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Relevant, to the point cogent. determine, establish, discover ascertain.

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1 relevant, to the point cogent

2 determine, establish, discover ascertain

3 cure-all, universal cure panacea

4 bounded, having limits finite

5 bestow, hand down bequeath

6 all-knowing omniscient

7 scatter, break up disperse

8 wicked, sinister, malicious malevolent

9 fulfillment, achievement, attainment

10 admire, revere, respect esteem

11 merge, meet, intersect converge

12 delete, efface, destroy expunge

13 compelling, convincing cogent

14 impervious, immune invulnerable

15 indifferent, blasé, unconcerned nonchalant

16 relevant, to the point cogent

17 connected, associated, related affiliated

18 forgivable, excusable venial

19 determine, establish, discover ascertain

20 fulfillment, achievement, attainment

21 bestow, hand down bequeath

22 compelling, convincing cogent

23 scatter, break up disperse

24 connected, associated, related affiliated

25 indifferent, blasé, unconcerned nonchalant

26 admire, revere, respect esteem

27 bounded, having limits finite

28 merge, meet, intersect converge

29 impervious, immune invulnerable

30 delete, efface, destroy expunge

31 wicked, sinister, malicious malevolent

32 cure-all, universal cure panacea

33 meticulous, careful scrupulous

34 prowl, lurk, slink skulk

35 snobbish supercilious

36 strange, weird, inexplicable uncanny

37 meticulous, careful scrupulous

38 all-knowing omniscient

39 prowl, lurk, slink skulk

40 forgivable, excusable venial

41 strange, weird, inexplicable uncanny

42 snobbish supercilious

43 relevant, to the point cogent

44 determine, establish, discover ascertain

45 cure-all, universal cure panacea

46 bounded, having limits finite

47 bestow, hand down bequeath

48 all-knowing omniscient

49 scatter, break up disperse

50 wicked, sinister, malicious malevolent

51 fulfillment, achievement, attainment

52 admire, revere, respect esteem

53 merge, meet, intersect converge

54 delete, efface, destroy expunge

55 compelling, convincing cogent

56 impervious, immune invulnerable

57 indifferent, blasé, unconcerned nonchalant

58 relevant, to the point cogent

59 connected, associated, related affiliated

60 forgivable, excusable venial

61 determine, establish, discover ascertain

62 fulfillment, achievement, attainment

63 bestow, hand down bequeath

64 compelling, convincing cogent

65 scatter, break up disperse

66 connected, associated, related affiliated

67 indifferent, blasé, unconcerned nonchalant

68 admire, revere, respect esteem

69 bounded, having limits finite

70 merge, meet, intersect converge

71 impervious, immune invulnerable

72 delete, efface, destroy expunge

73 wicked, sinister, malicious malevolent

74 cure-all, universal cure panacea

75 meticulous, careful scrupulous

76 prowl, lurk, slink skulk

77 snobbish supercilious

78 strange, weird, inexplicable uncanny

79 meticulous, careful scrupulous

80 all-knowing omniscient

81 prowl, lurk, slink skulk

82 forgivable, excusable venial

83 strange, weird, inexplicable uncanny

84 snobbish supercilious

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