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From Conception to Birth

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1 From Conception to Birth
Objective: TSWAT analyze the factors involved in the processes of fetal development, pregnancy and childbirth.

2 Jump Starter Explain which aspect of “From Conception to Birth”
made the most impact on you and why. Discovery Channel depiction showing science of the body Personal stories from the women Other

3 Partner Share Utilize your Jump Starter question for a quick share 1. Partner with “LIFETIME” partner or triple 2. Share your response 3. Wait for cue for RPS 4. Winner sits down, 2nd place reports out your personal response or partner’s 5. Few will share out

4 Finish Video

5 Post It Gallery Walk Individual post its for response
Respond to the question on the poster board with your post it Wait for cue to move to next poster Work together with your partner/triple if confused Determine accurate information Work with class to report out correct information for question on last poster.

6 Analysis True on Left side False on Right Side
With your partner, determine which answers are true and false for your board. True on Left side False on Right Side

7 Sarah’s Story Miscarriage Emotional Changes:
-Sadness, grief, depression, withdrawal, confusion Physical Changes: -Cramping, blood loss, weakness, low energy

8 Holly’s Story Function of Reproductive Organs Ovary: Release Egg for ovulation Uterine Wall: Implantation of Embryo Cervix: thins and open for delivery

9 Jill’s Story Ultrasound Picture 1st Trimester Embryo Curved spine
Limb buds developing Small compared to uterus

10 Alternatives to Natural Conception
Jackie’s Story Alternatives to Natural Conception Fertility Drugs In vitro Fertilization Donor Egg, Donor Sperm

11 Elaine’s Story Epidural 1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester Heart Reproductive Lungs Organs

12 Use of Epidural for Delivery
Susan’s Story Use of Epidural for Delivery Reasons for Yes: Pain Previous history Reasons for No: Want natural with not medical interventions Concern for fetus

13 Michelle’s Story Pushing waits until….. Cervix dilated to 10 cm
Why wait? Opening for delivery Safe for Mom and fetus Limits possibility for complications

14 Formulate a hypothesis for
Tanisha’s Story Formulate a hypothesis for why labor was stalled Fetus too big Fetus stuck behind pubic bone Mother tired from pushing Fetus not rotating through pelvis

15 Explain how “Identical Twins” are formed
Debbie’s Story Explain how “Identical Twins” are formed Egg fertilized by sperm Single Zygote formed 2 days after formation, split occurs Typically very early on

16 Exit Ticket What topic do you need more clarification on?
Need Clarification? Next class we will be reviewing for the quiz on Monday. What topic do you need more clarification on?

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