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Sweden and Chile – similarities and contrasts Sweden and Chile.

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1 Sweden and Chile – similarities and contrasts Sweden and Chile

2 Facts 2012 Sweden Population: 9.4 millions Land surface: 410,335 sq km Country length: 1,572 km GDP growth: 1.2% GDP: 525.2 billion USD GDP/capita: 42.165 USD (PPP) Chile Population: 16.7 millions Land surface: 756,625 sq km Country length: 4,320 km GDP growth: 5.6% GDP: 268.3 billion USD GDP/capita: 18,395 USD (PPP) Sweden and Chile


4 Government approval rating Sweden and Chile

5 Composition of GDP Sweden and Chile

6 Free trade Chile is a very open economy that promotes free trade. Chile has 22 trade agreements with 60 countries: North America, Central America, South America (including Mercosur), Brunei, China, Cuba, EFTA, USA, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea Turkey, the European Union and Vietnam. 93% of Chile's trade is with countries with which there is a trade agreement. Chile has 4.3 billion potential customers, representing 86% of global GDP. Chile is a natural bridge between Latin America and Asia Pacific. Sweden and Chile

7 GDP growth Sweden and Chile

8 Main exports

9 Complex neighborhood relations Sweden and Chile

10 The first Swedes Daniel Solander - world famous botanist and apprentice of Carl von Linné, visited Patagonia in 1796 Mateo Arnaldo Hoevel - (Swedish name - Mathias Arnold Hävel) tradesman, mayor of Santiago, first nationalized foreigner, importer of the first printing press to Chile Otto Nordenskjöld and Carl Skottsberg in Antarctica More Swedish footprints - Swedish Mountain (Cerro Svea) in south of Chile, the Glacier of Uppsala (Glaciar de Uppsala) in Argentina, sail through the channel of Prince Gustaf (Canal de Príncipe Gustaf) in Antarctica Sweden and Chile

11 Swedish Interests 1827 - Diplomatic relations between Chile and Sweden. Consulates in Valparaiso and Stockholm 1956 - Embassies Sweden and Chile The frigate Eugenie with captain Virgin sent out by the Swedish King to Latin America the years of 1851-1853, principally to improve the commercial exchange. Sailing by the pacific coastline it stopped in cities like Valparaíso, Lima and Guayaquil.

12 Evert Taube ”Hav! Under bugande palmer jag såg Hur våg på våg i svallande tåg Emot Chiles klippiga stränder Kom rullande in O, detta brus när ett skimrande svall Fann mig och tog mig i famnen! O, när delfinerna dök bland korall Och en vinröd klänning blev min” From the song “Vals i Valparaiso” Renowned Swedish poet who traveled in Latin America between 1910 and 1915 (Río de la Plata, Buenos Aires, Misiones, Valparaíso, Habana, Rió de Janeiro etc) Sweden and Chile

13 Trade The commercial exchange started early, already in 1906 the company AGA established in Chile, four years later the lighthouse spreading the light in Magellan sound was a Swedish construction LM Ericsson started to develop and construct the telephone net in México from 1907 and forewords. SKF has also been established in Chile since before WW1 Sweden and Chile

14 The most important exports from Latin America to Sweden were tobacco, coffee, sugar and potato 1946 commercial exchange between Sweden and Latin America peaked; 16.7% of the Swedish import came from Latin America, and 13.5% of the export from Sweden went to Latin America Sweden and Chile

15 Swedish International Development Cooperation Early 70s and 80s in Argentina and Chile focused on human rights In the 80s peace stabilization in Central America In the 90s reducing poverty, stabilization of democracies and peace consolidation –Andean Law Commission, Peru –Inter-American Institute for Human Rights, Costa Rica Today: Bolivia, Colombia and Guatemala; Human Rights, Democracy, Poverty Reduction and pre/post Conflict resolution Sweden and Chile

16 Chileans in Sweden 1973 Coup d'état, lots of Chileans came to Sweden Today approximately 45,000 (first and second generation) Chileans in Sweden One Chilean in the Swedish Parliament Rossana Dinamarca (v) Mauricio Rojas (fp) until 2008 Luciano Astudillo (s) until 2010 Sweden and Chile

17 Chilean Nobel Prize Winners The Nobel Prize is a distinction, which is based on the will of the famous Swedish inventor and scientist, Alfred Nobel. Every year given to persons who have been to the most benefit for humanity. Gabriela Mistral, 1945 (literature) Pablo Neruda, 1971 (literature) Sweden and Chile

18 Political relations Ambassador Harald Edelstam, “persona non grata” dec. 1973 Sweden first country to sign a Development Aid Agreement with the new democratic government of president Aylwin State visit of the Swedish King, Carl XVI Gustaf and the Swedish Queen Silvia, to Chile in 1996 Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, May 2011 Minister for Trade Ewa Björling, October 2012 Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt, January 2013 Sweden and Chile

19 Bilateral economic relations Swedish exports to Chile, 2012 MSEK 3 205 Sweden imports from Chile, 2012 MSEK 1 340 Swedish direct investments in Chile 1974 – 2012 MUSD 270 Sweden and Chile

20 Economic and technical cooperation with Chile The Swedish-Chilean Partnership Fund, equally funded by SIDA and CORFO (Chilean agency for industrial promotion), was created in 2002 with the aim of stimulating economic and technical cooperation between Swedish and Chilean small and medium sized companies. Since its creation and until its closure in December 2010, the Fund approved near 170 applications and granted more than MUSD 3.5. The companies themselves disbursed MUSD 4.5. The most common areas of cooperation were the environment, energy, information technology, industry, etc. Sweden and Chile

21 Swedish Embassy in Santiago de Chile Swedish Foreign Policy new issues of global interest - energy, climate, and environment Bilateral political, commercial, cultural, consular and migratory issues High Awareness of Human Rights including women's rights, gender equality and rights of indigenous people Consulates in Valparaíso and Iquique Accredited also in Peru Sweden and Chile

22 Harald Edelstam 1913 – 1989 Ambassador to Chile at the time of coup in 1973 Foto Eric Rothfjell 1946 Sweden and Chile

23 ” The Sweden House” – Casa Suecia Residence of the Swedish Ambassador since 2007 Official representation of Sweden in Chile Architect Josefina Nordmark, “Trandans” (Crane Dance) Interior decoration of Swedish artists; –Jonas Bohlin, Lena Cronquist, Josef Frank, Sonja Larsson, Bruno Mathsson, Mats Teselius and Solweig Sörman Sweden and Chile

24 Valparaíso UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003 Churches of Chiloé UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 Sweden and Chile Attractions

25 Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 Sewell Mining Town UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 Sweden and Chile

26 National Park “Torres del Paine” Sweden and Chile

27 Robinson Crusoe – Juan Fernández island Sweden and Chile

28 National Park “Rapa Nui” - Eastern Island Sweden and Chile

29 Contrasts The desert blooms Moon Valley – San Pedro de Atacama Sweden and Chile

30 Glacier and Lake San Rafael Andes Mountains Sweden and Chile

31 Astronomical observatories at Paranal, La Silla and ALMA Sweden and Chile

32 Accreditation March 2009 Sweden and Chile

33 WELCOME! Sweden and Chile

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