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Falconry in the United Arab Emirates School Links Programme.

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1 Falconry in the United Arab Emirates School Links Programme

2 An ancient tradition During Ancient times, people hunted with birds of prey for food & clothing Falconry was practiced in the Middle East some believe as early as 2500BC Written evidence of Arabian falconry dates from 700AD

3 Bedouin and falconry Falconry has always been part of traditional Bedouin culture The desert people hunted for food in the winter with falcons The Bedouin hunted Gazelles, Arabian hare, stone curlews and houbara bustard using falcons

4 Falcons used by Bedouin Falcons do not breed in the Arab states Falcons passed through the Arab states on their migration to Africa Some falcons were trapped while flying through the region Some falcons were trapped in Asia and traded with the Bedouin The saker falcon and peregrine falcon were most commonly used by Bedouin falconers

5 Houbara bustard Houbara bustard also migrated through the deserts of Arabia in the past Bedouin elders would send word that the houbara had arrived The annual event brought local people together.

6 Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Sheikh Zayed transformed the UAE from a semi nomadic nation to a developed nation Sheikh Zayed spent his youth with the Bedouin and was a keen falconer UAE coat of arms is a golden falcon

7 Decline of quarry All terrain vehicles meant that falconers could travel further into the desert This led to overhunting Stone curlew, hare and houbara bustard numbers declined

8 Falconry in UAE today Falconry is a part of UAE’s cultural heritage It is a popular sport among Emiratis and is practiced by all sectors of society It is a tradition that has survived to modern times Falconry is celebrated and used to bring nations together

9 Captive bred falcons Many Emirati falconers buy captive bred falcons Captive breed falcons reduce the need to catch birds from the wild White gyr falcons are the most favoured Gyr- peregrine is a hybrid falcon and is also popular 96% of all falcons used in Abu Dhabi are captive-bred birds. Since 2003, UAE falcon owners can travel abroad with their falcons using a special falcon passport

10 Acknowledgements Many thanks to the following artists, photographers and falconers for images and text used in this PowerPoint : Andrew Lopez Sanchez Tom Bailey Rob Palmer Andrew Lopez Peinado Chris Johnson Linda Wright Funded by the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi and supported by Mongolian Ministry of Nature Environment and Tourism. Implemented by International Wildlife Consultants, UK and Wildlife and Conservation Center, Mongolia

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