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DNAv6 Goals JinHyeock Choi, Samsung AIT 2004.03.02.

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1 DNAv6 Goals JinHyeock Choi, Samsung AIT 2004.03.02

2 Upon a new link layer connection, a host may or may not have a valid IP configuration. It may ascertain the validity of its IP configuration by checking link change. DNAv6 Overview

3 DNAv6 Problems No means to represent a link – In RA message, neither router address nor prefixes can do it. – Link-layer hint can’t detect Link change by itself. The ambiguity of RA information – Link local scope of router address – Prefix omission The delay to check the reachability of current AR – It’s difficult to detect something is NOT there. – Roughly 3 secs for NUD Random Delay in RS/ RA exchange No agreed way to do DNAv6

4 DNAv6 Goals 1. DNA schemes should ascertain the validity of current IP configuration by detecting currently attached link. It should recognize and determine whether IP configuration change is needed and initiate a new configuration if necessary. 2. DNA schemes should detect link change fast to prevent service disruption. 3. DNA schemes should not assume link change erroneously. 4. DNA schemes should not cause undue signaling on a wireless link. 5. DNA schemes should make use of existing signaling mechanisms where available. 6. DNA schemes should make use of signaling within the link

5 DNAv6 Goals 7. DNA schemes should be safe with respect to DAD. 8. DNA schemes should be compatible with existing IP security schemes (SEND, IPSec) 9. A host configured for DNA should not expose the host to additional man in the middle or identity revealing attacks. 10. A host or router configured for DNA should not expose itself or other devices on the link to additional denial of service attacks 11. Routers Supporting DNA should work appropriately with hosts using unmodified configuration schemes. 12. Hosts supporting DNA should be able to work with unmodified routers and hosts which do not support DNA solutions.

6 Should DNAv6 solution take in consideration the problems caused by renumbering? Maybe No – Renumbering is usually well advertised beforehand. – Renumbering has nothing to do with link change. – Renumbering is independent of a new link-layer connection. Renumbering Issue

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