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1 Presentation for Workflow Assessment July 12, 2012 RFP Q249893.

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1 1 Presentation for Workflow Assessment July 12, 2012 RFP Q249893

2 Objective – Workflow Assessment DSS has preselected a list of vendors and the next step of this process, will be to request them to present a Workflow Assessment for the following areas: Law School (Coral Gables campus) Bascom Palmer (Medical campus) UPrint (Campus wide service) 2 Document Services and Solutions (DSS) is in the process of an RFP (Request for Proposal) for the Master Contract of the Fleet op printers/copiers on campuses.

3 General Plan Thursday, July 12 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. : Richter Library, meet in room 343 – Introduction and UPrint 10:30 a.m. - noon : Law School Library Friday, July 13 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 am - Bascom Palmer, Lobby 3

4 Procedure: DSS will introduce you to each Area and to the staff who will be your contacts for this phase of the RFP. You will have a site visit, coordinated by the Areas, and a questions and answers session at the end. It will be the vendors responsibility to establish contact with each area for any additional information they need, to present a proposal for the Area. The final Workflow Assessment should be ready to present by July 30, 2012 4

5 UPrint UPrint: Wireless / Networked Student Printing Solution 5 Presentation for Workflow Assessment of Vendors - RFP Q249893 - July 12, 2012

6 AGENDA  Introduction to UPrint  Questions and Answers  Visit the Main Labs  Richter Library  Residence Halls  Law School 6 This presentation is general information about current system. It does not replace the information provided in the RFP. For RFP requirements and expectations see the RFP. UPrint assessment shall be presented independently and not associated with any specific area.

7 What is UPrint ? 7 Wirelessnetworked  The Wireless and networked STUDENT PRINTING SOLUTION at the Coral Gables and RSMAS campuses.  "Green U" initiative to encourage responsible printing and copying.

8 Original Goals of UPrint 8 Provide Wireless Printing Students Print wireless on campus from their laptops Campus and University wide solution Green Initiative Eliminate/reduce paper waste – unclaimed jobs/ lost jobs Promote Duplex printing Print Management Monitor printing - understand trends/needs Optimize printing infrastructure Promote Added value: new services ( wireless, copying, color, scanning ) – remote printing from smart devices.

9 What services does UPrint currently offer? 9 Wireless printing on campus Wireless printing on campus Black & White printing / copying Black & White printing / copying Color printing/copying Color printing/copying Scanning to e - mail Scanning to e - mail

10 Where is UPrint available? Coral Gables campus  Libraries  School’s Computer Labs  Residence Hallsand University Village  University Center RSMAS campus  Library 10 B/W printers : 45 B/W MFPs 7 Color Printers 11 Color MFPs 33 Plotters 5 Current Fleet 101

11 UPrint Allowance  Registered students are assigned a yearly allowance to use the services.  If allowance is depleted, they have the option to add money to their account to print at special rates. 11

12 Currently using Pharos Uniprint 8.1, Omegas, and Ricoh printers and MFPs. 12 UPrint is Powered by:

13 System Architecture 13

14 14 How Does UPrint Work? Print Request Job Printed Computer Workstations UPrint Database Server MFP/ Printer Release Station Swipe card / Authenticate Query account Select Jobs Print / Copy / Scan GatewayC ane Express Q Validate funds, record transaction UPrint Print Servers Service Held in Queue 8 hours 2 1 3 4 5 $

15 15 At the labs: Go to the printer of your choice and follow the prompts

16 USER FRIENDLY MENU DRIVEN SOLUTION You can Log-in by swiping your CaneCard You can Log-in by Typing your Login ID and Password 16

17 Printing your Print Job From the List of print jobs under your user name Select the right print job from the touch screen Press Print 17 Your print job is printed and your account is charged

18 18

19 Download drivers. 19 Print from your laptop


21 Estimated School Year Volume 12 million pages printed 1.6 million print jobs 800 thousand color pages 250 thousand copies 7.6 million sheets of paper 21

22 Other related Services Guest Solution (managemyID - Cbord) Wide Format Solution ( “Dopey” print server) Departmental Usage Psychology The Miami Project 22

23 L. Franky - July 2012 THANK YOU 23

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