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103/05/2015 Reel-Check Automated Media File content quality control by Robin Palmer.

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1 103/05/2015 Reel-Check Automated Media File content quality control by Robin Palmer

2 203/05/2015 Hamlet has been making various types of conventional waveform measurement devices for over 22 years. Now we are ready for media files Reel-Check Introduction

3 303/05/2015 Media Files – so many different types name file extensions Video for WindowsAVI Windows Media FormatWMV QuickTimeMOV, QT Mpeg2MPG, m2v, m2t HDVMPG, m2v SD DVDIF DVDVOB (mpeg) Mpeg4, H264MP4 MXF IMXIMX30, IMX50 AVI / MOV AVIDOMF, OMFI, MXF  This list is not exhaustive!

4 403/05/2015 Standard Defpixel formats ‘PAL’ 625720 x 576, 768 x 576 ‘NTSC’525720 x 480, 720 x 486 High Defpixel formats JVC etc1280 x 720 Sony etc1920 x 1080 Intermediate1440 x 1080 Sub broadcastpixel formats VGA, IPOD640 x 480 QCIF320 x 240 Mobile Phone176 x 144, etc Cinemapixel formats 2K2048x858, 2048x1556 etc 4K4096x1714, 3996x2160 etc Media Files – many different pixel formats

5 503/05/2015 Hamlet’s solution A suite of tools for the Windows PC providing QC control for file based media and live feeds

6 603/05/2015 Main features  SD & HD media files in most formats  Batched operation of any number of sources  Log reports with timecode and thumbnails  Video, audio, surround sound parameters  Monitors pictures, waveform and data  Watch folder file operation  Sequential schedules for media files  Metadata decoding & logging

7 703/05/2015 More features  Full results automatic emailer  Summary results generation  Checks for broadcast illegal gamut  Checks for letterbox, pillar-box  21 different video checks performed simultaneously  Audio silences or over-loud, stereo balance etc.  Can accept live source & IP feeds  Option for PSE testing

8 803/05/2015 TV Formats Supported SD standard definition  PAL 720x576 /50 25 FPS  NTSC 720x486 /60, 720x480 /60 29.97, 30 FPS  HD high definition  1080i 1920x1080, 1440x1080, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 FPS etc  1080p 1920x1080, 1440x1080, 24, 25, 29.97, 30,50,60 FPS etc  720p 1280x720, 24, 25, 29.97, 30,50,60 FPS etc Non broadcast  176 x 144, 640x400, 320x200, 800x600, any frame rate Cinema  2K 2048x858, 1998x1080, 1828x1332, 2048x1556  4K 4096x1714, 3996x2160, 3656x2664 future options

9 903/05/2015 Depending on Codecs on PC system A/V types AVI WMV MOV MPG VOB DIF CineForm MXF IMX30, /IMX50 Mpeg4, H264, VC1 With option -E QT, MOV IMX30 MXF extended types GXF OMF DPX etc… Media File -supported types Audio types WAV MP3 WMA

10 1003/05/2015 Reel-Check basic schedule operation Schedule of files File1 File2 File3 File4 … etc… File player Preview Monitor (screen based) … File or stream format Baseband video

11 1103/05/2015 Reel-Check basic operation with audio Schedule of files File1 File2 File3 File4 … etc… File player Preview Monitor (screen based) … Baseband audio

12 1203/05/2015 Reel-Check basic operation with displays Schedule of files File1 File2 File3 File4 … etc… File player Preview Monitor (screen based) … Waveform/Vector scope monitors (screen based) … Video & Audio analysis & detection algorithms

13 1303/05/2015 Reel-Check basic operation when logging Schedule of files File1 File2 File3 File4 … etc… File player Preview Monitor (screen based) … Waveform/Vector scope monitors … Video & Audio analysis & detection algorithms Log Results Text Document

14 1403/05/2015 Reel-Check video checks possible Gamut checks Black frames APL Average Picture Level Blocking artifacts Stuck frames Odd Frames Cuts detection Quantisation Noise Focus Pixel format Letter Box detection Pillar Box detection White Balance shifts Colour Bars TC discontinuities Interlace Present Half Lines Aspect ratio Monochrome Flashes * * Optional feature

15 1503/05/2015 Gamut checks Gamut errors can from:  Domestic cameras eg: DV  Bad transcoding SD <> HD  Poor camera set-up  Graphic graphics or stills  Archive material  Any source with a component format output YUV, YPrPb, UYVY etc Gamut errors  Means RGB can become clipped or crushed on-screen  Entire program rejected by broadcasters  Gives poor colourimetry – colours won’t look true! Detected by Reel-check at preset or user set levels

16 1603/05/2015 Colour Bars Colour Bars can be:  PAL format  NTSC format  HD  In untrimmed leaders  In poor edits or cuts  In lieu of live feed Action on colour bar detection  Measure them for accuracy  Check if each colour is in or out the 2% boxes  Log them as an error because CBs should not be there!  Suggest the RGB matrix chosen is incorrect! Detected by Reel-check and logged appropriately

17 1703/05/2015 Flashing Checks - PSE Flashing can induce PSE: Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy  Comes from successive large area changes in brightness eg: flash-bulbs at a public events, ‘disco’ lights, London Olympic logo graphics animation, etc.  Most UK broadcasters require PSE check on all material  Recommendation ITU-R BT.1702 Specifies guidance  Reel-Check option for PSE Flashing test provides early warning of potential problem material  Unlike dedicated PSE kit, Reel-Check can test for flashing simultaneously with any video checks in any SD / HD format Detected by Reel-check option

18 1803/05/2015 Main area schedule Reel-Check Scheduler – playlist area Scheduler’s media play list area

19 1903/05/2015 Reel-Check’s Scheduler detail view

20 2003/05/2015 Display Window Control Panel Logging Report Window Scheduler – Logging displays in progress Scheduler menu From which most Reel-Check operations are controlled and sequenced Scheduler play-list

21 2103/05/2015 Schedules - general  A schedule comprises a playlist of media sources  It can be a long as you like from just one to 1000’s  Every schedule database has a Details section which contains all the facts and general set-ups for the particular list  Schedules can be saved and stored because they are database files Schedule diversity –adding media files and sources

22 2203/05/2015 Schedules – adding media files and sources  Drag-drop mouse  Select File menu button  Find File menu button  Schedule+ menu button  Watch folder remote or unattended 5 main ways to add files to a schedule:

23 2303/05/2015 Watch folder operation 1 A Watch folder allows automatic scheduling of a media files copied there by any user. WATCH FOLDER

24 2403/05/2015 Watch folder operation 2 Watch folder files transferred to pending and scheduled WATCH FOLDER PENDING FOLDER Reel-Check Schedule

25 2503/05/2015 Watch folder operation 3 Tested media files transferred to Done Folder WATCH FOLDER PENDING FOLDER DONE FOLDER Reel-Check Schedule Item Finishes Test

26 2603/05/2015 Watch folder operation 4 Tested media files transferred to Done Folder WATCH FOLDER PENDING FOLDER DONE FOLDER Done Sorting 1. PASSED 2. FAILED 3. JUNK 4. MOVE TO USER FOLDER

27 2703/05/2015 Reel-Check Control Panel  Sets the logging and testing options  Controls the displays whilst logging is in progress  Sets the limits for special tests like video gamut or audio factors  Selects audio and video monitoring  Changes scaling for aspect, audio, vectors and colour matrix etc

28 2803/05/2015 Control Panel – main logging options Control panel tabs Logging sub- menu options Video & Audio Logging mode options Logging report presentation options

29 2903/05/2015 Control Panel – video logging options Control panel tabs mode sub-menus Video Logging options

30 3003/05/2015 Control Panel – video logging extras More Video Logging options Return to main video options GPI optional sub-menus

31 3103/05/2015 Control Panel – audio options Tone & Hum Options Return to main video options

32 3203/05/2015 Running a schedule  Schedules can be started, paused and stopped  A single item can be selected and run manually  Auto start option allows a start from Watch Folder  Skip abandons a currently running test

33 3303/05/2015 Display Window Control Panel Logging Report Window Scheduler – Logging & displays in progress Scheduler playlist

34 3403/05/2015 Reel-Check Display Window Fully Scalable Time Code Progress Surround Audio levels Video monitor RGB parade Vector Waveform

35 3503/05/2015 Reel-Check Logging Window Time Code Display Thumbnail option Error message In/Out icon Error clears message

36 3603/05/2015 Reel-Check Logging Report Logging Reports are in RTF format Can be printed directly by Reel-Check emailed automatically if option set Supported by most Word Processors including MS Word etc.

37 3703/05/2015 Live sources  Can accept live source & IP feeds  Uses ‘off the shelf’ video capture devices or firewire  Uses standard audio capture cards & devices  Timed schedules for live logging  can use any WDM supported capture card  HD or SD, Analogue, Digital SDI or HDMI

38 3803/05/2015 PC System Minimum Configuration  Operating system: any Windows XP or any Vista version.  For SD operation: Dual core CPU Intel® 2.0 GHz+  For HD operation, a Quad core CPU PC is needed  3D graphics card with dedicated graphics memory  A good gaming quality laptop could be used  Apple MAC not directly: but Bootcamp or Parallels possible To run Reel-Check needs a fair amount of CPU power but not quite rocket science…

39 3903/05/2015 Summary – Reel-Check what it does  Confirm file format specifications, video & audio parameters  File running length, and log metadata  Checks for broadcast illegal levels automatically  Find most visual and audible defects  Provide relatively readable logging reports with thumbnails  Provide confidence on PSE potential problems  The human eye can be fooled but can pick out picture glitches and defects no machine could even find – no system perfect  System should allow visual inspection and manual control  Automatic media file QA will save skilled operator time looking for the obvious and not so obvious defects Automated media file quality assurance:

40 4003/05/2015 Typical applications  Quality Control  Broadcaster Conformance  Media asset management  Checking compliance and standards  Reviewing A/V file inventories  Format conversion checking  Ingest facilities  Rushes evaluation  Post Production  DVD creation and distribution  Equipment test and manufacturing  Distribution  Archive management  Playout, transmission or streaming  Pre / post colour correction  CCTV review & checking

41 4103/05/2015 Conclusion

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