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Fetal Development Month By Month.

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1 Fetal Development Month By Month

2 Timeline of Fetal Development
Day 1: Conception takes place Days 7-14: Fertilized Egg Implants in the Wall of the Mother’s Uterus Days 1-14 = Period of the Zygote ***“Zygote” means fertilized egg

3 Timeline of Fetal Development
Day 18: Heart begins to beat Day 21: Pumps own blood through separate closed circulatory system with its own blood type Day 28: Eye, ear and respiratory system begins to form

4 3 Stages of Fetal Development:

5 Period of the zygote Conception (Day 1) Two Weeks
Fertilized Egg is Implanted in the Wall of the Mother’s Uterus (~ Day 14) Two Weeks Zygote grows to be about the size of a pin head

6 Period of the Embryo 6 Weeks 2 Weeks After Conception
2 Months After Conception 6 Weeks *All Organs form *Attachment of Umbilical Cord to uterus *Amniotic Sac & Fluid formed

7 From the End of the 2nd Month of Pregnancy
Period of the fetus From the End of the 2nd Month of Pregnancy BIRTH 8 Months

8 Month By Month

9 First Month Cell multiplication begins Egg attaches to uterus lining
The heart, which is no larger than a poppy seed, has begun beating.

10 1 month

11 Two Months The embryo is about ¼” inch long and has distinct, slightly webbed fingers. Veins are clearly visible. The heart has divided into right and left chambers. Bones begin to form Development of internal organs The embryo is attached to the mother by the umbilical cord.

12 2 months

13 Three Months By now the fetus is 1 inch long and is fully formed.
All organs and muscles have formed but are immature. Eye lids fused. Fingers and toes almost complete

14 Four Months Fetus is 3 inches long
Can suck thumb, swallow, hiccup and move. Facial features are clearer.

15 4 months

16 Five Months Fetus is 8-10” long weighing almost a pound.
Lanugo develops Fetus is more active Hair, eyelashes, and eybrows appear

17 Six Months Baby's lungs are filled with amniotic fluid, and he has started breathing motions. If you talk or sing, he can hear you. Fat deposits under skin Vernix develops

18 6 months

19 Seven Months By the end of the seventh month, your baby weighs about 1 1/2 -2lbs and is about inches long. Fetus is active, then rests.

20 7 months

21 Eight Months Your baby is gaining about half a pound per week, and layers of fat are piling on. He has probably turned head-down in preparation for birth. Fetus may react to noise with jerking actions.

22 8 months

23 Nine Months Your baby is a hefty 6 to 9 pounds and measures between 19 and 22 inches. As he becomes more crowded, you may feel him move around less. Disease-fighting antibodies are taken in from mother’s blood Fetus “drops” into the pelvis and is ready for birth

24 Pregnancy is Broken Up into Trimesters
FIRST Trimester (1-3 Months) Ovum (a female egg) Zygotic & Embryonic period of Fetal Development When all organs, nerve and brain cells develop SECOND Trimester (4-6 Months) “Golden Trimester” when Mother feels the best THIRD Trimester (7-9 Months) Baby’s organs and body systems mature Baby gains weight

25 Now, let’s see this process in action…

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