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May 3, 2015 1 Northern line upgrade Merton Public Transport Liaison Committee Meeting 26 October 2010.

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1 May 3, 2015 1 Northern line upgrade Merton Public Transport Liaison Committee Meeting 26 October 2010

2 2 Context – London Underground network Tube is key to London’s economic recovery Long term trend towards rising demand: - Nearly 1.1 billion journeys in 08/09 – the highest number ever and over a billion for third year running - 3.5m journeys a day and over 4m on the busiest days

3 Transformation programme: key elements Most comprehensive investment in decades Line upgrades – overall network capacity increase around 30% Station modernisations and refurbishments bringing improvements to safety and security, accessibility, passenger information and decor Major congestion relief at critical stations like King’s Cross St. Pancras, Tottenham Court Road, Bond Street and Victoria Improving access – step-free access programme eg Morden 3

4 4 Northern line – overview Busiest line on the Tube network - around 850,000 journeys per day and one sixth of all journeys on network 6 branches - most complex and challenging manually operated railway in Europe Most Northern line stations have been modernised (except where major station upgrade like Tottenham Court Road) Timetable change at the beginning of 2008 transformed performance – Northern line now one of our best performing lines Won a number of awards as a result - including National Rail Award for Commuter line of the year for London and the South East in 2009 Signalling upgrade is the next big improvement planned Prepares the way for further 17% peak capacity increase at end of decade – through partial-separation

5 5 Northern line upgrade New state-of-the-art signalling and control system, meaning trains can be driven automatically As a result customers have a faster, more frequent and reliable train service: -20% additional capacity - Significant boost to reliability - 18% reduction in journey time Without the upgrade, performance will deteriorate due to life-expired assets and increasing demand meaning greater late running and delay

6 Where we were in March 2010 The Northern line upgrade was originally being carried out under the PPP by Tube Lines - contractual completion date of January 2012 The programme for the Northern line followed Tube Lines’ delayed upgrade of the Jubilee line The PPP Arbiter said earlier this year that Tube Lines’ programme for the Northern line was already significantly delayed Tube Lines originally proposed an extremely intensive programme to deliver the Northern line upgrade with: -65 weekend closures (50 of which would have affected the south of the line between Kennington and Morden) and; -14 months of early weekday closing on the rest of the line north of Stockwell 6

7 Where we are now In June 2010 TfL bought Amey’s (Ferrovial) and Bechtel’s shares in Tube Lines making it a wholly owned subsidiary of TfL Our overriding priority since then has been to ascertain the progress of all Tube Lines’ upgrades On the Northern line, we immediately took the decision to cancel the early weekday closures on the line north of Stockwell We then also cancelled the closures on the south of the line We are currently working to come up with a programme that minimises disruption and delivers the work in a way that provides value for money May 3, 2015 7

8 Customer and stakeholder communications We seek to give as much notice as possible to stakeholders and customers about closures We will update stakeholders and notify customers as soon as new the programme is confirmed Customer information includes high profile ‘check before you travel’ campaign, information available through, for example: - Train and station announcements and station posters - Emails to customers - ‘Travel Tools’ section on website: and Journey Planner at: - Articles and items in London media (eg Metro) - Travel information telephone line 0843 222 1234 (24 hours) or customer services 0845 330 9880 (8am-8pm, 7 days) 8

9 Commitment to making the Tube more accessible London Underground is committed to making the Tube more accessible for everyone Accessibility improvements include: - Step-free access at as many stations as possible for mobility impaired customers - or those with pushchairs and carrying heavy luggage - New trains comply with RVAR (eg District line trains due from 2013) with lower floor height of the trains to reduce the step height between the platform and train to make them easier to board - Localised platforms works will be undertaken at some stations to facilitate boarding/alighting new trains - Tactile strips, visually contrasting handrails, enhanced station PA and on-train announcement for customers with visual impairments; and enhanced visual information for those with hearing impairments - May 3, 2015 9

10 10 Accessibility improvements delivered & planned All stations on the Northern line been modernised and refurbished, meaning improvements for visually and hearing impaired customers Over 150 stations have been refurbished/modernised across the network - in Merton includes: Colliers Wood, South Wimbledon and Morden 62 stations have been made step-free – around 15 since 2007 including Morden Seven more stations will become step-free over the next eight years: Tottenham Court Road Victoria Bond Street Blackfriars Farringdon Green Park Paddington (Hammersmith & City) We are working to increase the number of step-free stations over time as funding allows. New District line trains will be RVAR compliant (on network from 2013)

11 11 Q&A

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