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Felicia Scott in Fetus Theft

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1 Felicia Scott in Fetus Theft
Chelsie Hill on Felicia Scott in Fetus Theft

2 Background Lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Mother of two boys
Lived with boyfriend Frederick Polian History of hysterectomy three years previous Background

3 Previous Crimes that lead up to her present crime. . .
One misdemeanor (unknown) Killing a minor (17) with two gunshot wounds to the head from a .25 caliber handgun and performing a Caesarian section to remove the minor’s fetus Kidnapping in the first degree Previous Crimes that lead up to her present crime. . .

4 Receipt tape from Wal-Mart proving Scott fought a 45-gallon trash can on February 1, 1996 at 4:00 P.M. Found with the body of Carethia Curry was a pamphlet on high-risk pregnancy that showed how the cuts of a Caesarian section were to be made, a single-edge razor blade, razor blade covers, and a pair of gloves. The body of Carethia Curry wrapped in Scott’s “New Kids on the Block” bed sheets. Evidence

5 Life in prison No chance of parole Sentencing. . .

6 Misdemeanor: any “lesser” criminal act in some common law legal systems
Kidnapping in the first degree: a kidnapping that occurs to obtain a ransom or when the abduction lasts for more than 12 hours and intends to injure the victim or ends in death Parole: the release of a prisoner either temporarily or permanently before the completion of a sentence on the promise of good behavior and supervision Definitions

7 What did Scott have to say?
Scott said to Curry that “us two pregnant women [ ] [were] going to eat pizza.” when discussing their getting pizza for supper before the crime was committed that night. What did Scott have to say?

8 The anomie theory is a theory based on one trying to accomplish the goals that society sets for them. The people are overwhelmed by these goals that they feel they are unable to accomplish and then suddenly the sky is the limit. These people are unable to limit themselves and how they choose to accomplish these dreams and goals. I believe that Felicia Scott falls under the anomie theory. Scott was striving to perfect her relationship and essentially seal the deal with her current boyfriend by having another baby. She was trying to reach societies goals of being a mother and getting married. The fact that she was so obsessed with accomplishing these goals led her to commit criminal acts. These acts consisted of kidnapping and murder. Those criminal acts confined her to prison in which she will never be able to experience the feeling of accomplishment for her goals. Women like Scott who have committed the same crimes do not feel any remorse. It is likely that Scott will always feel like she is the victim in her own crime. Scott is still in prison today. My theory. . .

9 Due to the time frame in which her crime was committed, there are limited photographs.
She had no nicknames. There are no direct shows or movies based off of her story.

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