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Spinal Diagnosis Philip Yang Nine Star University of Health Sciences

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1 Spinal Diagnosis Philip Yang Nine Star University of Health Sciences

2 Clairvoyance and diagnosis Clinical Frustrations Knowledge of western medicine Practice to Practice Approved by patients

3 History of the practice  China------2700 B. C.  Greece----1500 B.C.  Spinal manipulation and the maneuvering of the lower extremities to ease lower back pain  Hippocrates, Greek physician (460-357 B.C) published book  US: 1879 David Palmer founded Chiropractic profession

4 Background knowledge  Neuroscience  Anatomy and physiology  TCM foundation

5 Bridge E &W Medicine  Knowledge base --- Spinal nerve and organs ---TCM Identification  Practice model ---Spinal diagnosis plus ----Four Pillars


7 Observing Listening / Smelling Palpation Asking Spinal Diagnosis

8 CHARACTOR Easy and quick to practice Fundamental findings Pre-symptom diagnosis Make blind spots transparent Past-present-future

9 Migraines Tumors, masses Myofunctions Pinching nerves Glucose Years of sickness Stones

10 How to make diagnosis Patient Practitioner Postures Palpation Pressing Stroke Performance




14 Case Study Sciatica LeaningBendingProtrudingEnlarging Allergy Enlargement Tilting Fibroids EnlargementDeterioration

15 Fight or Flight Response  The central nervous system contains sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways that control the “fight and flight” response to danger and regulation of body functions. These include hormone release, movement of food through through stomach and intestines, and the sensations from muscular control to all internal organs.

16 Pathways and spinal cord

17 CAUSES Sitting Standing Sleeping Working Postures Imbalanced organs Emotional forces Hormonal Falling Auto accidents Sports Injuries

18 Sclerosis

19 Eyes and Diseases

20 Prostate Enlargement

21 Spine and Muscles

22 Postures

23 Spinal Imbalance

24 Best Postures

25 Sleeping


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