting loss of visitor satisfaction (Beeton, 2001)

11 Destruction of the Natural environment

12  After the success of Pride and Prejudice the friends of the Lake District (1996) expressed concern over what they termed the ‘Darcy effect’, which included negative social and environmental impacts.

13  To become and enhance a film-induced tourism destination, it has been suggested that the ideal film location to inspire film tourists is a ‘formula of idyllic or extraordinary landscape qualities, a unique social and cultural vantage point and/or an image that tourists identify with and wish to explore or rediscover’ (Hudson and Ritchie, 2006 p.260). Enhancing and development of film-induced tourism

14 Reeves (2001) has stated that ‘conventional wisdom asserts that, to be popular as a visitor attraction, a location needs to invoke the ‘feel good’ factor associated with romance or escapism’.

15 However he furthers this point by stating that ‘this does not necessarily seem to be the case all the time’.


17 Young.C (2011) Enhancement tools of film tourism Appointing public relations officers Feel good factor Unique social and cultural vantage point or image Idyllic or extraordinary landscape qualities Relationships between film- induced tourism stakeholders Enhancement tools

18 Lord of the Rings New Zealand Slum Dog Millionaire Mumbai Harry Potter Bath, UK In Bruges Bruges Sound of Music Salzburg Current Worldwide Film Induced Tourism Destinations "From a tourism perspective the flow-on effects of these films reach communities across the country with visitors coming to enjoy our unique scenery and lifestyle and using our tourism services as they travel” Tourism New Zealand's public affairs manager Suzanne Carter. (

19 Numerous LOTR Tours New Zealand –“Middle Earth” Harry Potter tours HP walking tours HP black taxi tours of London HP tour of Oxford Hogwarts express steam train HP Tour of Alnwick, Durham and Scotland Jurassic Falls Tours Jurassic Falls Helicopter tours Jurassic Park Ride at Universal Studios Restless Planet, Dubai Jurassic Park Tours, Kualoa Ranch Movie Tours ‘The Tumbler and Bat Pod goes on tour’ Gotham City walking tours/Superhero walking tours New York Chicago movie tours London movie tours Oxford Tours Alice in wonderland tours Cornwall tours 1 Lord of the Rings – Return of the King Lord of the Rings – 2 Towers (No. 3 and No. 13 ranked in top 20 grossing movies of all time) 2 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the half blood prince Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (No. 8, 10, 11, 12, 17 & 20 ranked in top 20 grossing movies of all time) 3 Jurassic Park (No. 16 ranked of top 20 grossing movies of all time) Innovations 4 The Dark Knight (No. 7 ranked of top 20 grossing movies of all time) 5 Alice in Wonderland (No. 6 ranked of top 20 grossing movies of all time) Innovations Young.C (2011) Film Induced Tourism Innovations FITI


21 Development of film tourism Film tours Film walks Movie Maps Museums IPhone Apps Film festivals Events Theme Parks Young.C (2011) Development/innovation tools of film tourism Brochures of sites available in the area Pocket movie book Website




25  “Increase in School Tours since the release of the movie to view the Book of Kells” Store Manager, Library Shop, Trinity college Dublin.  “UK visitors hope to increase after the UK release of movie to view the Book of Kells” Store Manager, Library Shop, Trinity College Dublin

26 Film-induced tourism in Ireland  Foreign tourists spent €4.9 billion in Ireland in 2007. An amazing 15% of visitors cited "film" as a factor that influenced them to travel here. That equates to €735m in direct foreign investment.  Irish Tourism Minister Cullen during 2009 stated that “Film is also a driver of tourism. In 2008, 18% of all tourists to Ireland said film influenced their decision to visit our country”.  Commenting on the importance of film to Irish tourism, Murphy (2010) stated that "Film is a great way to showcase Ireland's scenic and cultural appeal, acting as a highly effective platform when it comes to reaching audiences all over the world”.

27 Film-induced tourism in Ireland  25 th January 2011 – announcement of extension of the film and television tax investment scheme  Imagine Ireland  Year long session of Irish arts in America  Irish film festivals in US

28 The TV series ‘The Tudors, has been watched by millions of viewers in the US and UK where it is broadcast on the Showtime Network and BBC1 respectively.



31 Proposed Research Exploratory research → Case Study research The Quiet Man Ryan’s Daughter The Field







38 Phase 1 Phase 2 Case Study 1 “The Quiet man” Case Study 2 “The Field” Case Study 3 “Ryan’s Daughter  Conduct surveys with the locals of Cong, Leenane and Dingle Peninsula to ascertain their views and opinions of film induced tourism in their community  To survey film-induced tourists to the region of Cong, Leenane and Dingle Peninsula to gain quantitative data proving that this form of tourism exists  Carry out strategic interviews with relevant stakeholders in the area of film-induced tourism in Ireland to ascertain future policy decisions, trends and or collaboration with the chosen regions.

39 Possible outcomes of the research  Provide a model to enhance film-induced tourism in Ireland  Used by local/regional/national tourist and government authorities  Policy formation  from further exploratory research on film-induced tourism strategy or policy there is a gap in Irish policy on amplifying the movie induced appeal to Ireland  In practice a multitude of options could be explored  Websites  Museums  Film walking tours  Festivals/events

40 Thank you Any Questions?

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