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Local Authority Designated Officer

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1 Local Authority Designated Officer
Managing Allegations Colette Morris Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) - Oldham Roisin Rafferty (LADO) – Salford


3 What is an allegation When a person who works with children has behaved in a way that has harmed or may have harmed a child possibly committed a criminal offence against or related to a child; or behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates s/he is unsuitable to work with children “ It is important to ensure that even apparently less serious allegations are seen to be followed up, and they are examined objectively by someone independent of the organisation concerned” Working Together 2006 appendix5 ( para1.3 )

4 Why do allegations arise
Poor safeguarding culture within an organisation Accident Naivety, poor practice or unawareness of the problem Unintentional or misinformed action Failure to follow procedures or behaviour guidelines False allegation/misinterpretation of behaviour Malicious intent Use of physical restraint – authorised or unauthorised Deliberate intention to abuse

5 Allegation/concern Allegation/concern reported immediately to Senior Manager named in the employer’s procedures Behaved in a way that has harmed the child or may harm a child Senior Manager considers alleged behaviour/concern to ascertain if adult has: Possibly committed a criminal offence against, or related to, a child; or If NFA – written record should be sent to LADO And within 1 working day of decision Behaved towards a child/children in a way that indicates s/he is unsuitable to work with children Consult LADO – Roisin Rafferty to consider next steps ( ) Strategy discussion/meeting with LADO and held within 5 working days and decision made regarding the course of action

6 New Roles Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)
Manage and oversee individual cases Provide advice and guidance Liaise with police and other agencies Monitor progress of cases


8 LSCB Structure for Supporting the Management of Allegations
Local Authority Designated Officer (s) (Para 6.23 P152 WT06) Police (Para 6.24 P152 WT06) Senior Manager Identified in Employers Procedures (Para 12 P242 WT06)

9 Key considerations Being clear about: Record keeping
Information sharing/confidentiality Timescales Supporting those involved Monitoring progress Action to be taken – during investigation and on conclusion Learning lessons

10 Contact Details Colette Morris (Oldham LADO)
Tel No: Roisin Rafferty (Salford LADO) Tel No:

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