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Detector R&D Jan Timmermans Programme: ≥ 2003

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1 Detector R&D Jan Timmermans Programme: ≥ 2003
Group composition (current): 5 staff (~3 fte), 3 postdoc, 2 PhD. Publications ( ): 2 theses 42 publications Investment Budget: ~800 k€ (Silicon Alley)

2 Mission & Research Questions
The development of state-of-the-art detector technologies for upgrades of the LHC experiments as well as for experiments at the future e+e- linear collider and the development of multi-purpose alignment systems. Collaborations with industrial partners are actively pursued. How: development of Relations with ‘experiments’ robust gaseous charged particle detectors read-out by pixelised CMOS ASICs as active anode large area position sensitive sensors for X-ray imaging wide range of alignment systems based on RASNIK Thin gas (1 mm) detectors for possible (vertex) upgrade Atlas at SLHC Partner in EUDET and LCTPC collaborations for readout of large TPC Partner in RELAXD project together with PANalytical (NL), Canberra (B) and IMEC (B) Collaboration with CERN on alignment system for CLIC (Rasclic) 7 Sept 2007 Nikhef evaluation: Detector R&D

3 Plans and ambitions in relation to mission
Gossipo2 Acquire more expertise in deep-submicron chip design, post-processing, high-density interconnect, 3D-integration and sensor development In collaboration with partners in particle and X-ray physics, technical universities (e.g. MESA+), and industrial partners (e.g. PANalytical) Keep leading role in pixelized readout of gas detectors Hire new “young blood” Medipix ASIC Multi-layered chip carrier board Quad sensor 7 Sept 2007 Nikhef evaluation: Detector R&D

4 Nikhef evaluation: Detector R&D
Highlights 7 Sept 2007 Nikhef evaluation: Detector R&D

5 Micro Patterned Gaseous Detectors
GEM High field created by Gas Gain Grids Most popular: GEM & Micromegas Micromegas Use ‘naked’ CMOS pixel readout chip as anode 7 Sept 2007

6 Timepix pixel Timepix + Siprot + Ingrid
MESA+ 55x55 μm2 CERN IMT Neuchatel Timepix + Micromegas: Moiré effects “uniform” Irradiation: 90Sr 7 Sept 2007

7 Nikhef evaluation: Detector R&D
Timepix + 20 μm thick Siprot Ingrid A “long” cosmics track (picture is 14x14 mm2; 256x256 pixels) time 7 Sept 2007 Nikhef evaluation: Detector R&D

8 Quad Medipix 1sensor on 4 Medipix chips 6-layer ultra-fine line design
Laser-drilled micro-via’s Kapton Buildup technology 0.25 Megapixels 7 Sept 2007

9 RELAXd roadmap Tile-able Microsystems
Frame, Power, Cooling (2009) Through-via carrier Zdenek Vykydal Current Quad RELAXD module (end 2007) John Hug Multi-Gbps carrier Bas van der Heijden 7 Sept 2007

10 100 m RASNIK alignment for CLIC
Accelerator length: 2 x 21 km Number of elements: ,000 Number of ‘4 m’ RASNIKs: ,000 Number of ‘100 m’ RASNIKs: RasCam Laser zone lens ‘hole’ dia. 50 mm 100 m (vacuum tube!) 7 Sept 2007

11 Currently, noise: 200 nm RMS per image drift: 9 μm·mHz RMS per image
Sensitivity test with a 500 kg load (average 8 s – average 800 s): signal of 500 nm observed noise level around 20 nm RMS Hz Possibility of use as seismometer; analysis Peru earthquake in progress Currently, noise: 200 nm RMS per image drift: 9 μm·mHz RMS per image Both to be improved by factor 10 – (ongoing)

12 Team members (current and past)
Staff H. van der Graaf F. Hartjes E. Koffeman J. Timmermans J. Visschers Postdoc Y. Bilevych J. Hug E. Reinhold L. Tomasek Z. Vykydal PhD M. Chefdeville M. Fransen D. San Segundo A. Fornaini J. Schrader Students: M. Bosma A. Aarts M. Kea S. van der Putten G. Hanraads P. Torres E. van der Poel 7 Sept 2007 Nikhef evaluation: Detector R&D

13 Nikhef evaluation: Detector R&D
Outlook Detector R&D 2007 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 – Upgrade Atlas: LOI’s ILC: Detector EDR’s ILC: Construction ILC(?): RELAXD: EUDET: LCTPC: CERN RD51(?): ? ? 7 Sept 2007 Nikhef evaluation: Detector R&D

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