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Key Personnel and Procedures

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1 Key Personnel and Procedures
Wagner High School Key Personnel and Procedures

2 Principal – Milton R. Fields, III
Welcome to Wagner High School. Mr. Fields’ office is located in A106.

3 Administrator for students with last names beginning A-Er
Assistant Principal Donald Stewart Administrator for students with last names beginning A-Er Mr. Stewart’s office is located at the front of the school in the Main Office (A106)

4 Assistant Principals Daniel Brooks Loretta Davidson
Students with last names beginning with L-Ri Loretta Davidson Students with last names beginning with Ro - Z Mr. Brooks’ and Ms. Davidson’s offices are located in B127

5 Assistant Principals Liza Guerrero
Students with last names beginning with Es-K Ms. Guerrero and Ms. Rodgers’ office is located in S128

6 Academic Dean Stephanie Mihleder
Ms. Mihleder can help students with academic concerns. Approve Pre-AP/ AP schedule change requests Ms. Mihleder’s office is located in the Main Office at the front of the school (A106)

7 Ms. Rodgers’ office is located in S128
At-Risk Coordinator Chanell Rodgers Ms. Rodgers will help students monitor attendance Track student grades Work with the social worker and parenting coordinator to secure services for students Help to ensure that students don’t drop out of school Ms. Rodgers’ office is located in S128

8 When do I need to see my Assistant Principal?
When I have a concern about anything related to school. When I have been sent to the office with a discipline referral. When I have a conflict with another student or person on campus. All Administrators will help all students with any questions or concerns. Don’t hesitate to talk to any administrator.

9 What do I do if I need to see my Assistant Principal?
Assistant principals are always visible around campus. Feel free to talk with them in the hallway, during lunch or before school in cafeteria. If you need to schedule an appointment, go to their office and let the student services secretary know you need to see your assistant principal, THEN GO TO CLASS. The AP will call you out of class when he/ she is able to meet with you. Waiting to see an assistant principal is NOT a reason to miss class.

10 Student Services Secretaries
Ms. Yvette Poe (B127) Ms. Cheryl Pron (S128)

11 Students with last names D-G
Guidance Counselors Arturo Cano Students with last names D-G Kellye Jackson Lead Counselor Alpha A-C Ms. Jackson and Mr. Cano’s offices are located in T118.

12 Ms. Thompson’s office is located in S128.
Guidance Counselors Tiffany Thompson Students H-Ma Ms. Thompson’s office is located in S128.

13 Guidance Counselors Jenna Ruhd Students Mc-R Betty Osborne
Students S-Z Ms. Ruhd and Ms. Osborne’s offices are located in B127.

14 College and Career Counselors
Ms. Sharon Carlton College Counselor Ms. Candace Hale Career Counselor Ms. Carlton and Ms. Hale’s offices are located in the Career Center

15 Counseling Secretaries
Ms. Diana Mendoza T118 Ms. Turkesha Ganey College/Career Center

16 When do I need to see my counselor?
When I have a personal or academic concern. When I am scheduled in the wrong class or want a schedule change. When I have questions about my transcripts or the courses I should take for my graduation plan. When I have a questions about test scores (TAKS, STAAR, SAT, PSAT, ACT, THEA, etc.).

17 What do I do if I need to see my counselor?
Go to Room T118 to schedule an appointment. OR ask your teacher to complete & send a counseling form through Form Space. During your passing period pick up a counselor request for appointment form (may drop off during passing period or turn into teacher) Students may also pick up schedule change and transcript request forms from T118. Your counselor will call you out of class when he /she can see you and address your concern. Please inform Ms. Mendoza, Ms. Pron or Ms. Poe if it is an emergency.

18 Social Worker Ms. Melinda Mireles T118 offices
Social worker can help students with personal concerns related to school or home. To see the social worker, request a meeting with the secretary in T118. If it is an emergency, and Ms. Mireles cannot see you, you will be seen by your counselor or your administrator.

19 Parenting Coordinator
Ms. Amber Palmer Ms. Palmer will help students who are parents or are pregnant with services to help the family. To see Ms. Palmer, request a meeting with the secretary in T118. Ms. Palmer is not always on campus so be sure to schedule and appointment.

20 Clinic- located by Cafeteria
School Nurse Nurse Bray Clinic- located by Cafeteria Students should have a pass to go to the clinic UNLESS it is an EMERGENCY or they are at lunch or in PE Students will return from the clinic with a signed pass Students requesting Tylenol should only be sent the first or last 15 minutes of class. Nurse Aide, Ms. Riles

21 Librarian Ms. Raelene Tschirhart
The library is open daily for book check-out, research and quiet reading before, after-school and during lunch. If you need to go to the library during a class, you must have a pass from the teacher. Copies and printing are $.10

22 Front Office Staff Ms. Janet Crawford Ms. Sharon Berne
Ms. Crawford and Ms. Berne will help students, parents and visitors with information regarding the campus and direct people to the appropriate location.

23 Registrar Ms. Holly McCall A 108, by Cafeteria
Students will need to see Ms. McCall for the following reasons… Verify Residency Update Records Requests/ receive records Enroll and withdraw students

24 Department Chairs CTE/Business – Ms. Castaneda
CTE/ FCS- Ms. Yolanda Chapa English – Ms. Erika Adkins Fine Arts – Ms. Antionette Harris Other Languages– Ms. Maria Ochoa Mathematics – Ms. Jennifer McCall PE/Health – Ms. Melissa Martinez, Gym JROTC – Col Alphonzo Newby Science – Mr. Michael Lopez Social Studies – Mr. Greg Brauer Special Education – Ms. Kellie Franklin

25 Hall Monitor Mr. Mensies
The hall monitors help keep the hallways clear of students. If asked for a pass, students must present it to the hall monitor. If a student does not have a pass, the hall monitor will escort the student back to class. Hall monitors will also escort students to the office when requested by an administrator.

26 ISS Mr. McKee ISS is located in T131
Students are sent to ISS by administrators. Students are expected to do work assigned by the teachers. If there is no work assigned, Mr. McKee will assign the student work to complete.

27 Campus Rules and Procedures

28 General Expectations Come to school everyday.
Arrive to class ON TIME and STAY in class. Do your work when assigned (class work & homework). Be courteous and respectful of ALL adults on campus. Abide by all rules in class AND in the hallways. Represent Wagner High School in a positive way. Find something you like, and get involved in campus activities.

29 Dress Code Wear clothing that fits appropriately.
T-shirts/Bottoms may not be worn in any way that reflects gang affiliation, conceals contra ban or creates a distraction as deemed appropriate by school administration. Walking shorts, skirts, dresses and skorts must be knee length or longer. NO SAGGING!!!! Grills, combs, sunglasses, do-rags & bandanas of any kind color or pattern are prohibited

30 Tardies Students have a 5-minute passing period between each class.
Tardies are recorded if the student is NOT IN the classroom when the bell has rung. Administrators will conduct “Tardy Round-ups” at any time during each day. Students who are tardy are to report to the cafeteria immediately. Excessive tardies will result in ISS, suspension and could lead to truancy charges being filed in court.

31 Student ID’s Students are to have their ID’s on them and visible at all times and must present it to any adult on campus when requested. ID’s are not to be defaced or have any items placed on the front or the back. Each student will be issued a plastic ID card. The first ID card is issued free. A charge of $5.00 will be made for replacement cards. This card must be presented to school officials upon request for identification. New ID’s will be made before school in T117

32 Students in Hallways Students are not allowed out of the classroom during the 1st or last 10 minutes of class (this includes getting water, going to the restroom, or getting materials from another class). During 4th period, students may not leave the class during the 1st or last 30 minutes of the class. All students in the hallways during class, must have a pass from the teacher and are to move quickly. If students are caught wasting time, they will be escorted back to class by a hall monitor, a teacher or an administrator.

33 Attendance Staff (Front Office)
Ms. Lucero, Attendance Clerk Ms. Roberson Attendance Aide

34 What do I do when I am absent?
Notes should be turned into the front office (A106) before school, during lunch or after school. Students have 1 day to make-up work when absent. Students should always talk with their teacher to get the missing assignments. It is also a good idea to have a “note buddy” or someone who can help you get the work you missed when you are absent. All work not turned in will be recorded as a “0”

35 How do I get textbooks? Textbooks will be distributed during the students’ English classes. Your teachers have designated whether the student will use the class-set or will need to check out their own books. If a student would like a set of books to take home, the student must check out the books from the library. Students are responsible for textbooks. If lost or damaged, the student will be obligated to pay the cost of replacing the book.

36 Top 5 Ways to be successful at Wagner HS
Attendance- Come to school everyday and be on-time to all classes. Focus on Academics- Participate in class discussions, do your work in class, at home and attend tutoring when you need extra help. Get Involved- Join clubs, organizations, UIL, or other extra-curricular activities and support each other by attending campus activities Use Campus Resources- Visit the library, College & Career Center, Campus book store, etc. Be Friendly- Help each other in class and in the hallways. Help new students learn the “Wagner Way” to be successful.

37 Tutoring 4:20 – 5:20 p.m. Students must be in the room by the 4:20 bell 5:30 Tutoring bus provided. The buses will pick up students at the front of the school and will drop off at all feeder middle and elementary schools. Students must obtain a tutoring pass from teachers.

38 Questions???

39 Have a great year at WHS!

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