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Auditing ESDGC in Work Based Learning Quality Improvement Fund Project Provider Case Study: Coleg Llandrillo.

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1 Auditing ESDGC in Work Based Learning Quality Improvement Fund Project Provider Case Study: Coleg Llandrillo

2 Quality Improvement Fund Project

3 QIF Report – Assembly websiteAssembly website Website address: nd_planning/raisingqualityandstandards/qualityimprovement/qif /teachingandlearning/llandrillo/?lang=en nd_planning/raisingqualityandstandards/qualityimprovement/qif /teachingandlearning/llandrillo/?lang=en

4 Aims To raise awareness of ESDGC; To identify the extent to which ESDGC was addressed within WBL at Coleg Llandrillo; To disseminate areas of good practice through a conference.

5 Process Team put into place  researchers were insiders who had a great deal of WBL experience. Questionnaire produced to probe level of integration within ESDGC key concepts.  piloted with WBL Business team;  any misunderstandings ironed out;  questionnaire rolled out to all WBL departments.

6 Process Gathered information – through team meetings with various WBL departments - essential component:  face to face contact with teams to explain and encourage completion of questionnaire.  attending team meetings and making contact in person  name to a face rather than via email.  a specific person to deal with in each team - a contact to make sure questionnaires were being completed.  (Feedback from other providers stated this was a problem they had encountered as they had done everything via email, so no one took the responsibility of responding to them!)

7 Process Conference organised to share findings and good practice.  Beneficial inviting other providers as well as internal staff to share best practice.  Delegates commented positively on the fact that employers were involved demonstrating use of ESDGC in employment (Rehau).  Made the subject of ESDGC much less “scary” than originally thought by delegates.  Made staff think about ESDGC in their 'whole' lives rather than just at work.

8 Audit Findings Initially - little understanding of the concept of ESDGC.  BUT departments were implementing parts of it without being fully aware that they were actually doing it during the course of taking learners through a full NVQ framework! The key factor that emerged throughout the entire research process was that ESDGC is widely integrated throughout WBL but it was yet to be quantified.

9 Outputs (Available on Moodle – Log in as Guest) DVD of the conference:  speakers and audience responses - allows a visual overview of how the research was disseminated Presentations and Resource Materials from speakers  dependant on area of WBL each presentation highlights areas of good practice and areas where ESDGC can be embedded Questionnaire  can be used by any area/organisation to ascertain the level of integration of ESDGC in Work based learning Questionnaire analysis  shows the levels of good practice across a broad range of WBL departments

10 What’s on Moodle? Conference Presentations: Introduction and Ice breaker Rehau (employer) ESDGC in Technology and SD project in Rhyl ESDGC within Enterprise ESDGC within Construction ESDGC within Business (AAT) ESDGC within Health & Care Areas where ESDGC can be developed – Practical solutions Conference Video (DVD of the conference) Conference Supporting Material: ESDGC - What is it? Key Concepts - Definitions, Outcomes, Activities Sample Induction Pack insert Sample Induction Activity Integration, Project Work and Themes Review Activities Useful websites and resources Common Understanding - English and Cymraeg Questionnaire and Questionnaire analysis Conference evaluation spreadsheets

11 Moodle Website: Log in as “Guest”

12 Select “Planning & Standards”

13 Select “ESDGC Conference”

14 Questionnaire devised for Audit Select: 14 Conference Resources WBL Audit Questionnaire (Opens in new window) Select Open to view

15 Audit Questionnaire: Devised around the original 9 key concepts; could be adapted to reflect the 7 key themes.

16 Generic strengths Commitment from Senior Management.  discussed at various stages in SMT meetings.  SMT invited to and attended the conference.  embedded from the top down. Process:  Enabled analysis of where ESDGC is being embedded – and where strengths and weaknesses are throughout each department.  Highlighted areas of best practice – enabled identification of various speakers to disseminate at conference.  Strong method of collecting relevant data: questions asked were directly linked to how an assessor may relate to learner during NVQ assessment.  Enables managers and staff to plan an integration strategy based on concrete evidence.

17 Generic strengths Stimulated thought and provoked new concepts of how to develop ESDGC within the WBL curriculum. Conference evaluation:  ESDGC knowledge at beginning of conference and again at the end to gauge how much they had learnt during the event:  significant increased understanding Whole project very successful …. it will take time to see how the ideas that were generated can be sustained and developed over time.

18 Further embedding of ESDGC Incorporating ESDGC in weekly meetings and ESDGC champion selected. Many departments are looking for materials on ESDGC to incorporate within a key skill or form the basis of a key skills project. Allowing more time for ESDGC discussion during eight week review sessions. Integrating ESDGC into technical certificate. Further concentration of ESDGC within ERR. Integrated within staff development.

19 Key Contacts: William Boulton/Suzanne Profit Job Title: ESDGC coordinators Telephone: 01492 546666 Ext 201 Email: or Or James Nelson/Julie Hanson-Williams Job Title: Head of Quality and Performance/Curriculum Manager Telephone:01492 546666 Ext 365 Email: or

20 Questions?

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