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Environmental Assessment Survey of School Building.

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1 Environmental Assessment Survey of School Building

2 Background School is a specialized environment for teaching- learning. SSA has three primary goals:  Access & retention (of all children to education)  Equity (in education of gender, caste, religion, ethnic group, CWSN)  Quality (in education) Since substantial investment is made in creating the built environment (atleast 33% of SSA Budget), it is important to ensure that this environment is addressing these three goals adequately.

3 Need –Ascertain that the school is located at appropriate & suitable place. The need of this assessment is in the backdrop of these goals. Specifically, it is to: –Ascertain that the campus of school has sufficient space for school infrastructure facilities, playground, parking, future expansion etc. –Ensure that the design of school is aesthetical and provides learning environment.

4 Need –To know green environment, No of small & big trees, presence of herbal & Kitchen garden. –Ascertain that the school building is oriented so that it provide proper ventilation, cross ventilation, sunlight etc. and avoid glare on black board. –Know whether school environment is child friendly & Hygienic –Identify gaps in environmental management. –Achieving whole school development plan –Minimize losses due to seismic and other hazards

5 Components for Environmental Assessment General Information of school Site Location – Accessibility & Appropriations Site Planning Energy efficient & environment friendly building design & Construction Hazard resistance Building design Learning environment, barriers free Provision & Physical built - environment Safe drinking water & sanitation facilities Healthy & hygiene Environment Operation & Maintenance System Good Environment Practices  Rain Water Harvesting System  Herbal & Kitchen Garden  Tree Plantation

6 Strategies to Mitigate Environmental issues Identify through survey the status of built environment. Compare the status with standard norms and identify areas of deficiencies Address environment issues during implementation of project Manuals / documents / instruction issued from time to time helps to mitigate environmental issues Experience sharing with other district / states through workshops and documentation. Arranging training program for community members including masons, teachers and engineers and providing detail guidelines to them.

7 Format for Environmental Assessment Survey General Information Location of School Campus (OUT DOOR ENVIRONMENT) Building Design (FOR EACH BUILDING)  Classroom Environment Toilet Blocks Drinking Water Facility MDM Kitchen Shed Comments / Remarks












19 Significance of Environment Assessment Survey Assess and plan for better quality of school environment Provide holistic planning for future development Better use of available existing facilities Use of local materials and skills to reduce cost of construction and environmental impart Building environment can be designed to address most of the broad environmental concerns / retrofitted. To verify if the available facility are as per standards and norms If there are any issues related to environment, that can be addressed to make them child / environment friendly

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