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Prenatal Development 1 st Grade Summer Story

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1 Prenatal Development 1 st Grade Summer Story

2 Prenatal Development From conception to birth…. the 40 week miracle!!


4 Review 1. Ovulation has occurred in the female body. The egg is transported down the fallopian tube.  Fertilization takes place in the F_____. Only one S ____ may penetrate the O____. Conception has occurred! If more than one ovum is present, they may both be Fer_____ and this will cause multiple births.  A fertilized ovum will implant itself in the U__________ and begin to develop.  Beginning of life! Look Who’s talking

5 Congratulations! Your Pregnant Online Pregnancy Test Link HeadachesSensitive to smells Frequent urinationTender, tingling, swollen breast SpottingFatigue Enlarging uterus and abdomen Food cravings Period stopsMorning sickness GlowingIrritability Putting on weightMood swings AcneDizzy Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

6 Figuring your due date  Take the first day of your last period February 7 th  Go back 3 months November 7 th  Add 7 days November 14 th Give or take 2 weeks

7 Pre-Natal Development  Growth of the baby from conception to birth 40 weeks, 10 months, 280 days, 3 trimesters.  Very rapid: goes from the size of a pencil dot (one cell) to a 7 ½ pound (200 billion cells) in 9 months. 4 weeks = poppy seed, 5 weeks = grain of rice, 7 weeks = blueberry, 14 weeks = apple, 15 weeks = orange, 39 weeks = watermelon If this rate of growth continued past birth, the baby would weigh 160 lbs by its first birthday. Paper people winners

8 3 Trimesters (about 13 weeks each) 1 st Trimester – focus is on physical development – Define ovum, sperm, conception/fertilization – The greatest time of risk and vulnerability for birth defects to the developing fetus. 2 nd Trimester – Increased organ development – Define Quickening Lanugo – Physically the easiest on the Mom 3 rd Trimester – Continues to grow and practice using body and bodily functions – Define Vernix and Lightening – Physically the most demanding on Mom

9 Prenatal Terms Belly People Zygote (week 0-2) Embryo (weeks 3-8) Fetus (weeks 9-40)

10 Station 2 Pregnancy House

11  Uterus / Womb The fetus grows inside this. Pre-natal Development “House”

12 Flat pancake shaped organ with amniotic sac attached to one side and the umbilical cord attached to the other. filters nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. At 4 months completely developed By birth it is 1” thick, 8” diameter, 1lb If the woman is undernourished during her pregnancy, the placenta does not transfer essential nutrients to the fetus. Placenta (Latin for Cake)

13 Umbilical Cord 20” long and reaches from fetus’ stomach to the placenta. Carries away waste from the baby and returns the waste products back to the mother. Brings oxygen, food, and nutrient rich blood to the embryo to keep it alive.  ▪ Thick garden-like hose that will not knot due to Whartons’ Jelly substance.

14 Amniotic Sac and Amniotic Fluid Sac contains embryo and amniotic fluid A clear and transparent membrane that is very strong until broken 4 cups of amniotic fluid at birth that is replenished 9 times a day. The fluid protects baby from bumps, bruises, and jolts Prevents shock to the fetus, keeps a constant temperature, and keeps the fetus from adhering to the uterine wall.

15 Station 2 Month at a Time Use this link to help you fill in this portion of your study guide

16 Month 0 Begins 3 weeks after 1 st day of last period Ovulation occurred and the egg/ovum was released Sperm (several hundred million) deposited into female’s body and begins travel to find the egg in the fallopian tube. The sperm beats against the ovum membrane Sperm sheds its tail and burrows inside. 2 cells now become one and begin to quickly divide to form a human being. Begins to travel down the fallopian tube and 5-7 days after conception, the zygote implants itself into the endometrial lining

17 Human Egg with Coronal Cells This image is of a purple human egg sitting on a pin. The egg is coated with the zona pellicuda, a glycoprotein that protects the egg but also helps to trap and bind sperm. Two coronal cells are attached to the zona pellicuda. Sperm on the Surface of a Human Egg trying to fertilize an egg.

18 Human Zygote and Sperm It looks like the world at war, but it is actually five days after the fertilization of an egg, with some remaining sperm cells still sticking around. The embryo and sperm cell nuclei are stained purple while sperm tails are green. The blue areas are gap junctions, which form connections between the cells. Colored Image of a 6 day old Human Zygote Implanting

19 First Month for Baby  Zygote travels into the uterus.  Rapid cell division.  Embryo implants into uterus.  Heart begins to beat.  Nervous system.

20 Month 1 Events for Baby  Embryo phase begins Days after conception: 9 – begins to take shape 17 – has blood cells 18 – occasional heart pulsation 19 – eyes start to develop 20 – nervous system foundation set 24 – vital organs begin 25 – heart beats regularly 28 – 40 pairs of muscles, limb buds, trunk of body is formed 30 – develops ears and nose 31 – hand, arm, shoulder region formed 33 – hand section formed Baby ¼” long (length of rice)

21 4 Weeks

22 By the end of the First Month for Mom  Misses her period.  Already 2 weeks pregnant when she skips a period.  Changes in estrogen & progesterone levels.

23 Month 2 Events ▪ Internal organs and neural system still forming ▪Blood is circulating ▪Still days after conception 40 days – body movements visible by ultrasound 42 days – skeleton complete 43 days – brain puts off electrical brain waves 49 days – has a miniature doll appearance 56 days – moves, squints, swallows, yawns, and tongue moves ▪Baby is 1.5” long

24 Second Month for Mom  Nausea/Vomitting (Morning Sickness)  Frequent urination  Mood swings

25 Second Month for Baby  Head develops rapidly.  Face, eyes, and ears take shape.  Internal organs  Sex organs.  Arm & leg buds.  Nails are forming  1 inch 1/10 oz.



28 Nutrition for a Pregnant Woman - Link




32 Third Month for Mom  Continued nausea.  Frequent urination.  Cravings.  Increased appetite.

33 Third Month for Baby  Head grows rapidly.  Bone formation.  Digestive organs function.  Arms, legs and fingers move.  3 inches 1 oz.


35 End of the First Trimester  Time for mom to adjust to pregnancy.  Baby grows most rapidly.  All internal organs are complete.  Mom must be very careful with health.

36 Fourth Month for Mom  Body is adjusted to pregnancy.  Increased appetite.  Gained 2-4 lbs.  Clothes fitting snug.

37 Fourth Month for Baby  Bones harden.  Actively moving.  Lower parts of body grow rapidly.  Sex organs fully formed.  Heartbeat detected.  7 inches 5 oz.

38 Fifth Month for Mom  Mild back-aches.  Size change is obvious to others.  Hears heart beat.  Ultrasound.  Feels movement.  Gains 5-8 lbs.

39 Fifth Month for Baby  Lanugo hair.  Vernix.  Ears and nose develop cartilage.  Finger and toe nails.  Can suck thumb, hiccup, and kick.  12 inches 14 oz.

40 Sixth Month for Mom  Increased need for sleep.  Gained 10-12 lbs.

41 Sixth Month for Baby  Eyes and eyelids fully formed.  Fat developing under skin.  Practices breathing movements.  14 inches 2 pounds

42 End of Second Trimester  Baby continues to develop and grow.  Mom feels good.  Easiest trimester for mom and baby.

43 Seventh Month for Mom  Effects posture.  Leg cramps.  Back-aches.  Waddling.  Gains 12-15 pounds.

44 Seventh Month for Baby  Brain developing rapidly.  Inhales amniotic fluid to develop lungs.  Gaining lots of weight.  17 inches 3 pounds

45 Eighth Month for Mom  Heartburn.  Difficulty breathing.  Multiple small meals.  Increased urination.  Back, leg and muscle aches.  Gains 15-20 pounds.

46 Eighth Month for Baby  Fat is stored for later use.  Fingernails reach beyond fingertips.  Rapid growth.  Sheds vernix & lanugo.  17 inches 5 pounds

47 Ninth Month for Mom  Baby drops into pelvis.  Contractions.  Gains 20-30 pounds.  Gives birth!!!!


49 Ninth Month for Baby  Organ system fully functional.  Vernix covers entire body.  Settle into head-down position for birth.  21 inches 7 pounds

50 End of Third Trimester  Most difficult for mom.  Baby gains weight rapidly.  Both are ready for birth!

51 Welcome to the World! Octo-Mom BirthOcto-Mom Birth Link

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