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Lakeside Union School District Immersion Program Special Board Meeting April 25, 2013.

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1 Lakeside Union School District Immersion Program Special Board Meeting April 25, 2013

2 We have pulled together an Immersion Steering Committee to address identified critical issues before us as we determine positive ways to support the program due to growth Purpose

3  Riverview Principal – Olympia Kyriakidis  Riverview Parent Chinese Immersion, Cynthia Richardson  Riverview Parent Spanish Immersion, Kelly Palmer  TDS & LMS Principals – Scott Goergens/Steve Mull  Superintendent – David Lorden  Assistant Superintendent – Tina Brady  Deputy Superintendent – Kamran Azimzadeh  HR Director – Stacy Coble  GUHSD Assistant Superintendent of Ed Services - Theresa Kemper  GUHSD Director of Curriculum - Robin Ballarin  World Language Department Chair at El Capitan HS - Andie Cooke  El Capitan Principal - Laura Whitaker  Board President – Gelia Cook  LTA President – Cathy Zmijewski  Elementary Principal Rep - Rhonda Taylor  Immersion Parent Rep - Cookie Davis  Riverview Staff Rep - Jerry Gonzalez  Director of Maintenance and Operations -Todd Owens Committee Members

4  The current trajectory we are on forecasts that the program has the potential to grow to a total of 1,200 students: 200 at each grade level.  200 Kindergartners enrolled for 2013-2014  904 total students are enrolled in K-5 for 2013-2014  There has been a net increase of $348,738 in revenue for the fiscal year 2012-2013.  The program is not costing the District extra money. Program

5 1.Staffing 2.Immersion Programs at both Middle Schools 3.Facilities 4.Funding for 3 rd Language 5.High School Programs 6.Parent Engagement Critical Issues Identified

6 Staffing  Move large number of temporary teachers to probationary status  Recruit and retain Chinese and Spanish teachers for elementary and middle schools  Provide essential support staff: Curriculum Coach (TOSAs) in Chinese and Spanish & Vice Principal  Implement and sustain a quality Internship Program at elementary and middle school level Priority #1: Staffing

7 Immersion Programs at both Middle Schools and High School beginning 2014-2015  Providing quality programs at both schools  Offering a 3 rd Language  Timeline for implementing at TdS  Determining what Immersion Program will encompass at each school Priority #2 Middle School Immersion

8 Facilities  Housing students due to growth  Transitioning Winter Gardens to host 1 st graders 2014-2015 Priority #3 Facilities

9  Providing the necessary resources  Instructional Supplies  Support Materials  Outreach/Communication Priority #4 Funding

10 Collaborate with GUHSD to develop a high school pathway for incoming students Priority #5 High School Immersion

11  Communication  Engaging them Appropriately Priority #6 Working With Parents

12 Priority #1: Adequate Staffing (School/District)  Hire a (.7) Immersion VP for Winter Gardens and (.3) Immersion Spanish Teacher for TdS for 2013-2014  Hire two fulltime district immersion TOSAs (2.0) One for Spanish Immersion One for Chinese Immersion  Begin Intern Program at both middle schools  At their April 25 th BoE meeting, Trustees provided direction for staff to pursue these recommendations Steering Committee Recommendations

13 Priority #2: Quality Immersion Programs at both TdS and LMS  Begin Spanish Immersion at TdS in 2013-2014 if a minimum of 20 students enroll at TdS  Continue with developing Chinese Enrichment at TdS Recommendations

14 Priority #5: Collaborate with GUHSD to Develop Immersion Program for Incoming High Students Representatives from GUHSD reported to Steering Committee on 4-23-2013 that El Capitan High School will be the designated site for high school immersion Recommendations

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