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Family Life Review Grade 6.

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1 Family Life Review Grade 6

2 Multiple Choice What pushes the egg along the fallopian tube to the uterus? When a fertilized egg reaches the lining of the uterus, it… The 2 purposes of the menstrual cycle are: What three male reproductive parts perform the same function? Ovulation is cilia Implants itself in the uterus Development and release of an egg for fertilization Preparation of the uterus to receive a fertilized egg Prostate Gland, Cowpers gland & Seminal Vesicle (produce semen) Release of an egg for fertilization

3 Multiple Choice (cont.)
The cervix expands to ____ during labor: Which chromosomes determine if a fetus will develop into a male? What is a blastocyst? When do the breasts secrete milk? How long on average does menstruation last? 10 cm Y Chromosome (so it is a XY) The fertilized egg before it has implanted itself to the wall of the uterus. After child birth 5 days

4 Fill in The Blank 11) A _______ provides nutrition to an embryo
12) Identical twins are ___________ the same sex. 13) ____________ twins come from two separate eggs. 14) A baby is really called a ______ at the 10th week mark 15) Blackheads are not caused by ____________ 16) Twins are formed when 2 eggs are fertilized by ____ sperm, or when a fertilized egg _______. Yolk sac always Fraternal Twins fetus dirt 2 splits

5 Fill in The Blank (cont)
17) If an egg is ____________, it attaches itself to the uterine wall 18) ____________ is a surgical procedure which removes the foreskin. 19) Exposure to the ____________ can make acne worse. 20) The unborn baby receives its nutrition through the ________________. fertilized Circumcision sun Umbilical cord

6 Short Answer 21. List 5 changes that occur during puberty for boys only 22. List 3 changes that occur during puberty for girls only 23. At 40 weeks old in the uterus a baby is 550 mm long? How long is this in cm? Nocturnal Emissions, Broadened shoulders, increased facial hair, sperm production & erections Menstruation, ovulation & growth of breast tissue 55 cm

7 Short Answer (cont) 24. The female sex cells are called_______ and are found in the ___________ 25. Where does fertilization take place (list the specific area)? Ovum (eggs) ovaries Fallopian Tubes

8 Matching d ___ 26) Amniotic sac a) Organ where the unborn baby grows and develops. ___ 27) Vas Deferens b) The supply line between the mother and the unborn child in the uterus. ___ 28) Embryo c) An organ that is attached to the baby by the umbilical cord used to nourish the unborn baby. ___ 29) Fetus d) The protective sac in the uterus that holds fluid in which the embryo/fetus floats. ___ 30) Testes e) Passageway for sperm ___ 31) Placenta f) Produce sperm and testosterone ___ 32) Epididymis g) Stores mature sperm h) The baby within the mother’s uterus after about the 8th week. ___ 33) Umbilical Cord i) Protects the testes and controls temperature for sperm survival. ___ 34) Uterus J) The growing baby within the mother’s uterus up to the 7th week after fertilization ___ 35) Scrotum e j h f c g b a i

9 Label – Male Anatomy Bladder Seminal Vesicle Prostate Gland
Cowpers Gland Vas Deferens Epididymis Scrotum Testicle Penis Urethra

10 Label – Female Anatomy Ovary Fallopian Tube Cervix Anus Labia Vagina
Clitoris Urethra Bladder Uterus

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