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1 Storage Performance Validation December 2014 Your Name Your title.

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1 1 Storage Performance Validation December 2014 Your Name Your title

2 2 Your Storage Challenges How to balance cost, risk, time to market?  Constant pressure to lower storage infrastructure costs  Need to quickly evaluate, deploy and de- risk new products & technologies  Need to rapidly roll out new infrastructure to support the business units Implement change without compromising performance and availability

3 3 Legacy Approaches to Your Challenges Over-provision storage infrastructure Blindly trust vendor specs & claims Validate with freeware load testing “Test in production & pray” “Our vendor will fix any problems” “Racks of servers/VMs & scripting”

4 4 Problems with Current Approaches Over- provisioning Trust vendor “best guess” Performance validation w/ freeware tools  Storage is ~40% of today’s IT infrastructure budget & growing  Wastes CAPEX  Vendors don’t have the data related to your workloads  Vendors can’t identify your performance limits; it’s your SLA  No scaling to production levels  No realistic scenarios  80% of time on setup; 20% on testing  Slows time to market

5 5 Who is Load DynamiX? Leader in storage performance validation Mission Provide actionable insight into storage infrastructure behavior to assure performance & optimize cost Product Suite  Software: Load DynamiX Enterprise  Hardware: LDX load generation appliance ;; Award Winning Technology

6 6 Load DynamiX Performance Validation Appliance (File, Block, Object) Product or Configuration A Load DynamiX Enterprise software Product or Configuration B The Load DynamiX Solution Workload Modeling Performance Analytics Switch

7 7 Technology Vendors IT Organizations Load DynamiX: The performance validation standard for both Vendors and IT organizations

8 8  Optimize Storage Investment Eliminate over/under-provisioning by aligning your workload requirements to deployment decisions  Mitigate Risk Identify issues before deployment by testing at extreme scale and worst-case conditions  Innovate with Confidence Adopt the latest storage technologies without the fear of unpredictable performance  Improve Lab & Engineering Efficiency Make better engineering decisions and reduce testing costs Benefits of Using Load DynamiX “If you can’t validate technology before it’s deployed into production, then you’re flying blind.” Julia Palmer, Performance Engineering Manager

9 9 Why IT Organizations Use Load DynamiX To Introduce Change with Confidence Technology Evaluation Product Evaluation Configuration Optimization Change Validation What technology is best for our business? Flash, Hybrids, NFSv4, FCoE, OpenStack, Ceph,... Which vendor and/or which product is best for each of our workloads / multiple workloads? Which mix of SSD vs. HDD is best for workloads? Benefits of tiering, caching, proper queue depth settings? Will patches, firmware and OS updates degrade performance, cause outages, or fix issues? Storage Validation Life Cycle Pre-Production Staging Validation Benchmark before going live and verify all connections, configurations and ports? More efficient testing enables full life cycle testing

10 10 Customer Overview  Large payroll servicing company  >10PB of storage IT Challenge  Find performance limits of NAS arrays with NFS and SMB Solution  Load DynamiX 10G Series appliances & software  Load DynamiX Professional Services Benefits  Provided data to make a decision on the technologies that would best support expected growth  Full confidence that their storage systems can support future workloads Technology Evaluation Example ADP Case Study “I was moving forward with one NAS product for my Tier 2 storage, but after running my validations with Load DynamiX, I know that I would have spent the next 6 months trying to fix this bad decision and likely would have lost my job.” Storage Architect ADP

11 11 Use Case Technology Evaluation Performance Comparison: NAS Vendor A vs. NAS Vendor B Vendor A: Shallow Tree Structure (2014-03-21: 11:05:05 AM) Vendor A: Deep Tree Structure (2014-03-20: 12:58:50 AM) Vendor B: Shallow Tree Structure (2014-03-20: 12:48:12 AM) Vendor B: Deep Tree Structure (2014-03-20: 12:45:36 AM) Determine which storage system offers the highest performance or is the most cost-effective when running workloads that reflect your specific applications Technology B shows significantly lower latencies in both shallow and deep tree directory structures

12 12 Customer Overview  World’s largest web hosting provider: 5+ million accounts  Over 50 million domain names under management  3300 employees; 600+ IT developers, 5 storage admins IT Challenge  Determine most cost-effective storage systems to support 31PB growing 30% annually with 99.999% uptime across 5 data centers Solution  Load DynamiX 10G Series appliances & software Go Daddy Benefits  Projected storage cost savings of 65% over 2 years  Full confidence that their storage systems can support future workloads  Freedom to rapidly innovate with new technologies Storage Product Selection Go Daddy Case Study “Load DynamiX is like my smart phone – I can’t imagine my life without it!” Julia Palmer Manager, Performance Engineering Go Daddy

13 13 Use Case Storage Product Selection Find the performance limits of new storage systems before deploying them into production under a variety of worst case loading scenarios.

14 14 Customer Overview  Large healthcare organization  >20,000 staff supporting >2,000 beds IT Challenge  Determine best price / performance flash storage systems to support current and expected workloads  Finding the right tools / methodology to use to test with Solution  Load DynamiX Professional Services Benefits  Data to enable decision to select the best vendor / array  Validated the configurations that would support the workloads  Full confidence that the storage systems from the new vendor array can address performance issues Flash Storage Product Selection NYP Case Study “We wanted to test certain ‘smart’ storage arrays, that support dedupe & compression; therefore Iometer and similar tools aren’t appropriate.” Storage Engineer New York Presbyterian Hospital

15 15 Use Case Storage Product Selection – Flash Storage IOPS Read/Write Ratios 20% Reducible 50% Reducible 80% Reducible Determine the comparative performance of all-flash and hybrid systems when running workloads that reflect your specific applications to identify optimal price/performance solution. Dedupe Effects: Vendor A does better when data is highly compressible Dedupe Effects: Vendor B does best when data is 50% or less compressible

16 16 Customer Overview  Nationwide - F100 financial services  Supported by EMC and integration partner AdvizeX IT Challenge  By understanding the effects of system configuration options, determine how to wring the most performance out of the next-gen storage systems Solution  Multiple Load DynamiX appliances & software  Load DynamiX Professional Services Benefits  Reduced risk by optimizing the proposed clustered NAS solution to meet performance goals before going live  Lower costs via the ability to align configurations to performance requirements. Storage Configuration Optimization Nationwide Case Study “By using Load Dynamix, our normal testing cycle was reduced from 2 months to 2 weeks.” Paul Timmerman TVP, Technology Solutions AdvizeX

17 17 See results from sequential test runs in tabular or graphical form Determine the optimal storage price / performance configuration by varying dozens of settings like read/write ratio, block/file size, compression / dedupe and queue depth. Use Case Storage Configuration Optimization Set test Parameters

18 18 Customer Overview  Ellie Mae® is a leading provider of enterprise level, on- demand automated solutions for the residential mortgage industry. IT Challenge  Private Cloud migration Load DynamiX Solution  Load DynamiX FC Series appliances & LDX Enterprise  Load DynamiX Professional Services Customer Benefits  Unique insight into performance bottlenecks of the Private Cloud allowed customer to make important design and configuration decisions pre-deployment  Greater performance and uptime Pre-Production Validation Ellie Mae Case Study Overview “Using Load DynamiX's workload modeling solution can help IT organizations avoid performance issues." Colm Keegan, Senior Analyst Storage Switzerland

19 19 Use Cases Pre-Production Validation Validate performance of storage infrastructure before deployment.  Set VDI environment assumption  Vary # of clients, replica sizes, clone sizes, read/write metrics Track progress as VMs start booting

20 20 Customer Overview  Leading US financial institution IT Challenge  Validate Oracle-based application performance on new storage subsystem before going “live” Load DynamiX Solution  Load DynamiX FC Series appliances & LDX Enterprise Customer Benefits  In days, built application emulation model, ran against target arrays, proved performance and array head room in a pre-deployment  Greater performance and uptime Pre-Production Validation Financial Institution “Evaluating and assessing storage infrastructure needs to be an ongoing process. The ideal solution is a workload modeling and simulation product that is purpose- built for the task, such as Load DynamiX." George Crump Storage Switzerland

21 21 Use Cases Pre-Production Validation Validate database workload performance on storage before deployment 1. Characterize composite workload from existing metrics … each line below represents a distinct workload, metrics captured from the existing (old) array 2. Model profile using LDX composite workload feature and run the composite workload against the (new) array 3. View distribution of latency (and other figures) as related to the mission critical database workload

22 22 Customer Overview  Leading provider of secure cloud hosting  Differentiate on security & performance of data centers IT Challenge  Understand how constantly changing workloads are impacting the storage infrastructure. Align storage technology acquisitions to performance requirements. Load DynamiX Solution  Load DynamiX FC Series appliances & LDX Enterprise  Load DynamiX Professional Services Customer Benefits  Ability to quickly decide to deploy changes to production infrastructure, with much greater confidence  Ability to continue to confidently market their services as the world’s fastest and most reliable Change Mgmt / Validation Firehost Case Study Overview “ I'm dealing with 160 different workloads–changing all the time. I had no solutions to help me validate. It’s a guessing game without Load DynamiX." Todd Gleason Director of Technology Firehost

23 23 Use Case Change Management / Validation V1 V2 Vendor claimed performance improvement from new firmware release. Actual effect on IOPS & latency was negligible when tested in pre-production lab Validate the effect on performance of application upgrades, firmware updates and OS updates on storage infrastructure before going live.

24 24 Load DynamiX: Superior to Freeware Iometer, etc Ability to test at production scale & find performance limits A single 2U appliance scales to any production level Impractical - even with dozens of servers Ability to aggregate results & reports Included Requires extensive scripting to consolidate results Modeling of deduplicable & compressible content IncludedNone or limited support Ability to share tests & results across distributed users IncludedNo shared access Modeling of metadata commands IncludedNone or limited support Complexity of running 100s of tests Included, using Workload Iterator A manual test-by-test process Time spent on setup vs. running real tests 80-90% of time on testing80-90% of time on admin, setup & scripting

25 25  Superior realism ▸ Meta-data, file system calls, mimic real-world applications. ▸ Dedicated high performance load generator scales to emulate largest production loads ▸ Patent pending method of testing streams that contain compressible and de-dupable content … so critical for Flash testing  Consistency of results ▸ Repeatable load executed by optimized appliance and SW stack ▸ Runs & re-runs where output can be reliably compared now and anytime in the future  Ease of use & deployment for greater productivity and less cost ▸ Single solution for File, Block and Object – instead of several ▸ Full featured validation solution – develop, run, automate tests and analyze results ▸ Purpose-built load generating appliance vs. cost & time deploying dozens of servers ▸ 80% of time on testing, vs. 80% of time setting up and administering test beds ▸ Iterate hundreds of tests from a single command with no scripting ▸ Simple and rich reporting removes the need to compile & analyze results from dozens of clients and tools  Professional Support ▸ LDX professional services and support dedicated to performance testing vs. Load DynamiX: Superior to Freeware

26 26 How Load DynamiX Works 3 steps to insight

27 27 The Storage Performance Validation Process Deploy and Run Workload Emulations Model Production Workload Analyze Results 1 23 Iterate on different model assumptions & scale Iterate on different products & configurations Deploy In Production With Confidence Deploy In Production With Confidence


29 29 Deploy Test Configuration & Run Emulations 2 2 Switch Load DynamiX Performance Validation Appliance Product or Configuration A Load DynamiX Enterprise (File, Block, Object) Product or Configuration B FC SMB NFS iSCSI OBJECT HTTP-S OBJECT HTTP-S LDX AppliancesSystems Under TestWorkload Emulation

30 30 Analyze Results Analytics Insight 3 3 Technology Evaluation Product Evaluation Configuration Optimization Change Validation Pre-Production Staging Validation

31 31 Real-World Results: Customer Quotes “If you can’t validate storage technology before it’s deployed in production, you are flying blind.” Julia Palmer “Load DynamiX made it easy to migrate to a private cloud. We were able to determine real-world behavior and save big $.” Systems Operations Director “Load DynamiX is like Iometer on steroids; I’m so much more efficient; I’ll never go back to freeware tools.” Todd Gleason

32 32 Thank you!

33 33 Load DynamiX 3-year Financial Benefit Cost Avoidance – Lab test infrastructure $ Tens to hundreds of thousands Storage engineering productivity $ Hundreds of thousands Storage Cost Avoidance $ Millions Business Risk Mitigation $ Millions $

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