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Journey to Birth in 40 weeks

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1 Journey to Birth in 40 weeks
Fetal Development Journey to Birth in 40 weeks

2 Prenatal Development Process by which a baby-to-be grows inside the mother Normally takes about 9 months for a full-term pregnancy (40 weeks from conception) Broken down into 3 trimesters, or 3 month periods

3 The Support System Amniotic sac-protective sac that surrounds and encloses developing baby Amniotic fluid-fluid inside the sac that cushions the developing baby from outside pressures Placenta-tissue that is attached to uterine wall, contains a rich network of blood vessels, and is connected to the developing baby by the umbilical cord Umbilical cord-cord that connects developing baby to the placenta

4 First Trimester Months 1-3 of pregnancy
Most rapid sequence of development in a human’s life!! From zygote blastocyst embryo fetus Embryo-The developing baby from the time of implantation through the 8th week of pregnancy

5 Embryo After a few weeks, embryo is size of a pin head
Three layers of cells form: Ectoderm (outer layer)-becomes skin, hair, nails and forms brain, spinal cord and nerves Mesoderm (middle layer)-grows into bones, muscles, blood vessels, heart, kidneys and reproductive organs Endoderm (internal layer)-becomes remaining organs such as stomach, liver, and lungs

6 Embryo-2 weeks

7 Embryo-4 weeks

8 Eight weeks (2 months) All the major organs of your baby have begun to form. Eyes and ears are growing now. The heart is beating strongly. When you have an ultrasound during this time, you can see the fetal heart pulsating.

9 Fetus From the beginning of 9th week of pregnancy to birth
Organs are continuing to develop Bones begin to form Muscles and tissues start to develop At the end of 1st trimester, fetus is about 3 inches long and 1 oz.

10 Twelve weeks (3 months) Your baby’s eyelids & teeth buds are forming
Toes and fingers are formed and nails are beginning to grow. Although a sonogram can’t see it yet, the genital parts are also evident. The baby is moving it's limbs but it is still so small you cannot feel these movements yet!! Twelve weeks (3 months)

11 Second Trimester Months 4-6 of pregnancy
Chance of miscarriage dramatically decrease Fetus grows dramatically-will weigh close to 2 lbs by the end of trimester Lanugo-or fine hair will begin to cover skin Fetus can move around and kick Senses start to develop

12 Sixteen Weeks (4 months)
Fetus can blink its eyes and can even have the hiccups!! Fetus can close hands in a fist and even suck it’s thumb! Baby is exercising all his limbs, kicking and moving about. This is the earliest stage at which you may be able to feel the baby moving. It feels like there is a butterfly in your belly!!

13 Baby is growing rapidly, and is half as long as it will be at delivery.
Weighs up to 1 lb. Makes some very active movements that can be felt by you. Gender can be determined via ultrasound You may notice that there are times when your baby seems to be asleep and other times when he's moving about a lot. Twenty Weeks (5 months)

14 Twenty four weeks (6 months)
You can now feel different parts of the baby's body through your abdominal wall. Fat deposits begin to appear so baby can plump up! Your baby can hear sound and even be startled by sudden noise Vernix begins to cover the fetus Twenty four weeks (6 months)

15 Third Trimester Months 7-9
This is the time for all of the organs to finish maturing and for baby to grow Brain and heart need this time to finalize development-fetus may even dream while it sleeps! Fetus typically triples in weight-gains about ½ lb/week for last few weeks

16 Twenty-eight weeks (7 months)
Your baby's head is now in proportion with the rest of his body. You may feel increased pressure on your diaphragm, stomach and intestines. Your baby's weight is now a little over three pounds and measures about 16 inches in length. Nervous and circulatory systems mature

17 Thirty six weeks (9 months)
Baby is almost fully mature and will descend into your pelvis. You may find that your breathing becomes easier and the pressure on your diaphragm is less. Your baby has reached about 20 inches in length In the last couple weeks baby gains disease-fighting antibodies through the placenta. Thirty six weeks (9 months)

18 Baby’s Birthday!! Only 5 % of the babies are born exactly on their due dates. Your baby has lost lanugo hair although you may still find some on the back and forehead. Your baby's eyes will be blue at birth but this can change in the weeks to come.

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