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By: Hannah Hayes & Ellie Mohon REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM

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1 By: Hannah Hayes & Ellie Mohon REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM

2 Female  Ovaries  Fallopian Tubes  Uterus  Vagina  Vulva  Mammary Glands  Cervix Male  Scrotum  Testes  Sex Glands  Penis  Epididymis  Ductus Deferens  Spermatic Chord ANATOMY



5  Ovaries-produce estrogen and ova (the egg)  Fallopian tubes-carry an ovum (fertilized egg) to the uterus  Uterus- surrounds and supports growing fetus during pregnancy  Vagina- birth canal during childbirth and menstrual fluids exit the body through the vagina  Vulva- surrounds outside of the vagina for protection  Mammary glands- produce milk to feed infants and housed in breast FEMALE PHYSIOLOGY

6  Ovulation-the ovaries produce a mature egg and is before menstruation  Fertilization-when sperm reaches the egg it then turns into an embryo and travels to the uterus  Menstruation-sperm does not reach the egg so the body kills the it and get rid of it through this process  Pregnancy-after fertilization and the embryo grows and the infant is born  Lactation- production and the release of milk for the infant to consume FEMALE PHYSIOLOGY CONT.


8  Scrotum-keep the testes at a slightly lower temperature than the rest of the body  Testes-produces testosterone and sperm  Epididymis-storage of sperm  Spermatic chords & Ductus deferens- contain nerves, veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels that help the testes function  MALE PHYSIOLOGY


10  Circulatory  The blood vessels carry nourishment to the fetus.  Assist in the male process causes the male hormones to grow.  Skeletal  Reproductive hormones cause bones to become denser and taller.  Then in women their hips become wider so they can bare children.  Nervous  The head of the fetus pushes against the cervix then nerve impulses from the cervix are transmitted to the brain. Then the brain simulate the pituitary gland to secrete a hormone which creates contractions.  The reproductive hormones affect brain development and the brain controls mating behavior. RELATIONSHIPS


12  Digestive  Breaks down nutrients and is delivered to the reproductive organs.  Endocrine  The reproductive organs produce hormones for the endocrine system.  Hormones are released and puberty begins in both male and females.  Urinary  The urethra allows both sperm and urine to travel through it (male). RELATIONSHIPS

13  Cancer  Herpes  HIV  Human Papillomavirus (HPV)  Most common sexually transmitted infection DISEASES

14 Female  Yeast Infection  Endometriosis  Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)  Prolapsed Uterus Male  Hypospadias  Hydrocele  Varicocele DISEASES

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